10 Best Data Entry Job Websites To Make Extra Income

Looking for the best websites to earn extra income with data entry jobs? Here's our top list.

There are increasingly more earning opportunities online and this includes websites that offer data entry for extra income.

Data entry positions range in requirements and pay – from zero experience jobs to more specialized offers for experts. You earn according to your skills.

The different data entry jobs you will find online range from basic typing jobs to transcriptions, manual entries, and scanning. They are often broken down into small and manageable bits, depending on the company.

Data entry jobs might not make you rich, but they are good for keeping busy and gaining experience. The list below shows you the 10 best data entry job websites out there.

Some Benefits of Data Entry Jobs

Asides from their relatively low pay compared to many other online jobs, data entry positions do come with many benefits. These include:

  • They often offer flexible Schedules. So, you can work when you want.
  • You can start with little to no experience.
  • You can work from the comfort of your own home.
  • Work at your own pace.
  • The tasks are often easy and not mentally stressful.
  • Data entry helps improve your IT, typing, and grammar skills.
  • Jobs that don’t require skills don’t pay much, but with skills, you can earn more.

Top Data Entry Jobs Websites

RankNameJob TypesCountries AcceptedWebsite
1.MicroworkersMicro jobsAll countriesmicroworkers.com 
2.Amazon Mechanical TurkMicro tasks26 countriesmturk.com/worker
3.ScribieTranscriptionsAll countriesscribie.com
4.ClickworkerMicro jobsAll countriesclickworker.com
5.GoTranscriptTranscriptionsAll countriesgotranscript.com
6.UpworkAll typesAll countriesupwork.com
7.PeoplePerHourAll typesAll countriespeopleperhour.com 
8.FreelancerAll typesAll countriesfreelancer.com
9.Working SolutionsAll typesUS & Canadajobs.workingsolutions.com 
10.FiverrAll typesAll countriesfiverr.com 

1. Microworkers

Jobs Offered: Micro-jobs like transcriptions, data matching, data tagging, surveys, app testing, etc

Website: microworkers.com

Microworkers is one of the most popular and trusted data entry websites on the Internet. The company offers a wide range of crowd-sourcing jobs, which are simple and easy-to-do tasks that you can complete in just a few minutes.

These micro-jobs can include everything from content evaluation to transcription, research studies, app testing, data matching, labeling, tagging, and so on.

Joining Microworkers is easy. Just sign up here, then get verified. Once you are in, you will find the list of micro-jobs on the Jobs tab in your account dashboard, with each job including further information like job details, completion time, and pay.

Please note that these micro-jobs are given out by employers from the AI and machine-learning industries, who rate your work in turn. And Microworkers keeps a tab of your input quality through its Success Rate system, for which you should always maintain 75% or higher.

2. Amazon Mechanical Turk

Jobs Offered: Micro-jobs like data verification, cleanup, categorization, gathering

Website: mturk.com/worker

The Amazon Mechanical Turk platform connects employers with micro-job workers. It lets you make some money in your free time by working on their HITs (Human Intelligence Tasks).

All you need to do after registration is to browse the HITs, complete the ones you like, and submit the work. The requester will then pay you after accepting your submission.

Mechanical Turk jobs range from data analysis to processing, data verification and cleanup, information gathering, categorization, and so much more.

You should note that Amazon Mechanical Turk is only available to workers in the US and 25 other countries including the UK, Germany, and Canada. You can check out the full list here.

3. Scribie

Jobs Offered: Transcriptions

Website: scribie.com/account/sign-up

Scribie is a data-entry website focused on transcriptions. It offers payouts between $5 and $20 per audio hour and depending on your skill level.

Transcription jobs let you listen to an audio, then type in what you hear in a given text field. Scribie works with an AI assistant, so you get an automatically transcribed text to edit.

All you have to do to earn with Scribie is sign up, then take and pass the Certified Scribie transcriber test. For this, you will need to have core skills like language comprehension, good typing speeds of at least 40-50 wpm, grammar and spelling accuracy, as well as the ability to research.

The platform lets you work at your convenience and from home. The files are short, there are no monthly commitments, no obligations, and no withdrawal limitations.

4. Clickworker

Jobs Offered: Micro jobs like data categorization, verification, app testing

Website: clickworker.com

Clickworker is another crowd-sourcing website with lots of micro tasks. It has over 3 million workers from 136 countries, however, their job availability is subject to your region.

Clickworker also includes the Universal Human Relevance System (UHRS), a 3rd party platform for AI data entry. This platform has lots of micro-tasks that are Internet and search-engine related, so you might like it if you are so inclined.

You will need to register and then take an assessment test to join Clickworker, and the UHRS platform also needs a separate assessment.

5. GoTranscript

Jobs Offered: Transcriptions, editor

Website: gotranscript.com

GoTranscript is another data entry website that focuses on transcription jobs. The platform offers flexible working hours, the ability to choose your projects, a variety of jobs, and over 20 languages to transcribe in.

Average earnings from the platform are $150 a month and $1,200 for top earners. Workers range from standard transcriptionists to editors, but this depends on the quality of work that you do.

The registration with GoTranscript is a little rigorous as you’ll have to pass a test first. But once you get past it, then things should get easier.

6. Upwork

Jobs Offered: All types of jobs

Website: upwork.com

Upwork is a general freelancing website with all types of jobs available – including data entry, virtual assistant, and transcription jobs.

You can get both short gigs and long-term contracts on Upwork, so it is best to know what you want beforehand. Registration on the site is straightforward, then you can edit your profile and add all your qualifications.

Once you are ready, you will have to browse the job listings or use the search function to find specific offers. Then, when you find a job you are interested in, apply for it. You should note that the offers here are vast and can be overwhelming.

Upwork demands a token for each application you make and the amount depends on how much the advertised job is offering. The platform gives you free tokens each month to use for applications. But when you use them up, then you have the option to buy more.

7. PeoplePerHour

Jobs Offered: All types

Website: peopleperhour.com

PeoplePerHour is the Uk’s leading platform for freelancers. Like Upwork, it connects you with employers looking to get a wide range of jobs done.

You can do everything from transcriptions to content writing, translations, virtual assistant, data collection, proof-reading, and so on. The jobs are either specified per hour or offered as fixed-price gigs.

PeoplePerHour has a clean and well-designed interface that makes it easy to navigate and intuitive to work with. You can filter the job lists using many criteria and easily send proposals for jobs you are interested in.

One downside with the site is the competition. But if you are good, then you have nothing to worry about. Else, it might not be the best platform for beginners.

8. Freelancer

Jobs Offered: All types

Website: freelancer.com

Freelancer is another popular freelancing website with all types of data entry jobs, including data processing, Excel, web search, copy typing, data collection, virtual assistant, data cleansing, and so on.

The jobs here are either offered on a per-hour basis or per project and as with other freelancing websites, you’ll have to bid against other workers. This is where an established profile can help you, else, starting from the beginning can be tough.

On the plus side, Freelancer has a near-endless stream of jobs. So, once you build a good profile, you will easily land better-paying contracts.

9. Working Solutions

Jobs Offered: Remote PC jobs

Website: jobs.workingsolutions.com

Founded by a woman in 1996, Working Solutions is one of the oldest work-from-home websites. And it continues to thrive.

The company offers a range of client programs that you can apply to join, based on your skills and experience, and with payments ranging from $9 to $30 per hour.

A few things about the platform though. First, it is only available to applicants from the US and Canada. And secondly, you need a good computer that passes their minimum requirements.

Asides from that, Working Solutions counts over 150,000 contractors and has served some of the world’s largest brands.

10. Fiverr

Jobs Offered: Anything you like

Website: fiverr.com

Fiverr turns the entire freelancing and gig economy around by letting you, the freelancer make an offer to potential clients.

You offer what you can do for $5 and wait for orders. Of course, you can add extra services for more money, but you also have to watch your competition.

Here, the offer is up to you – from finding email addresses to Excel work, virtual assistant jobs, and other services you can do well.

Keep in mind that Fiverr takes 20% of your earnings as commission. But with a gig sold every 4 seconds on the site, you too can get lucky.


We’ve come to the end of this list of the 10 best data entry job websites, and as you can see, there are quite a few good platforms out there.

Where you go from here, however, depends on how much work you want to do, how you wish to get paid, and your overall plans.

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