10 Best Medical Software in 2024

Are you searching for the best medical software to help improve your medical practice? This article highlights the best medical software available.

Health care practices use different types of equipment to tackle their day-to-day operations. These operations are often divided into administrative and clinical operations. Administrative tasks include scheduling, report, analytics, etc., while clinical operations include prescription, treatment management, etc.

These tasks can become cumbersome and very time-consuming; to relieve physicians of this stress, developers created management software. Medical practice software provides physicians with various features and modules to help streamline their workflow.

If you’re looking to implement medical software in your practice, here is a list of the ten best medical software to help streamline your workflow.

Best Medical Software

Here are the best medical software;

1. Kareo

Kareo is an all-in-one medical software that provides management features to all forms of medical practices. Whether you’re running an independent practice, mental health clinic, Bariatric surgery, Acupuncture, etc., Kareo’s got you covered. 

Kareo breaks down its functionality into separate modules ranging from billing, administration, and medical; these modules integrate seamlessly to ensure and grow a healthy practice. The platform is designed to target the needs of independent practices. It provides users with an intuitive dashboard that efficiently manages all essential aspects of their practice.

Since Kareo is designed primarily for independent practitioners, it’s way cheaper than average hospital management software because it avoids time-consuming and expensive features you’ll mostly never need.

2. AdvancedMD

AdvancedMD is one of the most affordable and complete medical software available today that helps individual practitioners transform their practice into a very productive enterprise. As the name says, this software provides users with very advanced but useful features powered by a significant deployment of automation.

This software allows users to work remotely, attend to patients and maintain smooth communication due to its robust cloud infrastructure hosted on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud provider. SInce AdvancedMD is hosted on AWS, it facilitates outstanding speeds, reliability, and robust data security.

AdvancedMD provides users with real-time patient engagement, patient portal, up-to-date report and analytics, ePrescription, and revenue management. It is a complete solution to help unify your workflow and improve productivity. 

3. MedEZ

MedEZ is another excellent medical software that facilitates the digital transformation of individual medical practices through specific modules. It is designed primarily for Behavioral Healthcare and Substance Abuse facilities. They help these facilities improve their workflow by providing a well-designed specialty system that helps redirect their focus from paperwork to patient care. 

The software is very reliable, flexible, and is highly cost-effective. MedEZ provides medical practices with intuitive clinical dashboards, patient portals, patient navigators, accurate reports and analytics, an automated scheduler, and revenue management. 

MedEZ can also function as a business intelligence tool as it offers users a wide range of statistical and analytical capabilities based on real-time data generated from your practice.

4. Sevocity

Sevocity is a medical software that aids individual practitioners in migrating their patient records to the cloud. It is one of the most popular cloud-based medical solutions tailored towards medical practitioners seeking a completely customizable EHR(Electronic Health Record) platform. 

Sevocity offers services to over 30 different medical specialties. The service also includes 24/7 live customer support, in-person and online training, and a US-based telephone line open every second throughout the year.

Users can streamline their workflow by having access to unlimited template customization, a favorites list, and practice management and billing functionality. Surprisingly, Sevocity offers a free option that includes free EHR migration, unlimited customization, and free training.

5. Athenahealth

Athenathealth is a cloud-based healthcare software ranked as the number 1 best in Klas for 2022 for EHR and practice management. It is one of the most automated cloud-based medical software to help practices transition their workforce to a virtual environment. 

The software provides users with several technological features like speech-to-text dictation capabilities that provide accurate patient documentation in real-time. Clinicians and patients alike have access to accelerated support through Athenahealth’s flexible and streamlined workflow.’

It can also help practices maximize their financial holdings by providing users with an integrated product suite that accelerates their entire revenue cycle. 

6. Carecloud

Carecloud is another excellent cloud-based medical software offering services to all sizes of practices. This cloud platform can help you reduce your operational expenses, optimize care delivery, increase collections, and also help you manage your patients’ experience.

Some of its outstanding features include Electronic Health Recording, Telehealth, ePrescription, Patient Management, Revenue Cycle Management, and many more. The software is trusted by over 40 thousand practitioners globally and offers services to over 70 medical specialties. 

7. Chiro QuickCharts

Chiro QuickCharts is a medical software designed primarily for practices specializing in the Chiropractic industry and can be customized to suit the needs of small-scale Chiropractic practices. Chiro provides both administrative and clinical features to facilitate the growth of practices.

The platform provides users with excellent features like electronic health recording, medical accounting, patient scheduling, medical billing, radiology information systems, and more. All these features are offered as individual applications but integrate seamlessly to improve the efficiency of an organization.

As a bonus, users can send text and email reminders to patients with scheduled appointments. The software isn’t available on the cloud; therefore, it must be downloaded and run locally. Chiro still functions on old Operating systems like Windows XP and Windows Vista.

8. RaPID

RaPID is an AI-powered assistant patient and quality assurance platform. It’s a very advanced medical solution that helps practices monitor and analyze their workflow data in real-time while also suggesting actionable steps to improve patient safety and care, all at a very low cost.

The software focuses primarily on safeguarding patients’ information and improving the quality of care by combining super-advanced AI with Electronic Medical Records and robust communication systems to help practices execute their day-to-day operations with less hassle.

RaPID also provides users with excellent features like picture archiving and Pyxis; an automated medical logistics software that helps hospitals and medical practitioners detect critical security occurrences and initiate prompt security alerts to help mitigate healthcare risks while also reducing costs. 

9. Cerner

Cerner is a cloud-based medical software suitable for practices of varying sizes and specialties to optimize their workflow and reduce running costs. The platform offers services to over 40 specialties and organizations scattered all over the world.

It streamlines practitioners’ workflow by providing them with useful features like real-time charting, accurate documentation, health report and analytics, revenue management, and many more. These features combine to ensure that patients’ information is up-to-date and ensures accurate diagnosis and treatment. 

Cerner helps practices improve their productivity and overall patient experience. They also provide users with round-the-clock customer support and install and configure the software. Users are also provided with a functional mobile app to review patients’ charts, diagnostics, and check clinical results.

10. Epic

Epic is a cloud-based ambulatory or medical software that provides patients with the tools they need to become healthier. The software allows practices to easily track and assess patients’ data to develop the best possible treatment. 

Epic provides dedicated modules for handling genomics, fertility, wound care, dialysis, anesthesia, and many more. It also offers an ePrescription feature that provides patients with their appropriate medication in real-time.

In addition, Epic also provides practices with live chat features, Insurance eligibility verification, patient scheduling and helps physicians improve their productivity. Epic is a highly versatile software that simplifies the process of running your practice.


Medical software is here to stay. They provide countless benefits to medical practitioners handling manual tasks that normally consume a lot of time. If you’re thinking of establishing your own practice or already have a functional clinic, try out any of this medical software; you’ll see a significant improvement in your organization in no time.  

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