10 Best School Management Software in 2024

Are you in search of a service to implement in your school to help optimize your staff performance? Here is a list of the ten best school management software.

School management is no easy task. Schools handle data of hundreds or if not thousands of students daily for as long as the world exists. Teachers, academic staff, Principals, and other stakeholders in a school are saddled with the responsibility of managing students’ data.

Storing and maintaining these records can be very demanding, especially using manual documentation like paper files and storage cabinets. Manual file storage is a repetitive task that can be easily tackled by automation software.

If your school is struggling to keep up with the amount of information to be stored, it’s time you employed school management software. School management software utilizes paperless data management, which can help lower the cost of running the school by significantly cutting down on the use of paper.

Incorporating school management software also increases employees’ efficiency and productivity by significantly reducing the workload and burden posed by paper management. It can also help increase the speed and accuracy used in data storage.

If you’re looking to implement school management software into your academic environment, this article provides you with a comprehensive list of the ten best school management software available today. 

Best School Management Software

Here are the best school management software:

1. Alma

Alma is one of the industry-leading school management software available today. It is a cloud-based platform that aims to cater to schools of all sizes. The software simplifies the process of making decisions by providing schools with accurate data-driven, comprehensive analytics and images.

This software helps schools optimize daily operations. It helps educators improve family engagement and student participation by providing schools with well-designed tools to accurately track student attendance and create demographic and biological data of students. 

Alma is excellent at creating sustainable and flexible school calendars, bus directions, reports, and more. It also helps schools assess their students’ performance on a large scale, creates course calendars, and helps in rescheduling delayed classes.

Gradelink is one of the simplest and most intuitive school management software available today. It helps manage student attendance and empowers your school to perform at its highest by providing integrated management, teaching, and learning tools, all from Gradelink’s Student Information System.

This software handles complex management tasks like creating lunch reports, marking attendance, developing address labels, and creating custom staff registers. Gradelink can also help with scheduling and rescheduling classes and holidays.

This software integrates seamlessly with other management software to facilitate communication through sending out email blasts, texts alerts, and voice messages. Medical records can also be managed efficiently using Gradelink’s easy-to-use software. Subscription prices start at $84, depending on the number of students.

3. Fedena

Fedena is the perfect tool for automating all your management tasks for schools looking to make smart and swift decisions. Fedena is a cloud-based school management software that features multiple modules for accurately storing and managing students’ data. 

It’s an all-in-one management tool that, while it helps automate all school operations, Fedena also helps improve employees’ productivity by tackling stressful tasks like scheduling classes, grading students, managing students’ data, and a lot more.

With Fedena, schools can cross off making timetables from their schedule as this tool creates flexible timetables for examinations, holidays, lunchtime, and many other scheduling tasks. Fedena also tackles the financial aspect of schools by improving and fast-tracking the enrollment of new students. 

Schools can create unique staff and student IDs, develop a fantastic messaging system, and regulate the type of comments posted on such messaging boards.

4. iGradePlus

iGradePlus is an affordable web-based management software for teachers, schools, and districts. Aside from being a school management software, iGradePlus also doubles as a gradebook mostly used by K-12 teachers and college professors. 

It’s so popular among teachers because it simplifies grading tests and examinations due to its user-friendly and intuitive dashboard. iGradePlus doesn’t require a specific type of device to access it because it runs on the cloud; therefore, it can be accessed by any device with an internet connection.

The software boasts of a ton of impressive features like behavior tracking of students, custom report generation, grade management, and extensive communication support for students and parents. For such an impressive service, iGradePlus charges an unbelievable $4 per year for each user and even offers a free trial. 

5. Classe365

Classe365 is a perfect school management software that aims to cater to all forms of educational institutions. This tool makes managing your educational environment a walk-in-the-park by providing you with tons of advanced features to help you plan ahead of time.

The software is packed with features and benefits to help you identify essential information like student information, learning materials, and course information. Classe356 optimizes your admission process using the native software by providing new students with interactive forms and an online payment option to ensure easy application.

This service also offers a CRM feature that helps you identify courses offered by most students, control your admissions process, and facilitate communication with its built-in email and SMS functions.

6. PowerVista RollCall

PowerVista RollCall is an on-premise management software that’s perfect for non-K-12 schools. The software is very easy to install, understand and manage. It is a compact school management solution offering assistance to students, teachers, and parents.

The software is designed to actively support school management by regularly sending automated progress reports, notifications, creating invoices, and monitoring courses and calendars in real-time.

It has a built-in report and forms writer designed to meet the specific needs of your school. It integrates seamlessly with Moodle and Quickbooks. The software can be installed in your office nexus or an entirely different environment.

7. My Class Campus

My Class Campus is an all-in-one cloud-based school management solution geared toward schools looking to move into the digital environment. It is a robust all-in-one mobility-driven Enterprise Resource Platform(ERP) that provides schools, colleges, and coaching centers with all the necessary features needed to manage their educational environment.

The service can be accessed via a mobile app and provides users with exciting features like exam scheduler, lesson planning, finance management, online admissions inquiry, and many more features.

My Class Campus aims to improve the flexibility of educational centers by helping them draft well-scheduled timetables, holidays, classes, leave management for staff, and provides schools with a digital library all in one platform.

8. MyStudentProgress

MyStudentProgress is perfect for educational institutions searching for versatile and flexible software to manage their day-to-day operations. It’s an easily customizable platform that provides schools with useful features needed to tackle their management problems, and these unique features come at a fantastic price.

It’s the perfect software for schools on a budget. Even though it’s a budget software, MyStudentProgress still provides users with standard features like the ability to monitor students’ remarks, digital report cards, and grading, send email and text blasts to spread information, flexible and customizable calendars.

MyStudentProgress also offers the option of scheduling and monitoring each student’s admission procedures and access. It also takes care of lunch requests by utilizing details provided by parents.

9. AdminPlus

AdminPlus is another cloud-based school management service that aids teachers and management in accurately managing the data of parents and students within a school. The software can help manage students’ attendance, track students’ progress, generate reports, create report cards, and manage billings and fees of students.

Since AdminPlus is a cloud-based solution, information gathered from parents and students can be transmitted easily throughout the organization. Aside from monitoring parents’ and students’ data, AdminPlus can also help track employees’ activities by tracking attendance to classes, periods, or lectures.

Grading is not a problem with this tool as AdminPlus provides users with an online grade book system that allows teachers to view, create and edit grades.

10. OpenSchool (Android & iOS)

OpenSchool is a school management software used in developing the administrative functions of educational institutions. It is used by tons of schools, colleges, and individuals to handle day-to-day activities in an institution. 

OpenSchool is a very user-friendly software that connects schools to parents and students. The software features SMS, email, and push notifications to keep you connected. It collects and stores information in graphical charts and converts them to understandable data.

With OpenSchool, there’s no limit to the number of students’ info you can upload to the platform as the software supports unlimited users and handles large volumes of data from the users without affecting the school’s daily activities.


There are countless school management software out there. However, not every tool is designed to fit your specific needs. Some may be pricier while some have limited features; the ultimate goal of school management software is to optimize and simplify data management in an educational institution.

Feel free to check out any of the ten software we listed above; they’ll definitely help you reduce your workload and save costs.

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