10 Best Call Blocker Apps for Android & iOS in 2024

Are you sick and tired of receiving fake and unwanted calls from various services? This article highlights the ten best call blocker apps for Android and iOS.

Long before mobile gadgets were developed, folks who wished to communicate would write a heartfelt letter and send it to the post office before it’s delivered. This process was tedious and was not suitable for emergencies. Presently, technological innovations like smartphones and mobile computers have taken communication to a whole new level.

Now, anyone can communicate to anyone virtually anywhere in the world. Mobile phones give us the privilege to contact our friends, families, and co-workers any time we want. But as with all good things, abuse is inevitable. Due to the vast amount of priceless data available to large companies, they can use this data to spam or contact the customer about their latest offers. 

I can’t recount how many times I’ve expected important calls, and then one of those automated spam calls hits my phone; trust me, it’s truly frustrating. That’s why this same technology is here to help. 

Call blocker apps have been growing in popularity over the last couple of years. These apps allow us to block specific numbers and track the frequency of the calls and tell us how often these numbers are blocked. Owning a mobile phone is gradually becoming compulsory, but such spam calls take the fun out of it.

In this article, we provide you with a list of the ten best call blocker apps you can use on your Android or iOS smartphones. Let’s jump in.

Best Call Blocker Apps

1. Truecaller

Truecaller is one of the most widely used free call blocker apps globally, with over 100 million downloads in the App store. The app doesn’t just function as a call blocker app; Truecaller also functions as a caller ID app that helps you identify unknown numbers, call and chat with friends. With the number of features Truecaller offers, you may wonder why this service is still free.

This app is very efficient in blocking spam calls as it filters every call coming into your device and automatically deters the unwanted callers and even though a spam call gets through, Truecaller features a reverse lookup feature that allows you to search the app’s database to find out the true identity of the caller. 

Truecaller might be free to download, but they still offer a premium plan featuring more outstanding features like removal of ads, ability to know how many people looked up your profile, 30 requests per month, and many more features. Truecaller is available for download on Android and iOS devices. 

2. RoboKiller

RoboKiller eliminates spam calls with 99% sniper accuracy. With RoboKiller, you don’t have to designate numbers to be blocklisted manually; the app takes care of everything from blocking spam calls to adding those numbers to your blocked list. 

This app responds to spam and scam callers hilariously. Once RoboKiller detects a caller as spam, it automatically answers the call. Instead of directing the call to you, the answer bot plays a pre-recorded message that instantly puts off that telemarketer that’s trying to sell you a deal.

This app can protect you from spoofed calls and messages. However, if you’re expecting a call from an unknown number like a job interviewer, it’s recommended you temporarily turn off the call blocking feature, so you don’t miss the call. RoboKiller is free to download, but you’d be required to pay a subscription fee to use the service.

3. REKK Call Blocker

REKK is a relatively new call blocker app, but it has immediately won the hearts of iPhone and Android users. It is a compelling app that functions a lot like RoboKiller by immediately blocking unwanted callers. REKK stands out because the spam database is constantly updated, making it the perfect tool to identify both old and recent scams.

Another outstanding feature of this call blocker app is that it allows users to automatically block messages containing specific keywords like special offers, sale, buy now, etc. This feature can be incredibly helpful during those marathon black Fridays that always choke up your inbox.

Even if you missed a call from an unknown number, REKK’s reverse lookup feature allows you to search its database to find out the caller’s identity. The app works on iOS and Android devices.

4. Nomorobo

Nomorobo is another multi-platform call blocker app that helps block annoying telemarketers, scammers, and robocalls from reaching you. It’s one of the best call blockers for Android and iOS, and according to Nomorobo, they’ve helped users stop over 1.5 billion robocalls since it was launched in 2013.

This app is intelligent enough to block spoofed robocalls disguised to look like they’re coming from a neighbor or friend. Nomorobo’s user interface is pretty intuitive and easy to set up and update. Nomorobo is also great at blocking spam texts.

When you’re receiving a call, Nomorobo allows it to ring for about a second; if it detects it as spam, it automatically blocks the number, but if your phone continues ringing, you should probably answer it. 

5. Hiya

Hiya is a multipurpose call blocker app supported on iOS and Android devices. This app doesn’t just block spoofed calls; Hiya helps in fraud detection, phone number lookup, and blocking spam calls for good. The spam blocker feature is hassle-free as the app takes care of everything from detecting to blocklisting the spam caller.

Hiya’s global database allows users to know the identities of spam callers in their workplace, and it also tells you if they make such annoying calls to other Hiya users. The app is excellent, but it’s not free; Hiya offers users monthly and yearly subscription plans.

6. Robo Shield Spam Call Blocker

Robo Shield is another excellent spam call blocker developed by Pango for stopping spam calls and messages. Voted the most innovative security company by the Fast company, Pango’s mobile products have built up a reputation for developing secure applications. This has attracted millions of customers to the platform.

Robo Shield comes with many exciting features like custom call blocking, scam protection and identification, reverse number lookup, and more. Its database is updated almost every 6 minutes, providing users with the most up-to-date information on spam calls. 

Pango takes privacy very seriously as the company has reassured users that their data will never be shared or sold to data mining companies. 

7. AT&T Call Protect

This is a very decent call blocking app from a very famous network provider- AT&T. AT&T Call Protect provides users with round-the-clock call blocking capabilities and a spam detection feature that deters the call before it rings and sends unknown callers to voicemails and warns you against telemarketers, and scammers. 

This app wasn’t designed primarily as a call blocker app; instead, it is a community of people helping each other get rid of spam numbers by reporting each number once detected. AT&T Call Protect is a premium app supported on iOS and Android devices.

8. Mr. Number

Mr. Number is one of the most reliable call blocker apps that offer users a constantly updated database of predetermined unwanted or spam callers. The app filters these spam numbers, and the details of such numbers are revealed later. Once the app identifies a number as spam, it reports it to all other users. It is available for Android and iOS.

The app presents users with an easy-to-use dealer that simplifies blocking unwanted calls and can help users identify and stop scams or fraud. Mr. Number helps you stop telemarketers from wasting your time by allowing you to block calls from one person, an area code, or an entire country. 

9. Call Control Home

Here we are thinking spam calls are only targeted at mobile devices, but you might not know that landlines can also be targeted. Not to worry, Call Control Home is here to help. If you have a working landline in your home, Call Control home is the ideal option for you as it helps protect both your smartphone and your landlines from spoofed calls.

Setting up Call Control Home on a landline is pretty easy; all you have to do is plug the Call Control Home device into your landline and set it up with your mobile phone. This app is also multi-platform to pair the device to an iOS and an Android device.

10. Should I Answer?

Should I Answer isn’t a typical call blocker app. Unlike all the other blocker apps on our list, Should I Answer believes the best protection against spam calls is a community of shared user experience. With this app, users describe bad experiences they’ve previously had with bad numbers on Should I Answer official website.

This platform also hosts an extensive database of malicious numbers to help prevent further disturbance on anyone’s side. This service is free; however, the app and website are constantly flooded with ads to help keep the service afloat.


Call blockers are essential to anyone who wants to prevent unwanted calls and marketing campaigns from unknown people. If you’re considering installing a call blocker, pick one out of these ten services, they’ll help you stay protected while using your mobile phone.

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