Templ review, pricing, speed and all you need to know

Templ is a very fast Managed WordPress hosting supercharged by Google cloud and Google cloud CDN. While it may not be very popular, the performance is amazing.

A good web hosting is very important. If you have a terrible web host, you are losing out. It might just be the reason you are not growing. Or the reason you are not growing as you should grow.

I know what it means to have a terrible web hosting because I have had a few of them. By every means get a good web hosting. Let me repeat that again, if you want to grow and be successful then make sure you have a good and fast web hosting.

As far as having a good web hosting is concerned, Templ is one of the fastest web hosting company today. It may not be as popular as other big names on the internet, but it is a monster when it comes to speed and WordPress hosting. In this review, I will be telling you all you need to know about Templ. This website is hosted at Templ.

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What is Templ?

Templ also known as Templ.io is a managed WordPress hosting company founded in 2017 in Sweden. They specialize in WordPress and WooCommerce hosting. Making use of Google cloud and Google Cloud CDN to speed up websites.

Templ has many innovative features that make WordPress hosting simple. They offer free migration for unlimited websites and help optimize websites for speed during migration with no cost to the user.

I never heard of them until I stumbled on them when I was tired of a web host I was using and needed a manged Google Cloud WordPress hosting. I made use of their free trial and tested one of my sites. I was blown away by the amazing performance. I mean, it was good.

Templ is one of the fastest WordPress hosting. I mean faster and better than most of the popular ones. They may not be popular or aggressively marketed, but the service they render is great.

Let me share with you some reasons Templ.io is an amazing Web host.

Key features of Templ

Here are some amazing features of Templ:

1. Google cloud

Without any doubt, Google Cloud Platform is one of the most powerful, secure and fastest platform to host WordPress or any app.

The advantage of having Google cloud is enormous. You also get to use the same network powering Google and all Google products.

You get amazing performance, excellent security, redundant backups, private network, many data centers and more using Google Cloud.

Templ make use of Google cloud to power their WordPress and WooCommerce hosting.

2. Google Cloud CDN

Google Cloud CDN is the fasted CDN in the world. Templ is powered by Google Cloud CDN. If you are looking for speed, then this should get you excited.

To test how fast Google Cloud CDN is, I am using an online CDN tester known as CDNPerf.

Google Cloud Templ

If you run a test continent by continent, you will see that Google cloud is the fastest for most continents. This is the same CDN powering Templ.io

3. Redis cache

Redis is the most powerful object caching system. It caches queries and can make WordPress dashboard faster.

It is important to know that Redis cache can withstand failures and provide uninterrupted service.

Templ uses Redis

4. Quic

Quic is a supercharged next generation internet protocol that is encrypted by default .

Why is Quic important?

It can make site faster by decreasing load time. And it does a good job making site faster on mobile and for people with slow internet.

5. Brotli

Compression is very important for speed. You must have been told that enabling Gzip compression can make a site faster.

But Brotli is newer and more effective than Gzip.

Templ makes use of Brotli for compression

6. Staging

Staging is a very important feature these days. When making changes for a website, it is not advisable to do that on a live website.

Changing theme or resource intensive plugin on a live site can cause issues. It is better to do that on a staging site. Then once you are done, push staging to live.

Templ offers a reliable staging solution.

7. Daily Backups

Templ creates daily automatic backups and store on a remote server. Backup is kept for one month. This is good in case something ever goes wrong, you can revert.

8. On demand backup

You can create a backup on your own whenever you need. This is very useful when you want to make changes to your website. You can take backup just in case something goes wrong, you can revert.

I love this option because it gives me peace of mind to make as many changes as I want.

9. Serverbased cache

Templ uses advance Serverbased caching to speed up the websites they host. You do not need to do anything. Just focus on your website while they take care of the caching.

This saves you the headache of configuring or paying for premium caching plugin. Do not worry, they have a WordPress plugin you can use to clear the cache.

10. Templio Cache plugin

The Templio Cache help users clear the Templ serverbased cache from WordPress dashboard. It is not advisable to use any other caching plugin since Templ takes very good care of caching at server level and it is very fast.

All you need is this plugin created by Templ.io. It is automatically installed. All you have to do is activate it. No configuration needed. Use it to clear cache anytime you make changes.

Templio Cache

11. Free Migration for unlimited websites

If you are moving to Templ, they offer unlimited free migration.

That means even if you have 20 websites, they will move it for you for free at no cost at all.

I prefer to have the hosting company handle migration for me. But most of them charge for it. Or only offer one free migration.

12. Free Speed optimization

If you are moving to Templ from other web hosting companies, they offer free speed optimization when migrating your site.

You may wonder what it includes.

The free speed optimization includes:

  • Optimal WordPress configuration
  • Plugin audit by identifying and replacing bad plugins
  • Database optimization
  • Scanning site for any serious issue
  • Scanning server log for issues
  • Image optimization by reducing size of image file
  • Cache activation and optimization.
  • You will get report before and after all is done to compare!

13. Debugging

If your website is loading slowly or not loading at all, Templ will help you look at it. Help you find a way to fix it.

I love this. I mean, who does not love a web host that actually cares about your website and not just your money?

14. Free SSL

This one works out of the box. You do not have to do anything at all.

They offer a free SSL via Let’s Encrypt.

15. Create custom email address

While Templ does not offer email hosting, they allow you to create custom email address for your business. You can create [email protected] and redirect it to your regular Gmail address.

This comes in handy if you do not have the funds to get an email from Gsuite and others.

Most Managed WordPress hosting do not offer this.

16. Vulnerabilities Check

With just one click from the dashboard, you can run vulnerabilities check on your website’s theme and plugin.

This is very helpful if you suspect that your website may be compromised by a theme or plugin.

I love this feature.

You can be sure to always run this check when you install a new plugin to be sure it is safe.

Templ tools

17. One click fix file permissions and fix domain

There are times that you may have those issues of uploading themes, plugins or getting things to work.

Templ.io has a one click solution on the dashboard that you can use to repair all your file permissions.

If you ever need to do a domain search and replace, you can use this tool to do it automatically with just one click.

I was having issues opening my site. I use these two features and it worked. I had the same issues with another host, it took me hours with their customer care to fix.

18. Latest PHP version and Maria DB

With Templ, you have access to the latest PHP versions.

This is important because newer PHP versions are usually faster than the old ones.

Templ.io also makes use of MariaDB instead of MYSQL. MariaDB is better than MSQL

19. Many server locations

Because Templ makes use of Google cloud, they have many server locations around the world.

This is a good thing. The closer your server is to your readers, the faster your site will be.

You will be able to pick a server closer to your readers and improve performance and SEO as a result.

20. Free Trial.

If there is something I love, it is free trial. It gives me the opportunity to try and see if something is good enough for me.

If it is good, I stay. If it is not good, I leave.

I prefer free trial to Money-back-guarantee. Because If I am unsatisfied, it might be hard getting my money back.

Templ offers 14 days free trial.

Templ WooCommerce hosting

If you are running WooCommerce, then Templ offers a good environment for WooCommerce to strive.

Their WooCommerce hosting comes with amazing support. They handle migration and optimize the store during migration for optimum performance.

They fix cache settings to make sure the shopping cart is always working.

Templ.io offers special support to WooCommerce with in-house WooCommerce experts

Templ Speed

Templ is one of the fastest WordPress hosting. While it may not be as popular as most WordPress hosting that you know, it offers amazing speed that most cannot boast of.

With Google cloud, Gogle cloud CDN and advanced serverbased caching, the speed is awesome.

To test, I will be using Google PageSpeed Insight, GTMetrix and Pingdom.

For this test, I have done no optimization at all! I just created site and test. It is raw performance.

Test result for PageSpeed Insight mobile:

Templ PageSpeed insight mobile

For Google PageSpeed insight desktop:

Templ PageSpeed insight Desktop

Here is GTMetrix result:

Templ GTMetrix

He is the result for Pingdom:

Templ Pingdom

Templ pricing

Templ pricing are very affordable considering the features. When compared to Kinsta and WP Engine, Templ is a complete bargain and from my experience, it is as good as both.

Small$29/Month2 CPU Core
10GB SSD Storage
10GB Bandwidth
Free SSL
1 WordPress install
Add-on website (+$10/mo)
Small Plus$54/Month
2 CPU Core
18GB SSD Storage
18GB Bandwidth
Free SSL
1 WordPress install
Add-on website (+$10/mo)
Medium$79/Month2 CPU Core
25GB SSD Storage
25GB Bandwidth
Free SSL
1 WordPress install
Add-on website (+$10/mo)

You don’t need to pay anything. You can try for free and decide if it is worth it.

Templ Support

Templ offers 24/7 live chat support.

They also offer a fast ticketing system. My ticket was answered in less than 1 hour.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Templ?

Templ is a Managed WordPress hosting company based in Sweden and founded in 2017

Is Templ reliable?

Yes, Templ is a very reliable Web hosting company making use of Google Cloud. United Nations women in Sweden host their site with Templ.io

What is Templ pricing like?

The price is $29/month for the small plan, $54/month for the small pro plan, $70/month for the medium plan, and $149/month for the large plan.

Can I try it for free?

Yes, Templ offer a free trial.

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