Friday Website Builder Review – Is It Worth It

Looking for an uncomplicated tool to help you design and host your website online with zero technical skills? Then check out this Friday Website Builder review.

Friday Website Builder, or simply Friday, is an intuitive web development platform that makes it easy to build your own website in just minutes.

From an online store selling your favorite gadgets to a blog, a company page, or a portfolio site showcasing your skills, Friday helps you to get going in no time at all.

The platform also integrates hosting and all the search engine optimization tools that you will need to get web visitors. Plus, it comes with a 7-day free trial. This blog post takes a look at the Friday Website Builder to see if it might be good for you or your business.

What Is The Friday Website Builder?

The Friday Website Builder is a web development platform that makes building websites as easy as possible. It is designed for those without technical knowledge – but who know exactly what they want – to build their very own website as quickly as possible using point-and-click.

To accomplish this, Friday offers an easy-to-understand and use interface that comes with tons of templates that you can choose from and customize to get your website up and running in no time.

Using a WYSIWYG approach, the user can see and edit his website exactly the way it would appear on the web. There is no need for writing HTML and JavaScript or CSS codes, but if you are a coder, then Friday also offers the opportunity of imputing custom code to get exactly what you need.

Which Types of Sites Can Friday Build?

The easy-to-use system is ideal for nearly all types of sites. Friday includes various templates that touch on a wide range of website designs. All you have to do is browse the template gallery using filters, select a template that will most closely serve your needs, and then start customizing it to your liking.

The following are some of the most popular template types that you will find on the Friday Website Builder.

  • Blog: For all types of written news, gossip, publications about specific topics, expert commentaries, and so on.
  • Online Shop: For those selling stuff, from car parts to cosmetics, shoes, customized jewelry, pet stores, and so on.
  • Portfolio: Real estate agents and experts with various skills like design agencies and roofing companies can showcase their previous work. Professionals can showcase their CVs and work experience, etc.
  • Business Site: Whether you are a legal firm or a recruitment agency, a neighborhood restaurant, or any kind of contractor, a business site is always a great investment.
  • Artist Site: From tattoo artists to musicians, digital designers, and fashion creators.
  • Community: Membership sites, religious groups like church websites, education platforms, and other types of communities.
  • Professional Services: Such as dentists, massage therapists, accountants, SEO consultants, and many more.

What Are Friday’s Top Features?

You might be wondering what features or functionalities make Friday such an outstanding tool. The platform combines various such valuable features and here are the major ones.

  • Templates: The Friday builder uses a template-based design workflow that makes it very easy for anyone (even without technical knowledge) to build and host a professional-looking website online in no time.
  • Drag and Drop: Friday does not stop at simply selecting a template. The platform further allows you to switch things, change colors, and drag and drop elements around, to get your most desirable layout.
  • Developer Mode: For coders or normal users feeling adventurous, Friday also offers a developer mode that allows you to enter raw code into the system for the perfect tweaking and fine-tuning.
  • SEO: Friday’s hosting includes SEO tools to help optimize your website and make it rank higher in the search engines.
  • Mobile Ready: The Friday Website Builder system creates modern, mobile-friendly websites that show up neatly on all devices from desktop computers to iPads and mobile phones.
  • Analytics: Integrated web analytics help you to measure metrics about your website – such as visitors, time spent, and accessed pages – so you can discover how to make things better.
  • Security: Friday also takes care of your website’s security and this includes a free SSL certificate.
  • E-commerce: If you are planning to sell stuff online with your new website, then Friday has all the e-commerce capabilities you need to accept payments and manage your inventory.
  • 24/7 Support: You are always free to ask support about stuff that you don’t understand or need help with.
  • AWS: For those who want to know, Friday hosts your website on Amazon’s AWS cloud infrastructure. So, you can rest assured that your investment is in the best hands.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth: The hosting plan comes with no bandwidth limitations whatsoever. So, feel free to include videos, if you like, or target high web traffic niches.

Pros & Cons of Friday Website Builder

All systems have their advantages and disadvantages. So, it’s up to you to weigh them and decide for yourself. The Friday Website Builder platform is no different and here are its pros and cons for you to weigh.


  • User-friendly Interface: Friday offers a clean and user-friendly interface that is easy to understand and work with. The layout is clean and the features are intuitive. This makes everyone capable of building a professional-looking website on the platform without much effort.
  • No Coding Design: The system is a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) platform that uses drag-and-drop modules. So, all you need to do is select the right template, and then customize it by changing fonts, colors, images, text, and so on to arrive at the design that you need.
  • Fast development: Being template-based makes the Friday Website Builder a fast website development tool since most of all you need is already available.
  • Huge Template Library: Friday offers a gallery filled with all types of templates – from artist to business sites, galleries, community sites, blogs, religious sites, restaurants, and so many more.
  • Code Editing: While Friday is a no-code platform, experts who can write code and those who would love to add that extra touch to their websites can still use its code editor to go further.
  • Integrated Hosting: The Friday platform is an all-in-one platform that includes website building, hosting, web analytics, e-commerce features, search engine optimization, and everything else you need to get your brand online – all available in one spot.


  • No Migration Feature: One letdown of the Friday Website Builder is the lack of a migration feature – for those who are already running a website and want to switch to Friday. Migration makes it easy for non-technical users to copy the content of a website from one platform to the other with just a click (or a few clicks).
  • Pricey For Some: Another letdown is the price. Friday costs $50 a month, flat. Sure, it comes with the website designer and hosting options with all the tools to get you going. But a beginner on a budget might find it a little pricey.
  • Only One Plan: The third letdown is the availability of only one pricing plan. You can either sign up for the plan or leave it. There are no budget options or costlier premium offers with more features.
  • Technical Limits: As the Friday platform is a template-based Website Builder, there are equally speed and technical limitations – as is usually the case with systems featuring such technologies. First, you will hardly reach the website loading speeds possible with custom sites or static pages. Second, since the platform’s design is predetermined, you will experience limited customization options in certain areas.

Subscription Plans

The Friday Website Builder is available with a single subscription plan only and it costs $50 per month. This plan includes the Website Builder and hosting tools, security, SEO, customer support, and more.

How To Build A Website With Friday

Building a website with the Friday platform is so easy and nearly everyone can do it. Here are the simple steps that you need to follow.

Step 1: Sign Up

Head over to and click on the “Start Free Trial” button to register a free account. You just need to enter your details and then confirm your email address.

Step 2: Activate Free Trial

Next you need to log into the platform and activate the 7-day free trial offer.

Step 3: Add A Site

Now click on the “Add Website” button in the lower left corner. This activates a dialog to enter the new site’s name. Enter a good, descriptive name to continue. 

Friday create a site

Step 4: Choose A Template

Now you are presented with Friday’s template gallery, from which you have to choose what best fits your website. Feel free to use the filters and drill down to your choice design.

Friday Template

Step 5: Customize The Template

Select your template choice and customize it further (tweaking its layout and elements until they fit your design goals).

Step 6: Done

Once you like what you see, then your website is ready for the world. You will just need to update your domain records to point to Friday’s servers and that’s it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Different users have different frequently asked questions concerning the Friday Website Builder platform and how to work with it. Here are a few of these.

Q: Can Friday Website Builder also host my site on the Internet?

A: Yes, the Friday package includes everything you need to get your website online and this includes the website designer and all the necessary hosting tools.

Q: Why is it called the Friday Website Builder?

A: This platform is called the Friday Website Builder because it is so easy to use that it makes you feel like it’s the weekend already.

Q: Can I migrate my website to Friday Website Builder?

A: Unfortunately, no, that’s not possible.

Q: Does Friday Website Builder offer a free plan?

A: No, Friday does not offer a free plan, but you can check out all its features with a 7-day free trial.


We’ve reached the end of this Friday Website Builder review and you have seen its many features that aid the ease of use that it is best known for.In the end, however, it’s up to you to decide if Friday is the right choice for your next website or not. And if you are still unsure, then you can always give its 7-day free trial a go.

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