8 Best WordPress CDN Providers in 2024

A CDN can speed up your website for your users around the World. If you have users in many countries, then a CDN is a must. Here are the best WordPress CDN providers.

A CDN can help speed up any WordPress site. If you are having issues making your site load fast, then you need to give a CDN a try.

A good WordPress theme can optimize your site for speed. A good WordPress hosting can make your site fast. But a good CDN will ensure that your site loads very fast for your users in different parts of the world.

What is a CDN?

A content Delivery Network (CDN) is a network with many servers strategically located all over the world to help serve content to users in different regions fast.

When a user visits a website, the website will load from the origin server. The origin server is the server where the website is hosted. When setting up a website hosting account, you get to pick a data center location. The data center that you pick is where your site will load from.

So, if your data center is located in New York and you have readers from India, every time your Indian readers try opening your site, it will load from New York. That can make your site slow for your readers in India.

But with a CDN, that is different. A CDN makes a static copy of your website and distributes them to different locations. So that your site loads faster to your users no matter where they are based. With a CDN, if a user is visiting from India and your data center is in New York, your site will load from India or any location close to India.

That makes the site faster.

Now that you understand what a CDN is, let’s look at the best WordPress CDN providers.

The best WordPress CDN providers

Here are the best WordPress CDN providers:

1. Google Cloud CDN

Google Cloud CDN

Google Cloud CDN is the best and fastest Content Delivery Network for WordPress. This is the same CDN powering Google search, YouTube, Gmail and most of the biggest brands in the World.

If you run a test of how every CDN performs, you will see Google Cloud is on top. If you do not believe me, then you can test it yourself using CDNperf. CDNperf is an online CDN measuring tool. None of the popular CDN you hear of comes close to Google Cloud CDN for speed. It is consistently at the top if you test continent by continent.

Google Cloud CDN is present in over 100 locations around the world. This means that no matter where your users are located, your site will load fast.

Google Cloud CDN uses a Pay-as-you-use model. You only pay for what you are using.

If you are hosting your WordPress on Google Cloud Platform, simply login, navigate to your backend configuration to enable Google Cloud CDN.

The best and easiest way to use Google Cloud CDN for WordPress is to use a WordPress hosting that makes use of Google Cloud CDN.

The number one on the list is Templ. One of the fastest managed WordPress hosting. You can read my Templ review. Another host I know that uses Google Cloud CDN is Closte. But the only problem is their support is bad. Only use them if you will not be needing much support. For overall experience, Templ is the best.

Key features of Google Cloud CDN:

  • Over 100 locations around the World
  • Optimized for last-mile performance
  • Integrated with Google Cloud
  • Global distribution with anycast IP
  • Pay for only what you are using
  • HTTP/2
  • Cache invalidation
  • And more

2. Cloudflare


Cloudflare is one of the fastest CDN in the world. With over 100 locations around the world, Cloudflare can supercharge any website.

They also offer DNS management and DDoS protection.

One outstanding feature of Cloudflare is the free plan. You can use the CDN for free unless you decide to upgrade to a paid plan for more features.

In my opinion, it is the best CDN after Google Cloud CDN.

This is a very good option for those without budget. You get yourself a fast CDN for free.

Key features of Cloudflare:

  • Over 100 locations
  • HTTP/2
  • Security
  • Anycast
  • Load Balancing
  • Web Application Firewall (WAF)
  • DNS
  • Free plan included
  • And more

3. BunnyCDN


BunnyCDN is an easy to use CDN with amazing features to speed up any WordPress website. Setting up is very easy.

One of the amazing features is the Bunny Optimizer that can optimize images, html, CSS and JS on the fly.

The pricing is cheap and you can deactivate any zone that you do not want covered. Roughly you can spend around $5 every month to enjoy their CDN coverage for a site with low to medium traffic. You can read my BunnyCDN review.

Key features of BunnyCDN:

  • Up to 40 locations
  • HTTP/2
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Bandwidth overdraft protection
  • Anycast
  • Bunny Optimizer
  • Official WordPress plugin
  • And more

4. Fastly CDN


Fastly is a super fast Content Delivery Network that can speed up any WordPress website. From CDNperf data, it is one of the fastest CDN.

Fastly partners with Google Cloud to enable them deliver speed to their customers.

Big names such as New York Times and Buzzfeed uses Fastly to speed up their content delivery. The pricing model is pay-as-you-use.

They have a WordPress plugin to make integration easy. They offer free trial.

Key features of Fastly:

  • Over 80 locations
  • HTTP/2
  • Cache control and cache purging
  • Dynamic site acceleration
  • Web application firewall
  • Official WordPress plugin
  • And more

5. StackPath CDN

StackPath CDN

StackPath CDN formerly known as MaxCDN is one of the most popular WordPress CDN. This company has so much experience with WordPress as they have been a popular choice among WordPress users.

Packed with amazing features you can capitalize on to make your website faster to users around the world.

Pricing starts at $20/month

Key features of StackPath CDN:

  • Over 60 locations
  • HTTP/2
  • Add/Remove Headers
  • URL Signing
  • Cache Management
  • 301 Redirects
  • Serverless Scripting
  • And more

6. KeyCDN


KeyCDN is a premium CDN that integrates well with WordPress and is trusted by WordPress experts, including Kinsta.

The performance is stable and the customer support is world class. Signing up is easy. Integration with WordPress is an easy task with their in-house WordPress cache enabler plugin.

The pricing is pay-as-you-use. They offer free trial.

Key features of KeyCDN:

  • 34 locations
  • HTTP/2
  • Header Control
  • Instant Purge
  • IPv6 Support
  • Gzip Compression
  • Official WordPress cache plugin
  • And more

7. Hosting CDN

Most hosting companies offer CDN services. These services might be in partnership with major CDN providers, but it is usually very cheap than what is out there.

And because it is your hosting provider offering it, they will support and ensure it works well with your site.it is

They can help you manage it. I am using Cloudways and they have CloudwaysCDN. If I ever use it and have an issue, they will fix it.

As for pricing, CDN offered by hosting companies is usually cheaper.

Key features of using your host’s CDN:

  • Help with integration
  • Works well with your server
  • Cheaper than most.

8. Jetpack Site Accelerator

Jetpack Site Accelerator

Jetpack is one of the most popular WordPress plugins. It has a CDN feature known as Site Accelerator.

Jetpack was built by the same man that founded the WordPress CMS, Matthew Mullenweg, and it is maintained by his company Automattic.

The Jetpack Site Accelerator can speed-up your site load time by delivering images and static resources fast.

It is free to use.

Ket features of Jetpack Site Accelerator:

  • Free
  • Image optimization
  • WebP


A CDN can take the speed of your website to the next level. Especially if your readers are around the world. It will deliver your site to them fast.

Google Cloud CDN is clearly the best. If you cannot configure Google Cloud Platform, then consider using Templ, a super fast Managed Google Cloud WordPress hosting.

Cloudflare is good and is free. Jetpack is also free. I recommend that you try the CDN your host is providing, if they have any..

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I add CDN to my WordPress site?

You can add CDN to your site by signing up with a CDN provider. Once signed up, you can use a WordPress plugin to integrate with your site.

For some CDN like Cloudflare, you may not need any plugin, they handle things at DNS level.

Which is the best CDN for WordPress?

Google Cloud CDN is the best CDN for WordPress. You can activate it through the Google Cloud Platform or use a managed WordPress hosting like Templ.

Which are the best free WordPress CDN providers?

Cloudflare is the best and most popular free CDN. You can use it freely to speed up your WordPress site. Another alternative is Jetpack Site Accelerator.

Which is the fastest CDN?

Google Cloud CDN is the fastest CDN. With over 100 locations worldwide, it can deliver the fastest experience to users around the globe. You can activate via the Google Cloud Platform or use a managed WordPress hosting like Templ.

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