Nnamdi Okeke

Nnamdi Okeke

Nnamdi Okeke is a computer enthusiast who loves to read a wide range of books. He has a preference for Linux over Windows/Mac and has been using Ubuntu since its early days. You can catch him on twitter via bongotrax

How to Migrate Your Website to Kinsta Hosting

Kiinsta migration

Migration is the process of moving your website from one host to another. Kinsta makes it easy to migrate your WordPress sites either by yourself or by Kinsta engineers. Kinsta claims to complete 2,100+ migrations in 3 months, with an…

Digital Twins: What Is It And How It Works

Digital Twins
Looking to explore the transformative power of real-time simulations, predictive insights, and personalized solutions in your business? Discover how digital twins can help you to unlock innovation, boost efficiency, and drive advancements.