10 Best Retail POS Systems in 2024

Are you searching for the best POS systems to track your sales and process customer payments for your retail business? This article lists the very best retail POS systems available.

Businesses worldwide accept payment for any product sold or service rendered through various means. The general name for a point of payment is POS; a Point of Sale is where customers checkout online, pick an item from a product stack and walk up to the cashier; they’re all point of sale.

However, a POS system is hardware or software designed specifically for accepting payments from customers. It functions as a physical cash register and an online checkout, depending on what type of business you run.

POS systems allow businesses to accept payments from customers no matter where they are. All they need is an internet connection on any supported device; tablet, mobile or desktop. POS systems relieve the cashiers of so much work by automating products calculation, updating inventory, processing payments, and many more.

The best POS systems offer standard features to businesses of all sizes. If you’re looking to implement a POS system in your retail business, this article highlights ten of the best POS systems you can implement in your retail business. 

Best Retail POS Systems

Square POSEmail stock alerts, third-party pickup, exportable data spreadsheets, virtual terminal for collecting payments anywheresquareup.com
VendOSRole-based security, very intuitive dashboard, built-in eCommerce shopvendhq.com
Talech POSSupports gift cards, inventory alerts, productivity management talech.com
Revel POSConversational order, creation of custom discountsrevelsystems.com
Shopify POSSales items suggestions, stock adjustment, QR codes on productsshopify.com
LightspeedSupplier network, multiple device support lightspeedhq.com
CloverSuitable for restaurants, integrates with food aggregatorsclover.com
ERPLY POSHigh security, multiple language support, offline management erply.com
Heartland RetailAnalytics, order management, inventoryheartlandretail.us
Bindo POSLive product catalog, eCommerce functionality, offer loyal customers discountbindolabs.com

1. Square POS

Square Point of Sale is a versatile POS system designed to suit the needs of every size of business. It is available on mobile devices like iOS and Android and provides businesses with valuable features to help manage payments and all financial transactions. 

This POS system provides essential features like inventory tracking, sales receipts, digital receipts, online payment, reports and analytics, eCommerce, and many more. Square POS supports payment via debit cards, credit cards, Apple Pay, and Google Play. Users are also provided with a virtual terminal enabling payment collection through a computer.

With this system, Inventory management is streamlined as Square provides retailers with features like daily email stock alerts, exportable data spreadsheets, third-party pickup, delivery, etc.

With Square, retailers can attend to customers in-person, online, or remotely over the phone. 

2. VendOS

VendOS is a robust cloud-based POS operating system that enables businesses to operate seamlessly even during an internet outage. It is one of the most popular and user-friendly POS systems on the market. The software is designed to be operated by even the most noob employee.

This software functions as a POS system and doubles as an inventory management software to help maintain the organization of your business. Users have access to round-the-clock live chat support, mobile sales, role-based security, role-based security, a built-in eCommerce shop, and many more.

VendOS also supports mobile payments allowing your employees to manage sales on the go. The price model is split into three; a free tier, lite plan, and pro, which costs 0$, $99, and $129 per month, respectively.

3. Talech POS

Talech POS is yet another cloud-based POS system that doubles as an inventory management software. The software caters to a wide range of retail businesses like spas, salons, restaurants, bars, etc., helping them streamline their workflow and improve productivity.

With a couple of clicks, users can manage appointments and scheduling, review reports and analytics, monitor labor cost and productivity, manage inventory, and more. Talech being a cloud service, allows retailers and their employees to handle their duties on several devices anywhere in the world. However, Talech can also be deployed as an on-premise solution for those who prefer it.

Restaurants are provided with targeted features like order management, table management, payment processing which supports gift cards, discounts, or price slashes. In terms of inventory management, Talech provides retailers with a robust drag and drop feature and also custom inventory alerts to ensure you never run out of stock. 

4. Revel POS

Revel is a retail POS system designed to cater to small businesses providing them with cloud-based solutions to help optimize their business. It combines customer channel capabilities with robust POS functionality in a single dashboard. The dashboard is very intuitive and easy to navigate, although some rare portions of the software are a bit confusing to use. 

Revel offers retailers exciting features, including a conversational order that allows cashiers to easily and quickly put in orders as they are spoken to them with fewer errors. Users can also easily create custom discounts to promote a product or sell left overstock. 

You can also keep track of your inventory with Revel’s inventory management software to keep track of your products in real-time to avoid shortages and over-stocking. Reports and analytics are also integrated into this POS system to provide retailers with a general overview of their business performance. 

5. Shopify POS

Shopify POS is one of the best retail POS solutions available, providing retailers with a complete system backed with everything you need to sell online. It is a cloud-based service capable of turning any device into a robust and automated point of sale. 

The dashboard of Shopify POS is very intuitive. It offers extensive customization capabilities to businesses allowing them to keep their frequently used applications, discounts, and products at their fingertips, thereby optimizing the checkout process of your business. 

The software also facilitates smooth shopping experiences for retailers and customers alike. Users can manage and fulfil local pickup, attach QR codes to products, automatically calculate taxes and shipping rates at checkout. 

Shopify POS also provides retailers with smart inventory management capabilities you need to run your store. The software can provide detailed inventory reports, real-time inventory counts, stock adjustment, and sale items suggestions to know which products aren’t selling so you can minimize losses. 

6. Lightspeed

Lightspeed is an all-in-one POS solution for retail, hospitality, and golf merchants worldwide. The software helps retail businesses simplify complex business activities by providing them with robust management solutions that are both flexible and powerful.

With Lightspeed, users can manage revenue streams across multiple systems and locations all in one place. There is no device limitation with Lightspeed as retailers can access the service on mobile, desktop, and iPad, allowing employees to work remotely or on the go.

Lightspeed also provides a supplier network to help suppliers extend their reach and increase sales by providing an infinite pool of lightspeed retailers. Restaurants can also utilize Lightspeed as it integrates with several online delivery platforms like UberEats, Foodora, and Doordash to help increase customer reach.

7. Clover

Clover is an all-in-one system designed to help businesses thrive by providing retailers with flexible and scalable management systems. The software comprises everything you’ll need to run a faster and smarter business like payment processing, report and analytics, customer satisfaction, and a lot more.

The service is suitable for restaurants, coffee shops, membership sites, virtually any type of eCommerce for retailers. It can help digitize their food ordering process for restaurants as Clover readily integrates with popular food delivery aggregators to streamline your online ordering process.

Retailers can manage their virtual and physical stores using the same software. With Clover, payments are processed at an excellent pace as Clover readily sends payment requests via emails to your customers to allow them to pay online. 


ERply POS system helps retailers and businesses streamline their retail and inventory management using well-designed stock taking, invoicing, and payment applications. The service is trusted by global retail brands like Porsche, The Athlete’s Foot, Madvapes, and more.

Retailers are provided with excellent functionality with real-time updates, offline management, robust inventory management, seamless integrations with big eCommerce brands like Shopify, Customizable dashboard, and is supported in over 15 languages.

The platform is very secure as it provides around-the-clock encrypted data backup to avoid data loss automatic real-time security updates and is also compliant with SAS 70/SSAE 16 requirements.

9. Heartland Retail

Heartland Retail, formerly Springboard, Is a POS solution built for retailers by retailers. The software provides services from startups to enterprise-level organizations. Unlike most POS systems on our list, which are cloud-based, Heartland is a web-based service fully accessible on any modern web-browsers. 

Heartland provides retailers with a sales omnichannel that allows businesses to meet customers’ needs wherever they are. The software provides features spanning a wide range of areas from Order Management, Inventory, Customer experience, Analytics, Sales, and a lot more.

With Heartland, retailers can boost their business productivity, optimize inventory, and provide retailers with a better understanding of their customer base by collecting valuable information at the point of sale. 

10. Bindo POS

Bindo POS, just like most of the POS solutions on our list, is a cloud-based system that offers e-Commerce functionality, inventory management, and customer experience in a single platform. It integrates easily with popular online marketplaces allowing customers to purchase products from the store inventory.

With Bindo, retailers can easily display their products for sale. The platform provides them with live listing catalogues with a product photo attached to display available products in real-time; all retailers need to do is set the price for each product. 

Bindo collects customer data like email addresses, history of purchases, phone numbers to help retailers identify their loyal customers and offer them frequent discounts in their customer loyalty program. 


POS systems are gradually becoming integral cogs of businesses. Whether you own a retail business or an enterprise, as long as you collect payments from customers, you need an excellent POS system to help streamline your business’s payment process.

This article lists the ten best POS systems; there are hundreds more out there. But, we’re sure the solutions listed above will serve your business perfectly. 

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