10 Best AI Art Generators in 2024

Looking for AI art generators to help you create something original or amazing? Here are the Internet's top offers.

AI art generators are software applications that let you create artwork by entering some descriptive text or using other methods.

They have gotten better in recent times and are gaining more popularity due to the ease and speed they offer in creating visually appealing pieces.

AI art generators use machine learning algorithms such as Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) to produce their often stunning results. Most are already trained and ready to produce some output, all you have to do is command them.

This guide looks at the top 10 AI art generators on the web, exploring their features, intended purposes, and terms of use.

Top Uses of AI Art

There are many uses for the artworks created by AI algorithms, plus more uses will come up in the future as more people explore the many opportunities they offer.

The top uses of AI art include:

  • Creation of storyboards
  • Design projects
  • Book illustrations
  • Teaching materials
  • Concept artworks
  • Video editing and animations
  • Non-fungible token (NFT) creations

Top AI Art Generators

Stable DiffusionMind-blowing imageryFreestability.ai
OpenAI Dall-E 2Multiple styles, easy to useFreemiumDall-e-2
ArtbreederRemix images, collaborateFreemiumArtbreeder
DeepAI Deep DreamPsychedelic artworkFreemiumDeepdreamgenerator
NightCafeText-to-image, NFT, style transferFreemiumNightcafe
Jasper AI ArtHyper-real images$20/monthart.jasper.ai
RunwayMLImages & videoFreemiumRunwayML
ThisPersonDoesNotExistRandom human facesFreethis-person-does-not-exist
Starry AISmartphone appFreemiumStarryai
MidjourneyCool artistic styles$10/monthMidjourney.com

1. Stable Diffusion

Features: Mind blowing

Website: stability.ai

Stable Diffusion will blow your mind – that’s a simple truth. First released in 2022, this AI model produces imagery that will make you rethink artificial intelligence.

The system is a text-to-image art creator that can either generate an entirely new image or use other methods such as image translations, inpainting, and outpainting.

There is one issue with Stable Diffusion, however. You cannot use it online like the other AI art generators on this list, you will have to download and run the code by yourself.

The code and model weights are public and free, but you need a machine with a good GPU, having at least 10GB of VRAM. Stability.ai, the company that owns Stable Diffusion also recommends only NVIDIA boards at the moment.

You can check this list or Google for some example output that makes getting a solid GPU card and installing Stable Diffusion worth it.

2. OpenAI Dall-E 2

Features: Different styles, high resolution, 2 million images per day

Website: openai.com/dall-e-2

Dalle-E 2 lets you create new images by simply inputting text. You can also add to an image, remove elements from it, or create different variations. It also lets you create art in different styles by just mentioning them.

You initially had to get on a waitlist for Dall-E 2, but OpenAI opened registration to everyone in September 2022. Now you can just register and join the millions of other users creating images with the system daily.

OpenAI offers Dall-E 2 free to the public while it is currently still in Beta. You get 50 free credits to spend in the first month when you sign up. And after that, you get 15 free credits each month.

The company’s content policy prohibits harmful and deceitful content, such as hateful and sexual content, spam, or anything that could lead to deep fakes of public figures, and so on.

3. Artbreeder

Features: Remix images to breed, collaborate with other users

Website: artbreeder.com

As the name implies, Artbreeder focuses on remixing images to create new ones. In other words, you breed two images to create a child image.

Using Artbreeder, you can work on a wide range of art including landscapes, human faces, paintings, shapes, and portraits. The included sliders also help you to mix how much of each parent image appears in a child. You can easily adjust gender, age, color, and other features to get what you need.

Community is another part of Artbreeder. So, while you can use someone’s image to breed a new image, someone else can use your new image to breed yet newer images. All Artbreeder images are public domain, so you can practically use them for whatever you like.

The platform is a freemium offer with 4 plans. The free plan includes unlimited images, 3 image uploads, and 5 high-resolution downloads. The premium plans then include increasingly more features such as 80 uploads and 200 high-resolution downloads for the Starter plan which costs $7.49 per month.

4. DeepAI Deep Dream

Features: Psychedelic image generator

Website: deepdreamgenerator.com

If you ever want to generate images with that psychedelic, deep-trance touch, then DeepAI’s Deep Dream is exactly what you are looking for.

The platform offers three methods of image generation. The first is through a text-to-image prompt like other AI generators. The second method is by allowing the AI to understand a painting style and then use it on an image. The third method is called Deep Dream, which generates psychedelic art.

Deep Dream is free to use by simply signing up on the site. It also offers API access to the AI for developers, but this one costs $2 per 1,000 calls.

5. NightCafe

Features: Text-to-image, NFT art, style transfer

Website: nightcafe.studio

The NightCafe algorithm uses your text input or style transfer to create artwork in different styles that you can sell as NFT. You can also create art in bulk with it.

Using the platform is simple, just enter a descriptive text of what you would like to create, choose an artistic style, then hit the “Create” button. It works on all platforms and is a freemium offer.

You can create up to five free artworks each day with NightCafe, but beyond that, you will need to either buy a credit pack or subscribe to a plan. The packs start at $7.99 for 40 credits, while plans start at $9.99 per month for 100 credits.

NightCafe is free to use and all your creations belong to you. But this depends on whether you own the rights to the input image or not.

6. Jasper AI Art

Features: Hyper-real image generation

Website: art.jasper.ai

Jasper started life as an AI assistant for written content and now, there’s also Jasper Art, the AI image generator.

You can set the image’s mode, select charcoal, watercolor, or any art style from retro to abstract, oil painting, and more to get the exact output that you desire.

You can also use specific animals, objects, scenes, and different lighting methods, as well as artistic styles such as Van Gogh, Warhol, Picasso etc.

The downside of Jasper Art is the lack of a free offer. However, unlimited usage is available for $20 per month.

7. Runway ML

Features: Image & video creation, editing

Website: runwayml.com

Runway ML is a platform that lets you create images and edit videos using AI models. The system works online through the browser and is completely open-source.

Runway ML will let you automatically remove a background, erase and replace parts of an image, generate new images using text, track movements of an object in a video, clean the audio, turn text to 3d, and more.

Further features include green screens and the ability to train your personalized models to create customized art.

The Starter plan is free and includes up to 3 projects and 5GB of assets, while the Pro plan starts from $12 per month and includes unlimited projects with 500GB of assets.

8. This Person Does Not Exist

Features: Random face generator

Website: this-person-does-not-exist.com

Sometimes you just need a face from the Internet for one project or another and this website offers you a non-existent human face that looks 100% real.

Simply visit the website and you are greeted by a random face generated by the AI. You can either download the image and do what you like with it or hit “Refresh Image” to generate a new one.

The site also includes some helpful tips on how to spot AI-generated faces, as well as details on how the systems work.

9. Starry AI

Features: AI generator app, free, text-to-image

Website: starryai.com

StarryAI is a smartphone app for generating art on Android and iOS platforms. Like most other applications on this list, it uses a text-to-image interface and is free to use.

You own all the rights to your generated content, which means you can sell them as NFTs or use them for any other commercial purpose.

You can generate up to 5 free images each day with Starry AI. If you want more, then you need a paid plan for $12 per month or you can buy a 40-credit pack for $16.

You can download the iOS version here or the Android version here.

10. Midjourney

Features: Artistic images, text-to-image, discord server

Address: midjourney.com

Midjourney is another impressive AI art generator that produces images with a high artistic touch. It uses a text-to-image prompt and is available online.

Unlike other AI generators though, you will have to use Midjourney through their Discord server bot. Simply click on “Join The Beta” on the Midjourney homepage to register.

You get the first 25 images for free, but subsequent ones need a subscription. A Basic membership plan costs $10 per month, while a Standard costs $30 per month.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I make art with AI?

Most systems offer a text-to-image interface that lets you enter a description that the AI algorithm will then create.

Am I free to sell AI-generated art?

Yes, if the owner of the AI app permits you.

Who owns the copyright of AI artworks?

The software creator might or might not own the copyright. You should read the app’s license agreement or terms of service to find out.

Will AI art kill real-life artists?

No, AI art will not kill off real artists, but it will change a lot in the art world. This includes new art methods such as artist and AI collaborations.


We have reached the end of our list of the Internet’s top AI art generators and as you can see, there are quite a few interesting offers out there.

Keep in mind that the AI world is still evolving. So, while the systems above are impressive in their unique ways, there is still more to come.

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