How To Make Money On Facebook

Facebook is not just good enough for connecting with people, it is also a good place to make extra income. Here are ways you can do that.

A vast majority of people worldwide are on social media, with Facebook hosting over 2 billion monthly active users. The average Facebook user spends about an hour daily on this social media platform, so you can guess the return on investment made by the company itself.

As of 2019, Facebook generated over $70 billion in revenue, which is almost equivalent to 35 times the number of its monthly active users. 

It no longer comes as a surprise that a myriad of people, as well as businesses and companies, make efforts to earn their market share from Facebook. However, it can be difficult to make money on Facebook due to its size, it can sometimes be challenging to thrive.

If you’re among those perplexed and wondering how to make money from Facebook, then all you have to do is keenly read through this article.

Ways to make money on Facebook

Here are some of the ways you can get your fair share of Facebook income:

1. Influencer Marketing 

Having a large number of followers attracts businesses and digital marketers looking to get social media publicity for their products and services. The more followers you have, the more businesses and digital marketers would reach out to you for paid adverts. Influencers are the go-to persons for brand partnership as far as social media is concerned, and Facebook is no different. 

Social media influencers are cashing out big now more than before because of the growing population on social media, brands and companies join partnerships with influencers so that their products and brands’ name can become more popularized. 

Influencers can promote products more creatively and humorously, all to spread the brand/product message. Most times as an influencer to do post the products on your Facebook page, and start generating money. 

2. Affiliate Marketing

Recording a good number of followers on your Facebook page pays when it comes to affiliate marketing. When you have a lot of followers on your Facebook page, you can post a couple of affiliate marketing links. Affiliate marketing works by giving you commissions from product sales by sending your referrals to an affiliate offer.

In some cases, affiliate marketers earn as much as up to 55% on sales. You can opt to register for businesses such as Amazon Associate, Commission Junction, and eBay, and start earning your pay.

3. Facebook Ads

Running ads is another lucrative way of making money on Facebook. If you’re familiar with Facebook ads, you should know that Facebook ads work by targeting the interest of users.

Facebook permits ads running for a limited budget of up to $5 daily, and you can run several ads at a time. Ads running is a major way of making money on Facebook.

A lot of affiliate marketers on Facebook are earning thousands of dollars by exploiting Facebook ads.

4. Facebook Page Traffic for Blogs

A creative way to utilize Facebook to your advantage is by creating a group about your topic or in this case a blog. If you have a Facebook page or perhaps a group with large followers, you can easily generate traffic for blogs at a price.

This is done by attaching a link to the blog and impelling your followers to visit the page. As soon as they do, traffic increases on the blog, and in return, you get your payment.

5. Create and Monetize Facebook Group

Facebook Groups are excellent platforms for connecting and interacting with like-minded people that share similar interests and opinions with you, however, the upside to it is that you can monetize the opportunity. 

As a Facebook group owner/admin, you stand to gain a lot. In your group, you can conduct online and offline workshops and tutorship. You can showcase and monetize your unique skills in the group and interested people can reach out to you and also subscribe to showcase their products and services.

In addition, you can also offer paid courses to your group members. This is similar to conducting workshops as the aim is to educate the group members and supply value. However, in this case, you create a captivating course to share in return for a specified amount of money.

6. Become a Social Media Manager

A social media manager is essentially responsible for creating a content strategy and promoting involvement on a company’s social platform. Social media is here to stay and if you’re already deep into it, companies might seek to hire you for your social media expertise or in this case your Facebook expertise. 

The average social media manager makes a whopping $45,000 annually, according to Sendible. You could as well offer your services part-time. Start by looking at a few of the companies you’ve been a customer of and devise ways you can make improvements to their Facebook presence.

7. Facebook Jobs

On the Facebook left sidebar, you’ll find the Jobs link showing a list of nearby jobs. You can opt for the job type and category, depending on your qualification. Get the job and you can start earning money directly on Facebook.

8. Facebook Videos

This is another common strategy utilized to make money on Facebook. Facebook videos show similitude to that of YouTube. You can start to create videos for your business and host them on Facebook. In return, you get paid as people watch your video.

Facebook gives 55% of the generated revenue realized from the video to the video creator and retains 45% to itself. 


The above-mentioned ways of how to make money on Facebook are achievable if only you are resolute in making money through social media. It all depends on your level of interest and how much of your time and effort you’re willing to put into earning from the platform.

From all the aforementioned ways, you can opt for the one that interests you the most, after all, you’re to decide the method you wish to earn a living. 

If you are willing and you choose to start now, with due diligence and persistence, you can begin to make money from Facebook in no time.

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