Best Video Editing Software for YouTube Beginners

Are you looking for the best video editing software for YouTube? Then have a look at the top 10 offers out there.

As technology developed, people began searching the internet for all of the information they needed, and this was the catalyst for video marketing’s growth. Creating videos and sharing them with others through different platforms has become a popular trend.

Nevertheless, how do you edit and create a video is a problem that a lot of YouTube newbies struggle with. If you are not a tech-savvy person and looking for the best editing tool, picking one from the list below would help you.

Best Video Editing Software for YouTube

Find below the best video editing software for Youtube

1. FlexClip

If you are looking for the best video maker and editor, FlexClip can work wonders with just a few clicks. The simple interface with built-in templates makes work fun and easy. If you’ve started creating videos and posting them to YouTube, this app can change the way you edit videos, giving it a new edge.

There are thousands of templates to select from and a library of over 4,000,000 images, videos, and songs from sources such as Storyblocks and Unsplash to include in your video.

With the template selected, you can add different content like stickers, photos, texts, transitions, music, and voice recordings, among others. FlexClip is best if you are a beginner and want to create beautiful videos. 

2. Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Adobe Premiere Pro is one of the most popular options on the list which helps to edit, adjust and process videos quickly. With a plethora of effects and features to choose from, it allows editing various media content in an original format. In addition, it is compatible with working on mobile devices and PCs.

It supports 360 VR and 4K video resolution, and not all features are available on the lower version of the app. You can only use them if you get its pro version which makes video editing easier. Custom features and plugin options are great to use.

3. Shortcut

Do you want a video editing application to work on Windows and Linux? It is none other than Shortcut, where placing videos and using captions, audio tracks and effects is easy.

Moreover, converting files to video format is easy for beginners on this platform. Give the much-needed professional touch to your video on this platform and upload it to YouTube. Custom function, drag, and drop option, task mobility, ease of configuration on different systems make it one of the best tool options.

4. InVideo

InVideo is an online video maker that helps users create, edit and share videos on YouTube. Its web-based UI is highly intuitive and aids beginners in understanding and learning the several nooks of video editing for an important platform like YouTube. From the perfect aspect ratio to video quality, InVideo lets you create YouTube videos maintaining all the technicalities required for the platform.

InVideo also allows you to choose templates for different aspect ratios, video genres, targets, and much more. These templates can help you create the structure of your video. You can also go for the “Blank Canvas” option while using InVideo and build your YouTube videos from scratch. Use the stock library elements, text styles, animation, transitions and explore your creativity with InVideo’s online tool.

5. Lightworks

Beginners can start editing work using free tools compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux. One of them is Lightworks, perfect for editors, bloggers, sound engineers, and cameramen.

It is suitable for use for both personal and professional service, creating excellent videos on it and sharing them on other platforms. Interestingly, it allows 3D video processing with multi-channel support and easy video editing and cropping options.

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6. Apple iMovie

As the name suggests, it is compatible with Mac OS, iPad, and iPhone devices. It has a simple interface to work with plenty of themes, transitions, titles, and music options.

Video filters are available from Apple along with other effect options such as split-screen, slow motion, adding frame to frame, and changing video speed.

A green screen is a notable feature of the app where you can place the subject anywhere on the screen. It also helps to create soundtracks that best suit your video footage. It has an easy sharing option and supports a 4K resolution of the video.

7. Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro X was developed for Mac OS users with an interface similar to iMovie. The intuitive interface and wide range of effects for incorporating video, audio, title effects, and other additional effects make it perfect for beginners to use.

Moreover, it integrates with different social platforms like Facebook, YouTube and supports working in a range of video formats. If you’re working on high-res projects, this is the right one with a slew of images and videos in its library to use. Even the format and interface are flexible for beginners to use.

8. HitFilm Express

If you are looking for a built-in app with lots of tool options for editing purposes for beginners, this is the one to try. The built-in templates and the latest features of the app make it perfect for beginners who want to try this and give a great touch to the final video.

You can create a high-quality video on this platform. Using custom video masks on a green screen supports 360 degree and 4k video resolution making it ideal for beginners.

9. Adobe Premiere Rush

If you want to edit on tablets and mobile phones before uploading videos to YouTube, this is the one to use. This simple program helps to create the best videos for the target group with editing options like color correction, video sizing, adding audio, and other features that bring it to a new level.

There should be an exciting and fun factor in the video so that you will upload it and people will be interested in watching it.

10. Filmora 9

Filmora 9 is a great Windows Movie Maker alternative that is feature-rich with the latest option an editor needs. If you’re trying your hand at editing for the first time, the features will help you edit and learn from it.

Video and audio effects, filters, transitions, custom captions, and other elements make it a perfect package for video editing. With this, you can easily take your video to a professional level for uploading to YouTube. If you are planning to create YouTube tutorial videos, this is the software you should try.

11. Blender

If you want to edit three-dimensional graphics, this is the ideal platform to give the much-needed professional touch to videos. The functionality and availability of the tool make it a popular choice among beginners and perfect for adding 3D effects to videos.

It is one of the powerful tool options on PC, Linux, and Mac, and there is a live view option on the app. When looking for an affordable range, Blender might be your safest bet.


So, these are the top ten video editing software that YouTube beginners can use and create great videos in minutes. Use any of them according to your needs and make your YouTube channel popular.

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