List of websites that passes core web vitals

Are you struggling to optimize for Core Web Vitals? Here is a list of top websites from different categories that have smashed CWV to inspire you.

The quest to pass the Google Core Web vitals is a tough one. Most especially if you run an eCommerce website or a website that depends on Google AdSense to make income. 

A simple website, may not need a lot of twerking to be alright. But an eCommerce website is very tricky. Also, websites that depend on AdSense and similar Ad networks have a part of their destiny in the hands of third-party Scripts.

If you are struggling to pass Core Web Vitals, we have dig deep to bring to you a list of websites that have passed the Google Core Web vitals. We are hoping that you can look at these websites and find inspiration. Check out what they are doing right and implement it on your platforms.

How we got here

We made use of Google PageSpeed insights to test a long list of websites. We selected top websites by categories and some were randomly selected.

The metric we used for determining if a site has passed Core Web Vitals is the origin summary in the Google PageSpeed Insights result.

Please note that when checking if a site has passed core web vitals, the most important section on PageSpeed Insight is the Origin summary. 

Why Origin summary?

The Lab data is just a simulation from a specific location to guide a webmaster. It means nothing more than that

The Field data shows real-world results but for a specific page. So if a website has 500 pages and you test just the home page, the field data will only show you if the home page passes or fails the real-world core web vitals. It does not tell you about the other 499 pages.

But the Origin summary takes into account the whole website, not just a single page. If a site passes the origin summary, that means 75% of the URLs (pages, posts, custom post types, and so on) have passed the real-world core web vitals. This is the same metric you see inside Google Search Console.

So, when judging a site’s Core Web Vitals performance, Origin summary is our foundation metric. Because that signifies that 75% of all URLs are good. 

Things to note

  • Since the focus on this list is Origin summary, so websites are not listed based on how their homepage performed. It is a summary of all their pages including posts, pages, support pages, knowledgebase, and so on. The 75% of everything.

    For example, some website’s homepage field data may be red, but the origin summary is green. That means they pass the test because it is not just about the home page but everything from the site.
  • Mobile is the foundation. Some websites we have listed below may pass on mobile and fail on desktop. We will not list websites that pass on desktop and fail on mobile. Because Google is currently only using the mobile results as part of page experience update. Mobile is everything.
  • We only list websites with data visible on Google PageSpeed insight.
  • The list below is just some of the sites that passed.

What we found out

  • From what we observe, the big brands seem to put more effort into optimizing their mobile than desktop
  • Most Google AdSense powered websites that pass core web vitals are using AMP
  • From our analysis, we find that Google Cloud and Amazon Cloud hosts most of the websites we analyzed that passed.
  • Most of the eCommerce websites that pass Core Web Vitals in our analysis are using Shopify
  • Most websites have terrible lab data but still pass core web vitals
  • We analyzed the most popular web hosting companies, only Templ, ServBolt and Closte passes core web vitals. The reason is probably, most of them don’t care about CWV, they depend more on marketing. But it is good to see those that practice what they market.
  • Over 75% of sites, we analyzed fail Core Web Vitals
  • We also find that Cloudflare and Fastly are the CDN powering most of the websites that we analyzed that passed.
  • My biggest shock was that,, and, three of the biggest optimization websites failed real-world core web vitals. WOW. Maybe they don’t really rate CWV?
  • Interestingly, passes core web vitals origin summary but the homepage fails the same Core Web Vitals. Guess what? They are using Elementor page builder for the homepage.
  • Google’s official blog, fails CWV
  • We analyzed the most popular WordPress page builders websites, no official website of any WordPress page builder analyzed passed core web vitals
  • We analyzed the most popular WordPress themes websites, no WordPress theme official website analyzed passed.
  • We analyzed websites of the most popular CDNs, no CDN website analyzed passed the test
  • Among the WordPress caching plugins website we analyzed, only WP Rocket and FlyingPress passed.
  • SEO Powerhouses like Moz, SemRush, Ahref, Neil Patel fail core web vitals but Backlinko passed. Maybe they don’t care about CWV?

List of websites that passes core web vitals

Find below a list of AdSense, eCommerce, photography, affiliate, and business websites that passes Core Web Vitals.

WebsiteTypeMobileDesktop AdSense, affiliatePassPass
searchenginejournal.comAdSense, affiliatePassPass
dev.toCommunity, social networkPassPass
TemplWordPress Hosting companyPassPass
howtogeek.comAdSense, affiliatePassFail
ServeboltHosting companyPassPass
creativebloq.comPhotography, AdSensePassPass
digitalcameraworld.comPhotography, AdSensePassPass
closte.comWeb hostingPassPass
wp-rocket.mePremium plugin salePassPass
flying-press.comPremium plugin salePassPass
hongkongfp.comNews, AdSensePassFail
arstechnica.comNews, AdSensePassPass
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