7 Best Managed Google Cloud WordPress Hosting in 2024

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) can take the speed and performance of any WordPress site to the next level. I have tested it. Here are the best managed Google Cloud WordPress hosting

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is the best platform to host WordPress. The wonderful features of Google Cloud enables WordPress perform at its best and gives peace of mind to the site owners.

Stability, speed, security, and overall performance are some of the most important things anyone should consider when picking a web hosting company.

But have you ever wondered what makes a good web hosting company? The technology behind a web hosting company plays an important role in its performance.

No matter how good a web hosting company is, no matter how nice the support is, if they are powered by bad technology, there will be issues.

Being good and being nice will not make your website or blog grow if they have bad technology powering it.

If you are using shared hosting, which is good for a beginner, it will get to a point that it will not be enough anymore. You will get warnings of resources usage and your site might go offline frequently.

If you upgrade to VPS, the same issues will eventually happen. A major surge in traffic and your site is offline.

The best technology to power WordPress is Google Cloud Platform (GCP). The benefits are too many. Below is a brief Google Cloud WordPress hosting review, looking at the advantages.

Advantages of using Google Cloud

Let’s look at some advantages of using Google Cloud.

Low-latency network

Google Cloud is popular for being a low-latency network. This means that it is optimized to process extremely high level of data with minimal delay.

So a very big spike in traffic will not take your site down. Your site will be working normally, no matter the spike.

This is the same platform hosting Google services such as YouTube, Gmail and more.


Google Cloud is fast. According to Techcrunch, the speed is what set them apart from others.

It is the fastest.

You can measure the Speed of Google Cloud Platform anytime by using GCP ping.

Data Centers

Google has data centers in almost every part of the world. That is a very big advantage. The closer the data center is to your users, the faster your site will be.

Redundant Backups

Even if a disaster is to happen, you will not lose your data. That is because GCP uses  multi-regional storage. That means that they store your data redundantly in at least two regions.

Best pricing for performance

When you compare pricing for the performance, Google Cloud is the better than any. You can see this comparison with AWS by Sandeep Dinesh.

Hall of fame

Big brands use Google Cloud. Using Google Cloud means that you are using the same platform powering the following brands:

  • YouTube
  • Gmail
  • Google search
  • Snapchat
  • Twitter
  • PayPal
  • eBay
  • New York Times
  • Sky
  • Target
  • Bloomberg
  • Spotify
  • Coca Cola
  • HSBC
  • Best Buy
  • Sony Music
  • Domino’s
  • Philips
  • HTC
  • Home Depot
  • And more

The reasons are very many. But it’s time to get back to the topic. The companies listed here are the best managed Google Cloud WordPress Hosting platform.

Top 7 Managed Google Cloud WordPress Hosting Providers

Here are the best managed Google Cloud WordPress Hosting providers:

1. Kinsta

Recommended By Google


Kinsta is a premium managed WordPress hosting platform making use of Google Cloud. Kinsta is recommended by Google for those seeking managed Google Cloud WordPress hosting.

With plans starting from $30/month for starter sites to enterprise plans accommodating millions of visitors per month, Kinsta has something to offer everyone. You can pay monthly or you can yearly. If you pay yearly, you get 2 months free.

For those migrating to Kinsta, they offer free migration. The Dashboard is simple and they use the latest technology for everything.

Notable brands hosting with Kinsta includes Flippa, General Electric (GE), Tripadvisor, Ubisoft, Intuit, MariaDB, Buffer and more.

Key features of Kinsta

  • Free migration
  • Staging
  • Automatic and manual backup
  • Free SSL
  • PHP 7+ and MariaDB
  • Server-level caching
  • Hack fix (help to clean up your site is you ever have hack issue)
  • WP-CLI
  • Self-healing technology
  • Automatic DB optimization
  • Free CDN
  • 30 days money-back guatantee
  • 24/7 support via ticket
  • And more

2. Templ

Best for managed Google Cloud WooCommerce hosting


Templ is a powerful Managed Google Cloud WordPress hosting company with many amazing features. Formerly known as WooTemple, Templ are expert when it comes to WooCommerce hosting. They are also expert in hosting blogs.

Temple.io are not just making use of Google Cloud Platform, they also use Google Cloud CDN, which is the fastest CDN in the world.

They offer more than just free migration. They offer free optimization for every website migrated to Templ for speed and performance.

There is a 14 day free trial. That means anyone can try them for free. The pricing starts from $29/month.

Notable brands hosting with Templ includes: UN Women, Printer, Brallor, Packraft, News Ledge and more

You can see my Templ review for more.

Key features of Templ:

  • Google Cloud CDN
  • Free migration
  • Free speed optimization
  • Debugging (If your site is slow, they help you fix it)
  • Vulnerabilities Check
  • Free SSL
  • PHP 7+ and MariaDB
  • Staging
  • Automatic and manual backup
  • Free trial
  • Server-based cache
  • WooCommerce hosting
  • One click fix file permissions and fix domain
  • 24/7 Live chat support
  • And more

3. Cloudways

Varnish cache optimized for more speed


Cloudways is one of the fastest web hosting companies out there. They offer optimized Google Cloud WordPress hosting experience. This is where This site is hosted.

With innovative technologies including Varnish Cache, Redis Cache and Memcached, Cloudways give speed boost to any website on its platform.

Pricing starts at $33.3/month for 1.70GB Ram and 20GB storage. Additional resources are charged on Pay-as-you-go basis.

Their WooCommerce hosting is also one of the best.

Notable brands hosting with Cloudways: Keen, Contra, Lion & Lion, Instantsearch, Vivid, Relish and more

Be sure to select Google Cloud when signing up as they offer other cloud solutions.

You can read my Cloudways review.

Key Features of Cloudways:

  • Free Migration
  • Staging
  • Automatic and manual backup
  • Auto healing
  • Free SSL
  • PHP 7+ and MariaDB
  • Varnish cache
  • Unlimited websites
  • Instant deployment
  • Deployment via GIT
  • WooCommerce hosting
  • 24/7 Live chat support
  • And more

4. WP Engine

Premium WordPress themes free

WP Engine

WP Engine is a very popular managed Google Cloud WordPress hosting. They offer free premium themes and the Genesis Framework when you sign up with them.

Pricing start from $25 for one WordPress install suitable for 25, 000 monthly visitors. WP Engine is one of the biggest name in Managed WordPress hosting.

Notable brands hosting with WP Engine include: Arizona State University, Thomson Reuters, Hello Fresh, AFV and more.

Key features of WP Engine:

  • Free SSL
  • Free CDN
  • EverCache
  • Automated backup
  • Staging
  • Handles WordPress Core Updates
  • 60 days Money-back guarantee
  • 24/7 live chat support

5. Closte

Litespeed web server optimized


Closte is a managed Google Cloud WordPress hosting platform that uses Litespeed web server to deliver speed.

They also make use of Google Cloud CDN to deliver more speed. And offers free migration.

Operating a pay-as-you-go pricing model, it is difficult to estimate how much you can spend every month. But they offer a free trial.

While Closte has a wonderful combination of Google Cloud, Google Cloud CDN and Litespeed, the only concern is support. If you will be needing much support, you may have to look at other options.

Notable brands hosting with Closte includes: Spotify, Philips, Cocacola, HTC and more.

Keay features of Closte:

  • Free migration
  • Google Cloud CDN
  • Litespeed Web Server
  • Free SSL
  • Staging
  • Automated and manual back
  • PHP 7+ and MariaDB
  • Free trial

6. Flywheel

Hosting since 2012


Flywheel with its Google Cloud Platform powered WordPress hosting delivers speed for websites hosted on its platform.

Flywheel is not a new name in WordPress hosting. They have been doing it for a long time.

Pricing starts from $15/month for one WordPress with monthly traffic of 5000.

Some notable brands hosting with Flywheel includes: Expedia, Lessonly, UCSF, Casper, Thumbtack and more.

  • Free SSL
  • Free CDN
  • Custom Caching
  • Hacker-free security
  • Staging
  • Automated backup
  • 24/7 live chat support

7. Siteground

Good customer support


Siteground is a heavyweight when it comes to WordPress hosting. They are officially recommended by WordPress.

Even though they were among the most popular names in WordPress hosting, they still moved their platform over to Google Cloud Platform to benefit from the performance. They have gotten better.

While they may not compete with the top 3 on this list for speed, they make up with a very good support team.

Key features of Siteground:

  • Free SSL
  • Staging
  • Free migration for some plans
  • Dynamic caching
  • Automated backup
  • Free CDN
  • 24/7 live chat support


Google Cloud Platform is the best platform to power WordPress for ultimate performance. If you are looking for the best managed Google Cloud WordPress hosting services, the above are the very best.

So who is the best among the 7? Let me put it this way, I am currently hosting this site with Cloudways. If I were to leave Cloudways today, my next choice would be between Kinsta and Templ. Kinsta is my favourite.

I like Templ for the comfort they give. Especially if you are not good at setting things up. They help you optimize your site for speed for free. No other hosts do this. And they have amazing tools.

Kinsta is the industry leader for Google Cloud WordPress hosting. While Cloudways is known for speed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I host my WordPress site on Google Cloud?

The easiest way to host your WordPress site on Google Cloud is by using a managed Google Cloud WordPress hosting service. The top choice includes Kinsta, Cloudways, Templ, and WP Engine.

Can I use Google Cloud on WordPress for free

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) offers a $300 free trial to use the platform. You can use the platform as long as you have access to a free trial. But you have to be technical enough to install and manage WordPress.

The best option to use Google Cloud for less technical people is via Managed Google Cloud WordPress hosts. Templ offers a 14-day free trial.

How do migrate WordPress to Google Cloud?

Pick a managed Google Cloud WordPress hosting that offers free migration. Kinsta, Templ, Cloudways, and Closte all offer free migration. Templ will migrate and optimize the website for speed for free.

Is Google Cloud worth it?

Yes, Google Cloud Platform is the fastest platform to host WordPress. The benefit of a low-latency, fast and secure network is always worth it.

What is the best Google Cloud WordPress hosting provider?

Kinsta is the best and most recommended Google Cloud WordPress hosting provider. But if you will need help optimizing your site for speed, then Templ is a wonderful option.

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