This is the resource page of Many of you wonder the best tools to use to grow your blog, website and online business.

Here I share the tools I use to build BloggingTools and continue to use to grow it. I also suggest alternatives.

My goal is to help you find success by using the best and not wasting your time with mediocre tools. Time and money is precious. Please note that I have used most of the tools listed here.

Web hosting


Cloudways is hosted with Cloudways. The reason is simple, it is fastest WordPress hosting I have ever used and it works. They use optimized servers, sever level caching, Varnish cache, Memcached and more to deliver mind blowing speed. You can read my review about Cloudways. The good things is that you can try them for free.



Kinsta is a Managed Google Cloud WordPress web hosting company recommended by Google itself. If you are looking for stability and the power of Google Cloud, then Kinsta will do just fine. Their platform is optimized for speed with a free CDN.



If you are looking for the best WooCommerce hosting, then you should give Templ a try. They use Google cloud and Google Cloud CDN to unlock amazing speed. They have wonderful tools and offer free speed optimization service for every website migrating to their platform. You can read my Templ review.


Bluehost small

If you are a beginner, there is no need to spend money on expensive hosting yet. Until you have enough traffic. You can start small. Bluehost is recommended by WordPress, they have cheap plans for beginners with lots of amazing tools. You can start from there and grow.

The web hosting that you use can make or break your site. A bad web host will ruin everything. A good web host will make it easy to grow. Don’t gamble.

WordPress theme



GeneratePress is the theme powering BloggingTools. The reason is that it is the fastest WordPress theme I have seen. This theme is so lightweight, the whole code is less than 30KB but it is packed with so many features. It is schema integrated for structure data, to help outsmart competitors. You can read my review of GeneratePress



If for any reason, you cannot get GeneratePress then Astra should be your next option. Astra is fast loading, with many amazing. When I ran a test, it scored 100 for every section. It is lightweight and SEO optimized.

A theme is very important. A bad theme can ruin everything. It can ruin SEO, speed and conversion. Don’t gamble.

Email marketing

Constant Contact

Constant Contact

Email marketing is a VERY important factor in making money online. It does not matter if you are a blogger or running an online business, emails can turn things around. It can help you share your products with your customers or help you drive traffic. With an email list, you have a gold in hand. Constant Contact is the best email marketing platform. They have amazing features and offer a free trial.



Email marketing is extremely important if you want to become successful in blogging or online business. I use Mailerlite for emails. Because the platform is so easy to use and the email automation is awesome. I just set and forget and the newsletter goes out beautifully. It is free if you have less than 1000 subscribers. The paid plans are cheap compared to others.

Start collecting emails. It is critical to growth online.

Other tools

Google Keyword Planner

This is the main tool I use for Keyword research. It is free and it is the best. Most other keyword tools pull their data from here.


Yoast is the main SEO plugin I use for Bloggingtools. I use the free version. It does what it is meant to do. No complains.

Asset CleanUp

Asset CleanUp is an amazing plugin. I use it to remove unused CSS and JS. It helps me unload bloats. The good thing is that it is free. It has a premium version, but I use the free version here.

Site Kit

I use it Site Kit to connect my blog to all Google products that I am using. While the stats are not detailed, they are useful.