Newor Media Review: Increase Your AdSense Earnings

Here is a review of Newor Media and how it can help you make the most of your Google AdSense earning.

Are you looking for a way to increase AdSense earnings? 

Google’s AdSense is a great beginner’s tool for monetizing a website. It offers an easy process and hands-off approach to earning with digital advertising — but is severely limiting when it comes time to scale profits. Although bloggers can put in the much-added effort to improve their ad situation, there are no guarantees earnings will increase. 

Instead, bloggers need solutions that are just as dynamic as the digital landscape they’re playing in. Cue Newor Media. A machine-learning ad management platform that utilizes AI and proprietary tech to boost AdSense earnings.  

What Is Newor Media?

Newor Media is a full-service header bidding provider and Google-certified partner. Header bidding is an advanced programmatic technique that brings a variety of networks together to bid in real-time for ad space. 

They create a full-service ad management experience for publishers, from inception through payouts. They’ll work with publishers to implement ads, integrate their competitive network stack, and optimize ad layout and placements. As a result, Newor Media creates an easy way for bloggers to increase AdSense earnings. 

What Does Newor Media Offer? 

Although many bloggers use Newor Media as an alternative, they can also work alongside AdSense. Since they don’t hold publishers to contracts or exclusivity, bloggers can take advantage of their features to boost AdSense earnings. 

Programmatic advertising

Programmatic advertising is all the rage in digital advertising—but not supported by AdSense. It’s the buying and selling of ad space using technology that automates the buying process in a way that cuts down the effort (and error) of traditional sales. It allows advertisers to get more ads in front of users and in front of a more relevant audience. As a result, advertisers put a bulk of their budgets into programmatic ads. If you want access to premium rates and campaigns, you’ll need to upgrade to programmatic advertising. 

Ad management services 

Newor Media offers an abundance of ad-management services geared towards crafting high-performing ad units. To start, they offer a more diverse ad catalog than AdSense. So, bloggers can take advantage of native ads, video ads, and sticky ads. Having access to a diverse catalog is critical, especially with how quickly ad trends change. For example, since video ads are in demand, publishers who can offer video ad space receive higher payouts than those showing display ads. 

In addition to supporting more ads, they do more for them. They offer ad layout optimization to improve engagement and viewability. Unlike other ad management services that automate layout optimization (based on best practices), Newor Media provides manual and individual website suggestions. On the backend, they optimize ads to improve page load speed and balance user experience. 

Another publisher favorite is the array of revenue-generating solutions they host. Bloggers using these features get dynamic improvements to their ad strategies. Some features include:

  • Adblock revenue recovery
  • Ad refresh and lazy loading
  • A consent management platform
  • The ability to whitelist or blacklist advertisers

How Can Newor Media Increase AdSense Earnings?

By now, you’re probably wondering – how do all the fancy bells and whistles increase AdSense earnings? 

Increased ad rates

Firstly, AdSense uses an ad rank system to select the winning bid—this means the highest bidder is not always the chosen winner. So already, AdSense is leaving money on the table for bloggers. Additionally, what bids they do get come from a minimal network stack. So the lack of competition is insufficient to drive up high-value inventory prices. 

With Newor Media, publishers get access to Google’s AdSense and AdX networks, as well as the other 30+ premium partnerships they have. The increased competition alone results in a 50-200% boost in earnings for their publishers. In addition to more competition, they work with programmatic bidding (better rates) and give publishers the highest bid rate every time. 


Bloggers can utilize Newor Media’s optimizing services to better their ads and websites. For example, bloggers can work with dedicated account reps to improve viewability and engagement in layout and placements. Additionally, pages that generally receive low click-through rates can operate on a cost-per-impression (CPM) model. As a result, low-earnings ad units get a nice revenue boost!

Ad management

With everything Newor Media offers in terms of ad management, bloggers can enjoy a more passive ad earning experience. You can focus on the essential things— like building your brand with all that time. Publishers can turn their focus to other important elements, such as:

  • Improving SEO
  • Updating content
  • Diversifying revenue streams (affiliate marketing, guest posts, etc.) 

While enhancing various website elements, you, in turn, garner more traffic and more money!

Getting Started 

For those struggling to increase AdSense earnings – or just ready to boost their ad game – Newor Media is a powerful tool. Programmatic advertising and the right partner make a world of difference regarding earnings with ads. So if you meet their requirements, take advantage of maximizing your profits. 

Newor Media prides itself on its premium partnerships. As a result, they have a few requirements to join. Bloggers must garner 30,000 unique visitors per month to get started. They also require traffic to be predominately from the US, and the website is predominantly English-speaking. 

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