10 Best Online Invoice Generators in 2024

Looking for the best invoice generators to streamline your billing process? Here are the top 10 tools to efficiently create, track, and manage your client's billing information.

Invoicing is an essential part of running a business–as it enables you to get paid for your work. Invoice generators make things easier by providing many helpful features.

Some invoice generators are simple pages that create PDF documents that you can mail to a customer, while others include extra features like online payments, templates to create a professional look, and automation features.

This post looks at the 10 best invoice generators out there, exploring their best features, target customers, and what your business might stand to gain from using them.

Invoice Generator Usage Tips

To get the best out of online invoice generators and help your business to grow, here are some top tips to keep in mind.

  • Include Essential Details: You want your invoice to be as detailed as possible with all the information that a customer needs to pay you available at a glance. These include your full name, contact details, invoice number, customer details, date, payment terms, and a detailed description of the product sold or service rendered.
  • Enable Online Payments: Enabling online payments for your invoices can broaden your business and bring faster growth, as it makes it easier to pay you in more ways.
  • Set up Recurring Invoices: You can also set up recurring invoices if you are in a subscription type of business. This will help to grow your business faster.
  • Automate Payment Reminders: You don’t need to manually check each invoice and remind the client if you haven’t gotten a payment. An automatic payment reminder with set dates will get the job done.
  • Regularly Update & Backup Data: This is to keep your system secure and your operations running smoothly without risk from data breaches or system hijacks.

Best Invoice Generators

1.Zoho InvoiceTemplates, 10 languages, automatedFreezoho.com
2.Stripe100+ features out of the box$0.30 & 2.9%stripe.com
3.QuickbooksCustomize, expenses, reports$17 / monthintuit.com
4.WaveSaves time, automated, bookkeepingFreewaveapps.com
5.PayPal InvoicingPopular, customizable, easy$2.35 & 3.90%paypal.com
6.FreshbooksFor business owners & accountants$17 / monthfreshbooks.com
7.InvoicedMid-sized companies, B2B1% valueinvoiced.com
8.Invoice NinjaInvoicing, payments, & projectsFreemiuminvoiceninja.com
9.Free Invoice GeneratorSimple, reliable, intuitiveFreeinvoice-generator.com
10.SquareInvoices, estimates, paymentsFreemiumsquareup.com

1. Zoho Invoice

Highlights: Templates, 10+ languages, automated features

Pricing: Free

Website: zoho.com/invoice

Zoho Invoice is an online invoice generator for all types of uses, including freelancers, suppliers, and many other business types. It offers an easy method of creating your invoice using a selection from templates and then personalizing it with images and company logos.

This Zoho Invoice offer is completely free. Plus Zoho offers multiple online marketing tools from email to subscriptions, inventory management, CRM, and so on. So, signing up will surely give you access to many other helpful tools for your business.


  • Easy to customize with templates
  • Bill multiple customers
  • Available in 10+ languages
  • Accept payments online with ease
  • Works with multiple user accounts
  • Compatible with cash, cheque, and bank transfers
  • Scheduled & recurring invoices
  • Android & iOS apps are available

2. Stripe

Highlights: Full payments integration, global platform, top security

Pricing: 2.9% + $0.30

Website: stripe.com

Stripe is an impressive global payments processor that makes it easy for businesses to make sales and get paid in 25+ languages and 135+ currencies around the box. The platform integrates out of the box with a wide range of systems and optimizes itself based on your customer’s location.

Stripe charges 2.9% of invoice value and $0.30 per transaction, it is easy to embed into a website, provides modern and rugged security features, and is great for recurring subscriptions as well.


  • Create PDF or Stripe-hosted e-invoices
  • 100+ working features out of the box
  • Versatile invoices for all uses & businesses
  • Accepts payments in 135+ currencies & 25 languages
  • Accept credits, ACH credit, bank transfer, Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc
  • Automated payments & global security

3. Quickbooks

Highlights: Customize invoices, track expenses, run reports

Pricing: From $17 per month

Website: quickbooks.intuit.com

Quickbooks combines everything you need to manage your business’ finances beyond bookkeeping. You get a full package that is user-friendly, simple, and includes a mobile app. You get invoicing features, time-tracking, sales tax management, bank reconciliation, budgeting, and inventory tracking.

You also get automated invoicing, easy template customization, and scheduled invoicing. Quickbooks is available in 3 plans with a 30-day money-back guarantee. The Simple Start plan includes all the basics for $17 per month, while the Essentials adds 3 accounts, multi-currency, and employee tracking for $26 per month. 

The Plus plan costs $36 per month and includes 5 users, budgeting, and many other features. All plans are currently available for just $1 per month for the first 6 months.


  • Includes invoices, expenses, bank feeds, and inventory
  • Keeps all your data safe and organized in one place
  • Syncs with your bank and favorite apps
  • Helps you claim every entitlement at tax time
  • Multi-currency support
  • Includes mobile apps for on-the-go
  • Includes unlimited support

4. Wave

Highlights: Saves time, automated, includes bookkeeping

Pricing: Free

Website: waveapps.com/invoicing

Waves’ invoicing software is a free and easy-to-use platform that helps you to save time, automate parts of your business, and receive payments easily and securely online. It is a completely free offer that also includes a free accounting option with expense tracking, banking, and partners.

You only pay a commission with Waves when you receive payments through the system. Or if you need extra services, such as payroll, advisory, and coaching. The payments option includes credit cards and banking payments.


  • Easy & fast to use
  • Includes recurring billing features
  • Syncs with accounting software for bookkeeping
  • Track payments & customer information
  • Online payment options
  • Includes Android & iOS apps

5. PayPal Invoicing

Highlights: Popular platform, easy to use, customizable

Pricing: $2.35 & 3.90% per payment

Website: paypal.com/us/business/accept-payments/invoice

PayPal is a popular and secure online payment platform that lets users pay with credit cards or from their wallet balances. You can create and send PayPal invoices for free, but you will have to pay a commission when you receive each payment.

PayPal charges 3.90% of the payment value, plus a $2.35 flat fee for domestic transactions. And if you register for a business account, you can save the invoice design and track your transactions on the platform.


  • Simple invoice generator
  • Available for printing or emailing as PDF
  • Works with a PayPal business account
  • Features recurring billing & payment reminders
  • Includes many small-business tools

6. Freshbooks

Highlights: For business owners & accountants

Pricing: From $17 per month

Website: freshbooks.com

Freshbooks is an invoicing and accounting tool for small to medium-sized businesses. It works well for all types of people from freelancers to self-employed professionals and for businesses with contractors or employees.

There are 3 plans to choose from depending on your needs. The Lite plan costs $17 per month and includes up to 5 billable clients, while the Plus costs $30 with up to 50 billable clients, and the Premium costs $55 with unlimited clients. There is also a custom plan for businesses with specialized needs & custom features.


  • Send unlimited estimates & invoices
  • Track unlimited expenses
  • Get paid with credit card & bank transfers
  • Track sales tax & run reports
  • Set up recurring billing & late payment reminders

7. Invoiced

Highlights: For mid-sized companies, B2B transactions

Pricing: 1% invoice value

Website: invoiced.com

Invoiced is an invoicing and payments platform for B2B businesses. It makes it easy for businesses to receive invoices, orders, quotes, and payments. The platform allows workflow automation, integrates with your platform, and provides a network for businesses to interact and transact with one another without fear of fraud or vendor impersonation.


  • Send invoices to anyone
  • Automated follow-ups
  • Accounting integration features
  • Autopay & late fees integration
  • Accept credit cards & bank payments

8. Invoice Ninja

Highlights: Invoicing, payments, & project management

Pricing: Freemium

Website: invoiceninja.com

If you are looking for an invoicing system that includes project management, inventory, billable tasks, expense tracking, and vendor tracking, then you may want to look closer at Invoice Ninja. It lets you bill with online payments, as well as auto-billing, and recurring invoices, and accepts partial payments.

Invoice Ninja is a freemium service, with most of its features available in the free plan. However, it is limited to 20 clients, has 4 invoice templates, and includes a “Created by Invoice Ninja” ad. The Ninja Pro plan does away with all these for $100 per year and you get unlimited features with lots more additions.


  • Customizable professional invoice templates
  • Accept online payments
  • Includes inventory management & business overview
  • Project tracking with Kanban boards
  • Accepts deposits & partial payments

9. Free Invoice Generator

Highlights: Simple, reliable, intuitive design

Pricing: Free

Website: invoice-generator.com

For a simple, free, and easy-to-use invoice generator, check out this offer. It comes with a clean and intuitive user interface that makes it easy to enter all the relevant details, including logos, currency, address information, and any notes and terms of business.

You can then either download and send the invoice via email or use the provided integrated system to send an e-invoice with included payment options.


  • Easy-to-use single-page designer
  • Lets you quickly put together a professional invoice
  • Download it as PDF or send it online
  • Includes online payment options
  • Multi-currency support
  • Also works for quotes, purchase orders, & receipts

10. Square

Highlights: Invoices, estimates, contracts, payments

Pricing: Freemium

Website: squareup.com/us/en/invoices

Square Invoices lets you get paid from anywhere by quickly creating and sending invoices to your customers and getting paid through Square’s secure payment gateway. The system is free to use for unlimited invoicing, but you will need to pay the processing fees for each payment, which are about 3.3% of invoice value and $0.30.

You can also choose the Plus plan which costs $20 per month and comes with more features, such as custom fields and editing features, as well as project tracking, template creation, and cheaper processing fees.


  • Accepts online payments fast & secure
  • Online platform & mobile app
  • Automatic reminders & tracking
  • Recurring & flexible billing
  • Unlimited invoicing
  • Unlimited customers

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about invoice generators.

Can I customize the invoice?

Yes, most offer you customization options to create a professional-looking invoice, including logos, templates, colour changes, and personalized information.

Are these invoice systems suitable for small businesses?

Yes, you will find many features suitable for small businesses in many of these apps.

Can I accept online payments with invoice generators?

Yes, most invoice generators feature online payment options that allow your customers to easily pay you.

Can I use these invoice generators for multi-currency transactions?

Yes, most invoice generators offer multi-currency support to help you with cross-border transactions.

Is there an invoicing app for mobile phones?

Yes, many invoicing apps like Zoho Invoice offer iOS and Android apps for working on the go.


We have reached the end of this 10 best invoice generators list and you can see that there are all types of solutions out there for all types of businesses, including freelancers, startups, online sellers, contractors, and so on.

As each business has unique needs, there can be no single best invoice generator here. So, it’s up to you to choose what can best serve your business from the list.

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