How to create an Amazon Business Account

Do you want to create an Amazon Business account for your company, but are not sure if you should? Read on to discover everything you need to know.

An Amazon Business account is a business-focused offering to help organizations with their supplies purchases and better manage their spending.

It comes with select features that make it perfect for business use and works just like a regular Amazon account. You can create one for free, as long as you meet the requirements. Plus, you can get even more features with a Business Prime account.

Amazon Business accounts are designed to make life easier for business people of all sizes. The account also works seamlessly with your regular account, allowing you to get the best of both worlds. This guide shows you how to get one and all the benefits that come with it.

The Benefits of an Amazon Business Account

An Amazon Business account comes with so many benefits for entrepreneurs and businesses. These benefits may vary, depending on the size of your business. But they beat making business-focused purchases on Amazon with a regular account.

The following are the most important of these benefits:

  • Business-oriented products – You get immediate access to products that you need in your organization, such as office and cleaning supplies, IT products, hospitality, industrial, MRO, pantry, and so on. This beats the personal recommendations you would otherwise get on a regular Amazon account.
  • Exclusive discounts – You also get access to business-only prices, and this includes lots of exclusive discounts on large volume orders. A business account makes it easier and more rewarding to buy in bulk.
  • Multiple users – Amazon Business accounts are designed for multiple users. The original user becomes the admin and can add and remove users. These can then purchase inventory from Amazon on behalf of their organization. Users can range from 1 to over 100, depending on the plan.
  • Approval workflow – The account admin has easy management capability for the additional users, including setting up an approval workflow and other limitations.
  • Preferred vendors – You can also select preferred vendors that you would like to reorder from for a smoother workflow.
  • Pallet Delivery – A business account also enables you to receive large orders in pallets. The order must meet the minimum size though, then it gets consolidated into pallets and is delivered to your company’s receiving dock at no extra charge.
  • Analytics – Amazon also provides an analytics dashboard for business users. So, you can easily gain more insight into your business spending patterns for better spending and budgeting in the future.
  • Free shipping – Amazon Business offers free shipping for orders over $25. And Business Prime offers even better shipping options.
  • Tax exemptions – Amazon Business makes it possible for organizations with tax-exempt status to apply it to eligible purchases on the Amazon platform.

Requirements for a Business Account

Although the account registration and maintenance are free, the service is only open to registered businesses in select countries. Following is a list of the countries where Amazon Business is available.

  1. United States through
  2. The United Kingdom through
  3. Canada through
  4. India through
  5. Germany through
  6. France through
  7. Spain through
  8. Japan through
  9. Italy through

In addition to having a properly registered business in the participating countries, you also need to have the following ready for the account registration process.

  1. Your business name & registration proof
  2. Your company’s physical address
  3. A company email address
  4. Business tax ID
  5. Phone number
  6. A credit card

With all these ready, you can then head over to the respective Amazon website. Please note that Amazon verifies all business registrations before approval.

How to Create An Amazon Business Account

Once you have all the required information ready, it is time to begin the registration. The following is a step-by-step guide to creating an Amazon Business account for your company.

Step 1: Visit Amazon business page

Visit the Amazon Business registration page for your zone and click the ‘Create a free account’ button.

Amazon business page

Step 2: Provide company email to get started

On this second page, enter your company email and click on the ‘Get Started’ button.

Amazon business Provide company email

Step 3: Enter your name and pick a Password

On the next page, enter your full name and choose a password, then click ‘Next step’.

Step 4: Provide OTP

Amazon will send an OTP (One Time Password) to your email. Enter it to continue.

Amazon business OTP

Step 5: Provide business details

Now is the time to enter your business details, including name, phone number, business type, and address. Then click the ‘Create business account’ button.

Amazon  Provide business details

Step 6: Wait for account activation

That’s it. All you have to do now is wait for Amazon employees to verify your information and activate your Amazon Business account. This can take a day or two.

Adding Users to The Amazon Business Account

This step is optional and only applies to an organization that needs more than one user making supplies purchases through Amazon. If you do, then there are two ways you can go about it.

  1. The first method is by inviting each user individually through email. This is ideal for small teams.
  2. The second method is by importing user information through a spreadsheet. This is intended for large organizations.

To use any of both methods, you will first need to log into your new business account and then select business settings from the drop-down list with your business name to the top right of the page.

Scroll to the members’ section of the settings and select people. Click on the ‘Add People’ button and either select Add people to add one or a few users, or select ‘Upload List of People’ to add a larger team using CSV upload.

You can assign roles to individual users or groups, such as buyers, finance users, tech users, and punch-out users. Each user can also have multiple roles.

Amazon Business Prime

Of course, your business account is now ready for use. But if you know Amazon, then you should certainly know about Amazon Prime, the web giant’s paid subscription service. Prime offers free shipping, unlimited streaming of music and videos, ebooks, games, and so on for personal use.

The company additionally offers Amazon Business Prime for business accounts. And like its standard user counterpart, the business version comes with lots of extra benefits for subscribers.

Major benefits of adding a Business Prime subscription to your business account include the following:

  1. Fast & Free business delivery
  2. Progressive discounts on larger orders
  3. Analytics dashboard to track your business spending
  4. Guided buying that helps employees procure only approved products
  5. Member-only offers
  6. Amazon WorkDocs

Business Prime is designed for small to large businesses and is available in five plans. Here is a detailed look.

PlanMax. UsersManaged UsersMax. StoragePrice
2.Essentials31250 GB$179/yr
3.Small103750 GB$499/yr
4.Medium10051.25 TB$1,299/yr
5.Enterprise100+102.5 TB$10,099/yr

You should note that the Duo plan is only available for single users who already have Amazon Prime with their standard account. And who want to leverage the benefits of the business subscription as well. It costs $69 in addition to Amazon Prime, but can only handle one user.

The Essentials plan works with up to 3 users and includes Amazon WorkDocs with up to 250GB of cloud storage for $179 per year.

Amazon WorkDocs allows a team to organize, collaborate, and search for documents. These include printable order summaries and invoices that relate to the business account.

Also worth noting is the managed users column. While standard users can view documents with read-only access, managed users can additionally comment and share the documents. The Essential plan includes one managed user, while the Small includes 3, and so on.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Are Amazon Business accounts free?

Yes, Amazon Business accounts are completely free to open and operate. However, Business Prime memberships come at a cost.

Can anyone open an Amazon Business account?

No, not everyone. You need a registered business that is domiciled in any of the countries where Amazon Business operates.

Can you use a business account together with your standard account?

Yes, and Amazon makes it easy to switch between the two.

Are the products the same?

No, Business accounts have better access to millions of business-focused products and services.


Coming to the end of this guide on creating an Amazon Business account for your company, you must have seen the many benefits of the program and the additional Business Prime offers.

Business accounts on amazon are free. So, if your company can benefit from one, then why not give it a try. And depending on the size of your organization or the activities you engage in, an additional Prime membership might be as well worth it  .

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