Review: 12 things you will love about Liquid Web VPS (Best VPS 2024)

Liquid Web VPS boasts of amazing performance and security features that can provide a solid foundation to build a successful website or online business.

Let me admit from this first line that I am obsessed with excellent customer support. For me, it is extremely important.

And by support, I do not mean people who just listen to you; I mean people who listen and can actually get things fixed.

There is always that possibility that something could go wrong. If you are running a website: Business, blogs or WooCommerce, one of your worst days will be the day something goes wrong and your site goes offline.

Whether it is DDoS, malware, hacks, traffic spike, plugin conflicts or whatever it is, those moments are terrible.

One thing that you will need at that point is a customer support that can actually help you find and implement a solution.

In my many years of blogging and web development, I have never seen a responsive and supportive customer team like the ones at Liquid Web.

The number one selling point of Liquid Web is their customer support.

I experienced this in 2017 when I had a big website that was struggling to cope in a dedicated server at Namecheap. I moved to Liquid Web, and I never had to worry. There were few times I needed to chat with customer support. It was prompt, and they always knew what they were doing.

In this article, I am going to review Liquid Web VPS.


Support:24/7 via chat, phone and ticket
Uptime SLA:100%
SSD:Yes, fast SSD
Migration:Free migration
Speed:Blazing fast
Suitable for:WordPress, WooCommerce
Dedicated IP Address:Included
DDoS protection:Included
Features:Gigabit Bandwidth, Plesk and cPanel Available, Root Access
Pricing:Starts from $39/month, when paid annually

Who needs a VPS?

When starting out on a small scale, shared hosting is usually recommended for blogging, WooCommerce and business websites. Because it is cost effective for a beginner who is not having much visitors and not generating much profit.

But as you grow, shared hosting is a no longer enough. You begin to run out of resources. Your website frequently goes offline.

At that point, it is time to scale up. And that next level is a VPS. VPS stands for Virtual Private Server.

In shared hosting, you are sharing many of your core resources with many other users. But with a VPS, you have most of the resources to yourself. The Private in VPS means that the core resources are dedicated to you alone.

So who needs a VPS?

You need a VPS if you have outgrown shared hosting. Your traffic has grown significantly that your shared hosting can no longer handle.

If you are a beginner with a big budget for ads. It is likely you will be having lots of traffic from the onset, then VPS is your best entry point. It is very important so you don’t spend money on ads and then the hosting is messing things up with website going off.

Also, installing custom programs maybe not be possible with shared hosting. A VPS is the best solution.

If you want to host numerous websites for yourself and your clients, then a VPS can help you achieve that.

Security is very important. In most shared hosting, an attack on one of the site you are sharing resources with can affect you. A VPS eliminate that risk since the core resources are dedicated to you alone.

Any site on a shared hosting with a good number of traffic, more customers buying, having issues with shared hosting will experience massive improvement stepping up to a VPS.

10 things you will love about Liquid Web VPS

Here are some amazing things you will love about Liquid Web VPS.

1. Customer Support

Customer support is very essential. Most especially if you are not very technical with server management, troubleshooting and all of that.

Liquid Web is the leader when it comes to customer support. This is one thing that will make it difficult to ever think of leaving them, because it will be rare to find such a responsive and knowledgeable support team anywhere else.

They cover all options. 24/7 chat support. 24/7 phone support. And ticket support that I have had a response within 15 minutes.

My advice is never to use a web host without a reliable support. And it goes beyond that. Never use a web host that outsources it support to third parties with minimal knowledge. Incompetent support is as bad as having no support at all.

I have experienced the support team at Liquid Web, they are very knowledgeable, patient and ready to go beyond board to help. Something I have not seen anywhere else.

2. Speed

It is well known in the SEO world that speed plays a big part in search performance. There is no doubt about that. Google has long said that speed is a ranking factor.

And speed can also affect conversion rate. Research has shown that the faster a page load, the higher the conversion rate.

If you have a slow website, it will affect your search engine performance and your conversion rate.

The foundation of a fast website is a fast hosting. Liquid Web VPS are packed with features that enhance speed, including; Fast SSDs, Dedicated IPs, CloudFlare integration and more.

You will definitely notice a faster load time for your site if you are moving from shared hosting or most VPS providers. This is good for SEO and conversion.

3. Uptime

Uptime is the measure of time that your website is online. In terms of a web host, uptime is the measure of time that your server is online.

Uptime is very important for business. Downtime can affect your business and website in many ways.

Sales and revenue are affected if you do not have a good up time. In 2016, Amazon had a downtime that lasted for 13 minutes. The result was that for every minute that Amazon was unavailable; they lost $2 million.

Downtime can also affect your Search Engine ranking. It can discourage customers’ loyalty because it projects you as unreliable.

Liquid Web offers a 100% uptime SLA. That is the highest in the web hosting industry. Higher than most in the business.

4. DDoS Protection

Distributed-denial-of-service (DDoS) attack is a terrible nightmare any business can face. To understand how terrible a DDoS attack can be, the New Zealand Stock Exchange was halted for many hours due to a DDoS attack.

According to statistics, DDOS attacks are on the rise.

Liquid Web VPS comes with DDoS protection. To understand how valuable this is, most DDoS protection agency charge over $300/year. But with Liquid Web VPS, it is included for free.

5. Fast SSD Storage

Liquid Web VPS are powered by fast SSDs. SSD is a must for speed. It is widely known and proven that SSD is faster than HDD.

Having a server that is powered by SSD is recommended for optimum performance.

6. Off Server Backups

Backups is like insurance when it comes to running a website. It is what you run to when there is an accident and you need to restore your site.

Off server backup is like the platinum level of insurance because it offers more guarantee. Since the backup is stored off server, even if your server should crash, your backup will be there to help.

It is unadvisable to use web host that does not offer off server backups.

This is included in Liquid Web VPS

7. ServerSecure

Peace of mind comes with security. ServerSecure is an innovative Liquid Web feature that helps protect your server.

Never take security for granted. If you are concerned about security, then this feature will get you excited.

8. Integrated Firewall

A firewall is a network security system that monitors incoming and outgoing traffic. It is able to block malicious traffic based on pre-set security rules.

A firewall is the first line of defence when malicious people are trying to gain access to your site.

9. Dedicated IP Address

A dedicated IP address is very important for many reasons.

Sharing an IP address with unknown people can land you in trouble that you have no idea of. If someone you share IP address with engages in spammy activity and the IP get blacklisted, you are affected too.

If you are running an online store, a dedicated IP is important. Also, some application may require a dedicated IP address.

You get a dedicated IP address with Liquid Web VPS.

10. Gigabit Bandwidth

Gigabit offers fast download speed. Gigabit speed is ten times faster than regular broadband. There are many benefits of Gigabit, including fast upload and download speed. It can improve a streaming service, gaming and so much more..

11. Full server management

You can simply focus on your business and let Liquid Web manage your server. You will love this option if you are less technical or just want to focus on running your business without any worry of checking on your server.

I personally love this!

12. Free migration

If you are moving to Liquid Web, they handle migration for you free. If you are like me, then this is cool.

I don’t like the stress of moving sites to a new server. I prefer to leave it to the in-house experts. And there is no excuse here since it is free.


With the features and what is included, Liquid Web is cheap.

Liquid Web VPS pricing


Do I recommend Liquid Web VPS? Yes!

Liquid Web has the best customer support team. That means you will always have a competent team to support you if you ever need help. They are always willing to help find and implement solutions.

Their VPS is packed with performance and security features that most competitors cannot boast of. And the price is cheap in relation to the features.

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