10 Best Facility Management Software in 2024

Managing facilities can be very time-consuming and usually attract lots of errors, no matter how small or large. This article highlights the ten best facility management software to help streamline your facility’s workflow.

Businesses, small and large alike, all have some form of the facility used that houses their day-to-day operations. Whether you run a construction company, a factory, an educational building, or a corporate office, you are bound to encounter occasional problems with your organization’s management and maintenance.

Facilities that don’t utilize management software often suffer from problems like lack of real-time data facility management operations, unplanned budget expenses, unplanned periodic maintenance, and even threat to life and property. This is because managing a facility is a tedious task that is prone to a lot of human errors.

However, the best facility management software can help you eliminate all of those risks and unforeseen circumstances. This software can help you reduce costs stemming from budget expenses, improve the safety of your workplace, plan a flexible and sustainable maintenance schedule, and many more.

If you’re stuck between choices of facility management software, this article highlights the ten best facility management software to help streamline your facility’s workflow.

Best Facility Management Software

Here are the best facility management software:

1. HippoCMMS

HippoCMMS is a simple and powerful cloud-based maintenance management solution that provides businesses with a wide array of features that can be implemented in several industries. This software can manage work orders, schedules and also track preventive maintenance and inventory on the go.

Hippo is trusted by popular businesses like Rolls Royce, Emerson, Science Peak, among others, because the software is very easy-to-use and has a shallow learning curve. With this software, users can generate, assign and track work orders. Inventory management is a breeze as Hippo provides businesses with auto-generated reports to improve transparency and accountability.

The platform supports end-to-end data tracking capabilities integrated into a maintenance program to avoid unnecessary costs stemming from repairs and broken equipment. The team at Hippo provides businesses with extensive customer support; users are provided with a complete onboarding and training process followed by swift responsive support. 

HippoCMMS can be applied to a wide variety of property management industries manufacturing, food and beverage, health care, hotel and resort, retails, restaurants, and a lot more. 

2. TOPdesk

TOPdesk is cloud-based facility management software designed to help small and midsize businesses grow their facilities. It tackles all the required facility management tasks like tracking, maintenance, and room reservation. 

Some notable features of TOPdesk include call management to register incoming tickets and either resolve them or forward them to your suppliers, reservation management, supplier management to safeguard the quality of your deliveries, asset management, coordinated preventive maintenance to manage, schedule, and budget your maintenance work.

Users can easily keep tabs on their assets’ location, owner, and repair status all from their activity dashboard. Its asset management feature also provides users with a complete overview of their in-house assets and asset description.

TOPdesk’s reservation module displays real-time information on available rooms, room setup, and a room planner that allows users to accept or reject room reservations. 

3. FMS: Workplace

FMS: Workplace is a digital workplace solution that provides businesses with actionable insights to optimize every aspect of their property. The software is suitable for mainly real estate management as it helps real estate teams identify, plan, and deliver the ideal workplace for every employee.

FMS integrates the cloud with IoT-connected devices to facilitate a smooth, healthy, and productive working environment. This integrated suite of applications helps improve management space, occupancy, assets, employee experience, renovations, smart buildings, maintenance, and a lot more.

The platform has helped over 1500 popular organizations like Allianz, the University of Delaware, Boston University, and many more in over 80 countries empower and facilitate their real estate teams to improve customer service, reduce costs and increase productivity. 

4. PlanRadar

PlanRadar is an award-winning digital B2B platform for documentation, task management, and communication in construction, facility management, and real estate projects. The platform enables teams to increase quality, cut costs, and complete work faster. 

By improving collaboration and providing access to real-time data, PlanRadar’s easy-to-use platform adds value to every person involved in a building’s lifecycle, with flexible capabilities for all company sizes and processes. Today, PlanRadar serves more than 120,000 users across 65 + countries.

5. Upkeep

UpKeep is an advanced facility management software that provides maintenance and reliability teams with the tools they need to tackle their day-to-day operations. The software is easily accessible, allowing users to utilize the service from a desktop, tablet, or mobile device. 

UpKeep is very easy-to-use and also provides users with a mobile application that sends out automated alerts when new tasks are completed. Users can also generate work orders on the go through its centralized command and control center. The platform also provides users with an UpKeep edge advanced IoT that monitors and assesses their performance in real-time.

Users are also offered core maintenance functionality like an asset, inventory, and work order management complemented by an easy-to-use preventive maintenance service to create flexible schedules.

On UpKeep’s mobile app, users can create projects, assign work orders, and manage their assets.

6. Visual Lease

Visual Lease isn’t a traditional facility management software as this platform specializes more in the accounting aspects of property management. The platform is designed to facilitate any lease management organization.

The software helps lease portfolios simplify all financial-related activities by providing you with robust features like portfolio administration, lease accounting, localization, activity dashboards, accurate report, and analytics. Visual Lease also provides companies with a detailed audit trail to help improve transparency and accountability. 

It integrates with several Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP) software to ensure that your organization gets the best possible management services to streamline your workflow. 

7. FMX

FMX is a facility management software that helps businesses streamline their workflow, increase productivity and transform actionable insights into real-world results. The service offers customizable maintenance and facilities management capabilities to provide your team with all the necessary information to conduct their daily operations.

FMX can help businesses reduce workload, identify and organize preventive maintenance tasks and provide you with a visual overview of your equipment and assets in a single platform. The software can also help in plucking budget leakages as the software quickly identifies under-performing areas that are eating up cash unnecessarily.

Several industries like manufacturing, schools, zoos, restaurants, religious organizations can utilize FMX to manage their property. The platform is an efficient and affordable way to go completely paperless when managing your facility. 

Some notable features of FMX include work order management, preventive maintenance, real-time inventory tracking, up-to-date report and analytics, and many more. 

8. ServiceChannel

ServiceChannel is a cloud-based facility management software providing businesses with all the necessary features needed to manage their facilities, such as tracking work orders, locating contractors and suppliers, processing payments, and a lot more.

Some notable features of ServiceChannel include vendor management, service request portal, up-to-date facility document storage, maintenance planning, and a host of other features. ServiceChannel’s maintenance planning feature allows work orders to be prioritized according to predefined factors to streamline workflow by attending to tasks in order of their relative importance. 

The software ensures optimum performance in all locations and branches of your company. It also ensures that businesses take proactive measures when managing their facilities to “prevent fires” instead of putting them out. 

9. Skedda Bookings

Skedda is an online booking and reservation software that helps businesses streamline the management of their space or facilities. The platform is suitable for rooms, studios, desks, labs, courts, and more.

Users are offered a lot of customization capabilities and a mobile-friendly dashboard allowing users to manage their spaces. Skedda is also an official partner of Stripe, thereby ensuring optimum data security when customers make online payments for bookings.

Popular organizations like Mercedes Benz, Harvard University, and Calvin Klien utilize Skedda to manage their meeting rooms, venues, coworking spaces, and many other reservable spaces. Skedda can help businesses unravel their space management problems by digitizing their entire booking process. 

10 Prodsmart

Prodsmart is an excellent facility management software that digitizes and automates your workflow to ensure that you focus on what’s important. The software helps small and midsize businesses migrate their entire workflow to an entirely digitized cloud-based environment.

The software provides users with the necessary data to plan, assign, track, manage and analyze manufacturing procedures. From Prodsmart’s dashboard, users can track and analyze all aspects of their daily operations like orders, maintenance, workers, cost, etc., to ensure that businesses understand their workspace, optimize their operations, and adapt to changes quickly.

PRodsmart can also tackle scheduling events ranging from orders to raw materials to workers and their machines; users can effectively schedule their operations to meet production deadlines. Users can also manage their inventory in real-time as Prodsmart tracks raw materials with a lot of traceability from batch to finish, manage warehouse space, track how materials are consumed, and a lot more.

11. OfficeSpace

OfficeSpace is yet another cloud-based facility management solution that helps businesses allocate their available workspace. In a single platform, users are provided with all the tools and insights needed to create an optimized workspace for their employees.

The software can be applied to various industries like banking and finance, government agencies, health care, real estate, telecommunications, and many more. OfficeSpace provides users with features spanning various categories like booking and reservation, administrative tasks, employee communication, etc.

OfficeSpace’s booking feature allows users to create flexible booking strategies that function on any device, making it easy for employees to find, book, and check in at desks. The software also facilitates employee communication through its visual directory module, allowing users to locate their co-workers and contact information quickly.

This platform also streamlines the movement process of companies by eradicating the stress and complexity associated with move management. Users are provided with smart tools to help monitor people and moves and automate your move communication.


Managing facilities is a very time-consuming task. Without the appropriate software solutions, you’ll find your employees wasting valuable time on tasks that management software can easily automate.

We’ve listed ten of the best facility management software on the market. Each tool is fantastic, but you must implement software that handles your company’s specific needs. Feel free to try out any of these solutions; you might not even require cash to start at first, as most offer limited free trials.

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