10 Best websites and courses to learn JavaScript online free in 2024

Looking for the top 10 websites to learn JavaScript for free online? Check out our list below for the best guidance.

JavaScript is the most used scripting language in the world, so learning it is necessary if you want to become a competent web developer.

Many popular frameworks such as jQuery, Node.js, and Reactjs are all built on JavaScript, but you need to know the original language if you want to make the best of them.

The following list presents you with some of the best locations on the web where you will get a decent introduction and guidance on the language.

Top JavaScript Websites and Courses

2. CodeacademyCourses
3.Mozilla Developer NetworkTutorials
5.Free JavaScript on UdemyCourses
6.Modern JavaScript TutorialTutorial
7.Speaking JavaScriptBook
8.Learn JavaScriptWebsite
9.Eloquent JavaScriptBook

1. W3Schools

This is a unique learning environment that takes a clean and detailed approach to teach JavaScript and other online technologies. It helps you to learn by doing.

W3Schools is popular for its simple and easy to use layout. This makes it a valuable resource for new programmers who need to keep an eye on the language’s documentation for error correction.

You should note, however, that this site might not be ideal if you want a step-by-step tutorial, with an introduction and all the other features of a traditional online course. After you get the hang of JavaScript though, you’ll appreciate W3Schools.

2. Codeacademy

Codeacademy is one of the best online resources to learn computer programming because of its unique interactive learning system, and this makes it easier for many to learn.

You’ll find many JavaScript-centric courses here and they include beginner and advanced topics, as well as both free and paid courses. Just browse through the list and make your choice.

Another reason to join Codeacademy is the wide range of languages and topics you can learn on the platform. They include web design, data science, mobile development, games, and so much more.

3. Mozilla Developer Network

Mozilla is the organization behind the free and open-source Firefox browser. Firefox is also popular for its adoption and development of JavaScript since its early days.

This Mozilla developer network section is dedicated to everything JavaScript, including technical references, tutorials, and helpful links for those who need more info.

Its JavaScript tutorial is divided into 3 sections for beginners, intermediates, and an advanced section. It’s a very detailed layout that covers every aspect of the language and includes code samples for easier understanding.

The only issue some may find with it is the lack of interactive learning features that some other courses offer. But if you’re the type that loves to read and to get straight to the point, then you need to check out the Mozilla Developer Network.

4. Coursera

Founded by two Stanford professors, Coursera is another impressive online platform for interactive learning. It offers a wide range of courses on different subjects and programming languages, and you also get a shareable certificate when you’re done.

Another good thing about Coursera is the availability of material from professors of renowned universities from around the world. This helps you rest assured, knowing you’re learning from the best.

You’ll also find free courses here that not only focus on JavaScript, but also integrate other related web-design languages and technologies, such as PHP, MySQL, and JSON. A perfect example is this free package.

5. Free JavaScript on Udemy

Udemy is probably the world’s largest online learning platform when it comes to the sheer amount of courses it offers. However, nearly everyone can offer a course on Udemy and this raises questions of quality. But you can easily find the top offers using the site’s rating system.

Unlike most of the other sites on this list though, you can learn practically anything on Udemy. This includes singing, pet care, game design, yoga, and of course, web development.

Udemy’s range of JavaScript courses is impressive. Plus, there are lots of free ones too, such as the “Basic Coding in JavaScript” course by Zach Freedman. It is an impressive 57.5 hours long, with 273 lectures.

6. The Modern JavaScript Tutorial

The Modern JavaScript Tutorial is an impressive website with an impressive layout. It offers you a 3-part tutorial that’s both well-thought-out and very detailed at the same time.

This site might appear simple, but the attention to detail and the clean layout, as well as the carefully chosen navigation and code highlighting, give away the perfectionism of the author, Ilya Kantor.

There are no videos or interactive assignments whatsoever. But if you prefer the old way of learning to code, (which is to read), then you might love this site. He also offers a book version but at a cost.

7. Speaking JavaScript

If you’re the type that loves precise and crystal clear information, that kind of information you can get from an O’Reilly book, then check out this book by Dr. Axel Rauschmayer. It’s the free online version, although you’re also welcome to buy its print version.

This book is surgical in its approach, as it drills down to each topic and presents what you need to understand with no frills. There are 33 chapters in total and they cover everything from the basics to regex, functions, arrays, and expert tips and tools.

Those looking for a fun way to learn JavaScript won’t find it here. But if you desire to learn everything there is to know about the JavaScript language, then you might find it interesting.

8. Learn JavaScript

If you yearn for a fun and refreshing way to learn JavaScript online, then enter Jad Joubran, a JavaScript expert and award-winning consultant. He took a rather serious topic and added a touch of freshness and fun to it.

His online app takes you through the JavaScript discovery journey in a whole new way, and he even incorporates flashcards and the ability to write and test your code.

9. Eloquent JavaScript

Available in its 3rd edition, Eloquent JavaScript is another book that’s both available as a free online version and in a paperback copy. It’s written by Marijn Haverbeke and presented in three parts.

Part 1 covers the language basics, including the operators, types, functions, data structures, and bugs. Part 2 covers the language and the browser, with event handling, game programming, HTTP, and forms.

Part 3 begins from chapter 20 and covers Node.js, the full-stack JavaScript framework. This part also includes a project to help test and hone your programming skills.

10. Tuts+

The Tuts+ website hosts a massive collection of tutorials, ranging in topics from computer skills to business, game development, 3D design, and coding.

By searching specifically for JavaScript, you’ll discover lots of tutorials that teach you unique and amazing stuff you can do with this language. They are usually advanced topics though, so it’s necessary that you first learn the basics before using Tuts+.


We’ve come to the end of our top 10 websites to learn JavaScript online for free and you’ve seen the different offers out there, from the interactive courses to detailed tutorials and books.

We all have different preferences when it comes to learning, however. So, the best resource here will depend on the medium and delivery that best suits you.

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