10 Best Human Resource Software (HRMS) in 2024

Every company's human resource needs human resource software to help streamline its workflow. This article provides you with a list of the best human resources software.

For any business to succeed, the employees or staff of a company must be appropriately managed. Many organizations try their absolute best to step up their employee management strategies. Human resources teams are responsible for managing every aspect of a company’s HR operations like onboarding, interviewing, offboarding, and they also consult with executives on strategic planning.

However, these HR responsibilities might become too cumbersome for a relatively small HR team to handle; that’s where Human Resources Management Systems (HRMS) comes in. Using HR software simplifies the process of employee management.

The best HR management software helps companies empower their workforce, simplifies administrative work, centralizes data collection and storage, and enhances communication between employees.

HR management software helps companies in so many ways. If you’re looking to implement one, here is a list of the ten best human resources software available today.

Best Human Resources Management Systems (HRMS)

Here are the best human resources software

1. UKG Pro

UKG Pro is one of the most powerful HR management software available that can transform your organization into a globally connected workforce. This software raises the bar in HR software. It aims to move beyond traditional human capital management by combining state-of-the-art HR technology with extensive workforce management capabilities.

With UKG, companies are provided with a comprehensive overview of employee stats, data, and insights into your team’s HR management procedure. The software possesses extensive salary management capabilities powered by its robust payroll functionality to help simplify the remuneration process in a company.

UKG is suitable for midsize and large enterprises, providing all the necessary features needed in an HCM solution. UKG does disclose the pricing of the HCM solution on their website; users who wish to implement the software must get a quote from UKG’s support team.

2. Oracle HCM Cloud

Oracle HCM Cloud is a cloud-based HCM software designed primarily for global HR and workforce management. It’s an all-in-one HCM solution that tackles every HR process from hiring to retiring. The service can be accessed from all internet-connected devices allowing you to manage your global workforce anywhere, anytime. 

The software is packed with several modules like HR Help Desk, Advanced HCM Controls, Strategic Workforce Planning, and a lot more to effectively manage a global workforce. Oracle provides HR managers with exciting features like a voice-enabled interface and workforce modeling predictions to help get the best out of their employees.

Oracle HCM supports extensive customization of the cloud-based service allowing users to configure workflows to meet their unique requirements. Oracle’s Advanced HCM Controls module is powered by an AI-driven security and monitoring architecture that mitigates risks to protect your HR data.

3. Breezy

Breezy is an HR software tailored to meet the hiring needs of employers in real-time. It helps HR managers streamline the process of hiring qualified candidates by providing them with end-to-end recruiting software that ensures you only hire the best candidates.

The software is suitable for companies of all sizes, helping them optimize their hiring procedure with just a couple of clicks. Breezy helps companies make sustainable and informational hiring decisions by providing a drag-and-drop candidate management dashboard, Email Messaging and Scheduling feature that facilitates honest, quality conversations with candidates, and many more. 

You can advertise your job openings on over 50 popular job boards to attract the best candidates with just a single click. Breezy offers users a flexible pricing plan split into three categories; Startup, Growth, and Business. They do offer a 14-day free trial that surprisingly requires no CC.

4. Monday.com

Monday.com is a very popular software provider that offers tons of premium solutions to companies ranging from software development, CRM, Human resources, IT, Inventory Management, and a lot more. For now, the service we’re considering is Monday.com’s HR management software.

Monday.com provides companies with the best employee experience. The software can help HR teams manage their onboarding, employee well-being, recruitment pipeline, and learning process. The solution is trusted by popular companies like Hulu, Canva, NHL, Coca-Cola, and many more. 

This HR software provides HR managers with an intuitive dashboard that provides them with a comprehensive overview of the performance of new hires and existing employees. Also, it provides them with a frequently updated list of top talent for potential employment. 

5. TriNet

TriNet is another cloud-based HR management software suitable for small and medium-sized businesses. The service helps maintain the motivation of employees by providing HR teams leadership training, expert compensation guidance, employee support, and a talent management portal to ease the hiring and recruiting procedure of the company.

TriNet allows HR teams to focus on human-related issues in a company by seamlessly tackling time-consuming administrative tasks like tax and payroll management, talent acquisition and retention, and actionable steps towards risk and security management. 

The software provides companies with an integration center that integrates seamlessly with third-party services. Being a cloud-based software, TriNet can be accessed easily on any device.

6. Workday HCM

Workday is a human capital management software that aims to do more than an average HR software. This tool goes beyond basic employee tracking and management by providing HR teams with a complete understanding of their workforce, strengths, and capabilities. HR teams are provided with a more efficient way to manage their organizations to promote growth.

Workday has so many useful features ranging from global workforce management, prompt compensation management, comprehensive staff management, and flexible organizational structures and modeling. 

The platform also provides HR teams with an easy-to-use talent management portal to help discover and develop talent. 

7. Freshteam 

Freshteam is an HR software trusted by over 5000 companies globally. It is a powerful and multi-purpose software that can transform your HR operations into a modern and efficient procedure by significantly reducing tiresome and repetitive tasks.

The platform has tons of essential HR software features like applicant tracking capabilities, paperless onboarding, offboarding, vacation management, and a secure employee management portal. 

Freshteam also provides users with a mobile app that allows HR teams to access the platform anytime. The pricing plan is quite simple; the subscription models are divided into four; a free plan, Growth, Pro, and Enterprise plans. 

8. Deel

Deel is an HR software designed primarily to help HR teams automate their workflow. The service is trusted by thousands of popular companies like dropbox, Shopify, Coinbase, LG, and many more. The tool is equipped with all the necessary features you need to hire, pay and manage your workforce. 

HR teams can hire talents locally and internationally in a matter of minutes; the software can also help hire contract workers by instantly generating a custom contract agreement compliant with local laws. Once the contractor signs and accepts the offer, they are instantly onboarded.

Deel also helps companies streamline their payment procedure by automating tedious payment processes like tax calculations, bonuses, etc. With Deel, companies can process payment to any country in the world in the contractor’s preferred currency.

9. Conrep

Conrep HR management software provides companies with well-designed modules to help manage their workforce. It simplifies HR teams’ day-to-day operations like administration, communication, reports, analytics, etc.

Some outstanding features of Conrep include health insurance modules, a self-service employment portal, notes and documentation, employee management, vacation and leave management, and many more features.

Each essential HR procedure is broken down into individual modules that integrate companies with an all-in-one solution to manage their workforce effectively. Conrep sets its pricing at $40 per month per user. However, this pricing model can easily be customized to suit your business.

10. ADP Workforce Now

ADP Workforce Now is an all-in-one HCM tool that simplifies the process of managing a company’s workforce. It is a cloud-based service suitable for handling employee payment, onboarding and offboarding, talent discovery, leave time, and more.

ADP’s dashboard is intuitive and user-friendly and supports extensive customization to increase employees’ productivity. It integrates seamlessly with any of your underlying management software to help optimize your payroll procedure and your report process, all in a single database.

In addition to ADP’s robust database, they also provide users with a mobile app that offers the same features as the web-based model.  


Managing your employee base has never been more accessible with HR software. HR teams can easily streamline their workflow, allowing them to focus on other essential tasks. HR management software is not perfect; it has many limitations that can sometimes hinder business activities. Overall, they’ll do you more good than harm.

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