10 Best Dental Software in 2024

Are you in search of dental software to improve your dental practice or just looking for one to do some solo practice? This article provides you with a list of the best dental software available today.

Advancements in technology have affected virtually every area of our lives. Tasks that previously required a lot of time have now been simplified and fast-tracked; Dentists are not left behind. 

Dentists require specific tools to tackle their day-to-day operations. Dental practitioners all require tools like panoramic units, x-ray sensors, intraoral cameras, etc. are all required by dental practitioners to oversee their daily operations.

However, the world has advanced to a more digital era, and dentists require more than their physical work tools to manage their clinics successfully. Dentists require additional products to tackle secondary tasks like appointment scheduling, document storage and sharing, patient note, and treatment plans; that’s where dental software steps in. 

Dental software helps dental practitioners manage their clinics more efficiently and cost-effectively. The best dental software can cover administrative tasks like appointment scheduling, tracking payment status of patients, managing patient records, and many more.

These platforms also help dentists handle patients’ treatment by providing them with dental imaging software to help store and organize patient X-rays and images. Most dental software is cloud-based, allowing you to access it from mobile and desktop devices. Here is a list of the ten best dental software.

Best Dental Software

Here are the best dental software:

1. DentiMax

DentiMax is one of the oldest and most popular dental software providers that has been providing dental professionals with clinical, administrative, and imaging software since the early 2000s. Aside from its imaging software, DentiMax also provides customers with cloud-based dental management software that integrates seamlessly with each other.

The software is easily customizable and provides users with a range of features, including paperless administration, graphical charts of patients with excellent tooth display, e-prescription, and even insurance administration. It also provides digital radiography software and sensors for accurate imaging. 

Dentimax integrates seamlessly with virtually any sensor available on the market, and the software has a shallow learning curve allowing the most basic users to understand the software. Users are offered four different payment plans, but the cheapest plans exclude DentiMax’s charting and administrative features.

2. Ace Dental

Ace Dental is an efficient dental software that focuses more on the clinical aspects of dentistry. The software is designed to handle every aspect of dental treatment by providing users with robust features like 3D restorative charting, which supports the entry of a treatment plan into its database. The 3D chart of each tooth is presented as an odontogram. This 3D charting allows dentists to track teeth movements like drifting or rotation issues to diagnose the issue accurately.

Even though ACE Dental is geared toward the clinical side, it also handles administrative tasks like appointment scheduling by providing users with intuitive drag and drop features that display the images of patients on the appointment dashboard.

ACE Dental is also excellent on the business front. It handles tasks like checkouts and insurance and creates a family ledger for treatment if the dentist treats multiple family members.

3. tab32

tab32 is a cloud-based state-of-the-art dental management software suitable for dental practices of all sizes. Dentists can use tab32 to handle dental treatments while also simplifying the management process. It’s an all-in-one platform that maximizes patient care while also requiring the least amount of input from your employees.

tab32 is a multi-platform software that users can access from any device; desktop, tablet, or mobile. The team at tab32 also offers live training and webinars to train and assist you whenever you run into problems with the software. The pricing model is slightly different from other platforms as tab32 only offers a pay-per-case pricing model and doesn’t offer any form of free trials. 

4. Curve Dental 

Curve Dental is a web-based dental management software that provides users with all the necessary features for a dental practice. The features vary from administrative functionalities to clinical features. Curve Dental offers several features like dental imaging, dental charting, e-Prescription, perio charting, and clinical notes. 

The software is also perfect for tackling business activities like credit card processing, insurance management, and mobile computing. It even provides users with an online patients portal coupled with its smart forms feature that supports seamless patient registration.

Curve Dental is also excellent at appointment booking and scheduling, data reporting, continuous data backup and includes security features like intrusion detection to ensure that your customer’s data is securely stored.

5. Denticon

Denticon is another excellent cloud-based dental management software that emphasizes a solid clinical approach. This platform was one of the first dental software providers to migrate to the cloud and since then has gone on to establish multi-location enterprise management software globally.

The software is suitable for all kinds of dental practices and is also perfect for solo practices due to the platform’s extreme intuitiveness. Denticon provides features like cloud imaging, document scanning, patient records storage, credit card processing, robust analytics, charting, and advanced patient communication.

Denticon’s perio charting feature is one of the most advanced in the market due to its voice-activated and control perio function that captures data accurately without affecting the flow of teeth examinations. 

The platform easily tackles repetitive tasks like treatment plans, patient notes, document scanning, thereby relieving the technician of a significant amount of work.

6. Dental Intelligence

Dental Intelligence isn’t a traditional dental management software as it focuses mainly on handling administrative and productivity tasks. However, dental intelligence integrates with several dental management software to provide auto-generated reports and analytics. The software is perfect for tackling repetitive tasks making it easier and simpler to manage your dental practice effectively.

The software is a cloud-based solution and can be accessed from anywhere on any device. Every morning, Dental Intelligence conducts a thorough review of the previous day’s work and helps suggest better ways to handle the present day’s task. 

The software handles patient communication excellently as it offers a caller ID feature that integrates seamlessly with your patient database so that whenever a patient calls, you’re provided with brief information about the patient.

7. Eaglesoft

Patterson’s Eaglesoft is a dental management software designed to cater to dental practices of every size. The software allows for extensive customization to suit their practice workflow and provides practitioners with patients’ information personalization options. 

Eaglesoft helps improve the efficiency and simplicity of your work by providing users with modules for practice management and dental charting and imaging capabilities. Beyond charting and imaging, Eaglesoft provides an accounting model that features a family walkout option allowing accountants to enter charges for an entire family in one sitting easily.

In addition to these excellent features, Eaglesoft newly launched an on-demand patient education tool designed in the form of presentations to allow the customer to understand all the complex procedures involved with their treatment quickly.

8. Dentrix

Dentrix is one of the most widely used dental management software in North America. It is also one of the oldest management software established in 1985. Over the years, Dentrix has provided dental practitioners with industry-leading software solutions that fit their needs of practitioners.

Dentrix being a well-established dental software provider, is also a very pricey software but for good reasons. It offers extensive customization ability that aims to serve all kinds of dental practices. It is an on-site rental management solution that integrates with a web of Dentrix connected products to match the needs of practitioners no matter the size of their budget.

This software provides users with 3D charting, calendar, appointment management, digital imaging with Dentrix Smart Image, patient communication feature that regularly sends postcards and emails to registered patients. One downside of Dentrix is that it requires on-site installation and cannot be accessed virtually, unlike its cloud-based competitors.

9. Modento

Modento is an excellent cloud-based dental management software designed to help large dental enterprises improve their patient relationship management. This software can function efficiently with any additional management software that allows users to schedule appointments bookings and also send reminders.

Modento also offers excellent management features like providing a patient management portal, a patient kiosk, virtual check-ins, and communicating with patients using a two-way text or email format.

The software has a simple price plan, with the standard plan costing $299 per month or the premium plan, which costs $499 per month. In addition to these plans, practitioners can add extra features like LiveOps, SwellReview, and Online scheduling for $129 each.

10. Open Dental

Open Dental is an open-source dental management software that functions as a server-based application and is becoming increasingly popular among dentists. Even though Open Dental is server-based and can function even when you’re not online, they still provide users with a web-based platform suitable for large and small dental practices.

Users are advised to run Open Dental on a local server, and they also offer live and in-person training to all kinds of dental practices to help them familiarize themselves with the software. Pricing is divided into three formats, the first one costing $179 per month for a year, and after the initial 12 months, the fee drops to $129 per month. 

After subscription, users are provided with fantastic features like hands-free charting, imaging and X-rays, appointment booking and management, Orthodontic charting, and many more.


No matter the size or type of dental practice you run, you’ll need dental management software to help streamline your workflow. Luckily, we’ve provided you with a list of the ten best dental software for all dental practices.

If you don’t yet have dental software or you’re considering trying a new one, check out some of the websites we’ve listed, try their free tier, and see which best works for you.

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