How Do YouTubers Make Money?

Wondering how YouTubers make money or you are considering how you can earn from YouTube? Here is show it is done.

YouTube is the most renowned online video site worldwide. It serves as a means of generating income for a vast majority of its users.

Making money via YouTube is as simple as uploading content, having millions of views, and earning a share of advertising revenue. However, with the current trends and growing creator economy, content creators have access to diverse means of monetizing their content online.

Aside from advertisement, YouTubers are able to generate money from corporate sponsorships from renowned brands, crowdfunding, and sales. 

Even though some of the methods employed by YouTubers offer a low barrier to entry than earning via ads, there are no alternatives for quality and unique content coupled with an engaged audience.

How Do YouTubers/Creators Earn Money from YouTube?

Have you been wondering how people make money online through YouTube postings and all that? Seeing your friends making online videos frequently and in return making a grand or two within a short time? Well, here’s how they do it.

1. Google Ads

This initial step towards earning money on YouTube is to join the YouTube Partner Program. This partnership gives content creators access to unique tools, such as the means to monetize their videos through Google Adsense. 

Ads before videos, channel memberships, or Google AdSense banner ads are also part of how YouTubers make money on YouTube. 

YouTube monetizes videos via pre-roll ads, display, and several advertising formats and gives content creators 55% of the generated revenue and takes 45% for itself.

2. 1k Subscribers Threshold

On YouTube, you don’t get paid per video view. Rather, you get paid for the times someone watches or clicks on an ad shown on your video. 

By surpassing the 1k-subscriber threshold, you will be able to join the YouTube Partner Program and start earning advertising revenues. 

As A partner, you can get money via ads, membership bonuses, and other features. 

Influencer Marketing Hub says that while payment may vary, the average YouTube channel can expect to make up to $17 per 1,000 ad views. You get paid once your balance gets to $100. 

3. Payments from fans

This strategy utilized by Youtuberson YouTube includes several income streams, however, they all serve a single purpose which is generating money for the YouTuber. 

YouTube grants you the opportunity as a YouTuber to receive payment from viewers who want to become members of your channel. In return, they are given badges, customized emoji, and also premium access to members-only exclusives such as Live Chats. 

4. Affiliate Marketing

This is one of the most practical ways to generate money via YouTube traffic, especially if you intend to make product review videos. 

YouTube affiliates create content through product reviews, using keywords. 

As an affiliate of a particular brand, you earn a commission whenever a viewer enters your custom affiliate link and makes a product purchase.

YouTubers affiliated with online and offline businesses encourage their fans and viewers to visit the brand’s online shop or brand product pages. Afterward, they get a commission from the sales made via their affiliate links. 

The amount made by the YouTuber on account of product sales via affiliate links varies depending on the brand partnership, usually between 5% and 50%. 

5. Crowd Funding

While the majority of YouTubers make money via products and ads, others utilize the crowdfunding system. 

Crowdfunding on YouTube is one of the means by which YouTubers generate money. Unlike ads, when it comes to crowdfunding you’re giving your listeners and viewers loads of what they desire in content.

Crowdfunding can be approached in two ways: project-based and recurring. The recurring aspect is favorable for content creators. Here, fans/followers of the YouTube channel pay a certain subscription fee in exchange for rewards which are most times referred to as “Perks”. The more the subscribers, the more the revenue.

Patreon, a third-party service is an example of a crowdfunding platform that helps video creators to monetize their fan base through monthly membership subscriptions. Top video creators earn up to $38,000 per month from fan and followers support.

Project-based crowdfunding works to support the YouTuber who has an idea for a project that requires financial aid. When money is the only barrier between your creative idea and its accomplishment, project-based crowdfunding is the way to bring it to reality. 

Crowdfunding is a monetization method employed by Youtubersto maintain their YouTube channels and keep them running. It is how many YouTubers make money. 

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6. Merchandise Sales

Selling merchandise on YouTube is a guaranteed way YouTubers apply to make money. 

Merchandise Sales increase your popularity by putting your online brand and personality out there. This also deepens the relationship you have with your fans as they actively engage themselves in the purchase of your product.

Monetizing merchandise via shoppable video is another profitable approach to making money through YouTube. 

A shoppable video is an interactive, custom-made video that displays products available for sales and allows buyers to purchase products directly from the video. 

When viewers watch the video, interactive icons/elements appear that viewers can click to enter and buy the featured products. 

Shoppable videos help you to merchandise your products and in return, money is generated. 

Through your YouTube channel, you can improve the stance of your business by manufacturing and selling your very own unique products. Make your profit (money) as you trade via YouTube.  

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7. Brand Deals

Signing deals with brands is another lucrative way used by YouTubers to make money.

Brands are now more than ever before investing a lot in influencer marketing, spending huge advertising budgets on social media influencers with a significant range of audiences.

Companies captivated by the amount of audience in your channel and your level of popularity might sponsor your videos or perhaps offer you product placement deals in return for publicity.

Brand Deals generate a good sum of money for YouTubers, you earn commission on a per-sale basis.


According to Forbes, the highest paid YouTubersare making close to $20 million annually. YouTube is lucrative, and as such the major reason more and more people are joining and making money from content and products.

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