10 Best Valheim Server Hosting in 2024

Looking for the best Valheim server hosting and not sure which package is right for you? Here are the top hosting providers for this Viking survival adventure.

The Minecraft replica Valheim is Steam’s latest mega-hit and promises lots of Vikinger fun. But to properly enjoy this alluring Norse world with your best friends, you will need a decent Valheim server hosting package.

Valheim is a procedurally generated world that includes snow-peaked mountains and 10th world beasts. It lets you build Viking mead halls, castles, and the scariest warships to conquer everything in this harsh world.

You can host your server if you know how to or simply rent one of the packages below. This list includes the Internet’s best game server hosts. As well as those who specifically rent Valheim servers.

Here is the list of the top 10 server hosts of the Valheim Norse craze.

Top Valheim Server Hosting

Survival ServersFast setup, no lags, 8 locations$14 /monthsurvivalservers.com
GTXGamingLow pings, 19 locations, i9 chips$14 /monthgtxgaming.co.uk
Indifferent BroccoliFree trial, no lag, instant setup$14 /monthindifferentbroccoli.com
ScalaCubeFree plan, 30GB SSD, 8GB RAM$14 /monthscalacube.com
1gserverhost16 locations, game switching$15 /month1gserverhost.com
Citadel4GB RAM, 10 slots, extras$16 /monthcitadelservers.com
Apex HostingLinux, 18+locations, 10 slots$10 /monthapexminecrafthosting.com
Viking hostingPartner site, fast service$14 /monthvikingserverhosting.com
Nitrous NetworksSimple service, unlimited RAM£15 /monthnitrous-networks.com
Low.msFlexible, top performance$14 /monthlow.ms

1. Survival Servers

  • Highlights: Fast setup, no lags, plenty of locations
  • Website: survivalservers.com

As the name suggests and you can imagine, Survival Servers is a game server host with a focus on survival adventure games. From 7d2d to Ark, Minecraft, and of course, Valheim, among others.

Survival Servers offers lag-free servers with high performance and instant setup. You can choose from many locations and easily switch anytime. They include Los Angeles, Seattle, France, Singapore, and Germany.

The package comes with an in-house control panel, easy mod and plugin installations, Valheim+ support, and full FTP access. There is also server pass-locking, DDoS protection, solid-state drives, and all the other features you can expect from a competent game server host.

You are free to order as many servers as you want. But there is a minimum of 10 slots per server. You can also order the 20-slot and 30-slot packages, but they need the Valheim+ mod.

Payment is flexible and available monthly, quarterly with 10% savings, semi-annually with 25% savings, and annually with 35% savings. The default server with 10 slots costs $14, billed monthly.

2. GTXGaming

  • Highlights: i9 CPUs, low pings, over 19 locations
  • Website: gtxgaming.co.uk

With over 70,000 servers deployed, 12,000+ happy customers, and 30+ data centers worldwide, GTXGaming is as professional as it gets when it comes to online game hosting.

The company currently uses i9 processors on its new servers and offers Clan Pay – a feature that lets your player base contribute funds towards taking care of the hosting bills.

Other features include game switching, as GTX lets you host over 100 different games, so you never get bored. You also get SSDs on all servers and free de-branding, if you want it. Plus, you can also rent dedicated servers, VPS, and TeamSpeak.

Ordering the service here is straightforward. You get a 5% discount for 3-month billing, 10% for six, and 15% for 12-month cycles. The base package costs $14.16 and includes up to 5GB of SSD, 10 slots, standard CPU specs, and customer support.

You could then go for NVMe storage or upgrade to more CPU power for about $7 each. You could also choose priority support for an extra $2.82.

GTXGaming supports Valheim+, NexusMods, color server names, automatic world backups, and offsite storage. Plus, there is DDoS protection and a 24-hour money-back guarantee.

3. Indifferent Broccoli

  • Highlights: 2-day free trial, low lags, 7-day refund
  • Cons: Only 2 locations, currently
  • Website: indifferentbroccoli.com

Though still less than a year old, Indifferent Broccoli has made a mark on the gaming world by standing out and offering top service.

You can test their service for 2 days, completely free of charge and with no credit card details required. Then if you like what you see and buy a hosting subscription, you additionally get a 7-day money-back guarantee.

Indifferent Broccoli offers an automatic and quick server deployment, easy configuration with their custom control panel, and full FTP access to your new server.

One downside to this service, however, is that there are currently only two locations. But there is little doubt that more locations will become available soon.

The service costs $14 per month for a 10-slot server. And in addition to Valheim, Indifferent Broccoli also offers Minecraft, ARK, 7 days to die, and Conan hosting.

4. ScalaCube

  • Highlights: 30GB SSD, 8GB RAM, 3.4 GHz
  • Cons: Free plan is single player
  • Website: scalacube.com

If you are looking for a free game server, then Scalacube has something for you. The company offers two game server plans: one includes 10 slots and costs $14 per month, while the other is free but a single-player platform.

For their server specs, there are 12 GB RAM, 30 GB SSD storage, and 8x 3.4 GHz CPUs. However, they do not say how many servers have to share these resources.

The ordering process starts with choosing a location between America, Europe, UK, and Asia. Then, you go on to choose between a standard Valheim server and modded Valheim Plus. And select between the free plan and 10-slot plan for $14 per month.

Finally, you choose your server address type, including free subdomain or IP and port number combinations. Or a paid option with a dedicated IP or domain name. Finally, you choose add-ons and proceed to payments.

5. 1gserverhost

  • Highlights: 16 locations, game switching, money-back guarantee
  • Cons: There are cheaper options
  • Website: 1gserverhost.com

From Ark to Conan, Rust, and now Valheim, 1gserverhost offers a simple but quality gaming experience that makes it one of the best providers.

There is an instant server setup, 16 worldwide locations to choose from, 24/7 customer support, and a 24-hour money-back guarantee.

1gserverhost’s Valheim hosting comes at $1.50 per slot and its 10 slot minimum brings the bill to $15 per month. It supports custom mods, Valheim Plus, custom worlds, and scheduled automated backups.

You can also switch from Valheim to any other games if you like. Its server locations include London, two Canadian locations, eight US locations, France, Netherlands, Germany, Finland, and Sweden.

6. Citadel Servers

  • Highlights: 4GB RAM, 10 slots, 2-minute setup
  • Cons: There are cheaper offers
  • Website: citadelservers.com

In addition to hosting over 100 game titles, VPS, dedicated servers, and even general websites, Citadel Servers also offers Valheim hosting and it starts from $17.71 per month for a 10-slot package.

The server features 4GB of RAM, 6GB of storage, fast 2-minute install, DDoS protection, and 1-click installs of custom mods, Valheim+, and uMod features.

Citadel offers you a flexible configuration panel, so you can choose to go with a more powerful server if you wish. Six GB of RAM, for instance, costs $3.99, while 8 GB costs $4.99, and this goes up to 32 GB for $28 extra per month.

As the server is shared and you get normal priority from the processors, you can also opt for higher priority for an extra $3 per month, or go real time for $5.31.

7. Apex Hosting

  • Highlights: Linux, 18+locations, 10 slots
  • Website: apexminecrafthosting.com

Starting from 2Gb of RAM for Valheim, Apex Hosting lets you configure your machine with as much memory as you need. This goes up to 15 GB with four virtual cores of a 4.5 GHz processor.

The most popular option, however, is the 4GB server for $14.99 in the first month and $19.99 thereafter, while the minimum 2GB configuration goes for $7.47 in the first month and $9.99 thereafter.

Apex Hosting includes FTP access, 18+ worldwide locations for low latency, 10 player slots, DDoS protection, and automatic updates.

The configuration system is simple and allows Valheim Plus. Setup is automatic and Linux hosting is available for those with the native Linux version.

8. Viking Hosting

  • Highlights: Hosts only Valheim, 2-day trial
  • Website: vikingserverhosting.com

This Viking hosting website is a partner website of Indifferent Broccoli and you can even notice the same page layout between the two sites.

The difference with Viking Hosting, however, is that it focuses exclusively on Valheim. So, if you just want to manage your Valheim game and are not interested in other games, then it might be worth your time.

Viking hosting features a clean design and page layout. Plus, it offers a 2-day free trial, without credit card information. It offers the same 10-slot servers for $14 per month and 2 server locations, as well.

9. Nitrous Networks

  • Highlights: Simple service, unlimited RAM
  • Cons: No 1-click mods
  • Website: nitrous-networks.com

Like most other game hosts, Nitrous Networks is also offering to host those who want to explore the brutal lore of Valheim’s Norse world.

The hosting package here is straightforward. You pay £15 per month and it comes with unlimited RAM, 10 players, DDoS protection, 7 server locations, and free support.

The only downside is the lack of mod support on Nitrous Networks, as they do not offer 1-click mod installs like other game hosts. But if you know what you are doing, then you can always find your way around.

Nitrous Networks has deployed over 200,000 servers for 130,000+ customers around the world. And with a 29-minute average support response time, their simple but efficient service speaks for itself.

10. Low.ms

  • Highlights: Flexible configuration, top performance hardware
  • Website: low.ms

The Low.ms offer lets you create the exact server you want from top-performance hardware. It starts with a flat $13.70 per month for a 10-slot server. And if you pay semi-annually or annually, then the price comes down to $12.60 and $11.63 per month, respectively.

The server runs on a single i9 9990K CPU thread, 1Gbps bandwidth, 10GB RAM, and SSD storage. You are then free to upgrade the specs for more performance, as you wish.

Doubling the vCPU thread count, for instance, brings the monthly bill to $27.38, while an NVME SSD over the standard configuration, adds $6.84 per month, and an extra 5GB of RAM costs $8.21.

Low.ms offers worldwide server locations from Finland to Poland, the UK, Germany, Australia, and Singapore. In addition to its US locations in Florida, New York, Texas, California, Oregon, and Virginia. Setup is instant and you can play other games on the platform, as well.


Reaching the end of this list of the web’s top Valheim server hosts, you can see that there are quite a few attractive offers out there.

Your choice, however, will depend on your budget, your location for low latency, and your server customization needs. Whichever host you choose, have fun!

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