10 Best Giveaway Tools in 2024

Considering a give-away campaign but not sure which app to use and why? Here is a look at the best giveaway apps on the web.

Giveaway apps make it easy to run online freebie campaigns and different companies use them for different reasons. From social media influencers to makeup advertisers, giveaways are a powerful means of reaching new clients.

People love free stuff. And that is the reason marketers use them to generate more leads, drive traffic, and increase brand awareness. However, setting up a give-away campaign from scratch can be tasking, especially if it is your first time.

Give-away apps make the job easier by providing most of the tools you need to get going and keep organized. They will often include templates, data tracking, design customizations, form builders, and so on.

This post looks at the 10 best give-away apps on the web. And shows you what you can do with them and how they can help your campaign and business.

Best Giveaway Apps & Sites

NameBest ForPriceWebsite
2.WooriseIntegrations, unlimited campaignsFreemiumwoorise.com
3.RafflepressWordPress$39 per monthrafflepress.com
4.KingSumoWordPress, simplicity$198 lifetimekingsumo.com
5.RafflecopterEasy to use, unlimitedFreemiumrafflecopter.com
6.GleamHosted solution, separate pricing$10 per monthgleam.io
7.AgoraPulseFull social media managementFreemiumagorapulse.com
8.ShortStackFully hosted solution$99 per monthshortstack.com
9.SweepWidget30+ networks, 103 languagesFreemiumsweepwidget.com
10.OutgrowInteractive content$14 per monthoutgrow.co

1. Woobox

Highlights: Best overall, extensive features

Pricing: Freemium

Website: woobox.com

The Woobox offer comes with everything you need for effective online marketing. It lets you create giveaways, polls, forms, coupons, personality quizzes, photo contests, and instant win campaigns.

Woobox also lets you promote anywhere. And you can add age, geography, and CAPTCHA requirements. You can also customize the templates to your liking. As well as monitor metrics, special actions, and so on.

You can run Woobox campaigns on either your website or the most popular social media – Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram.

There is also the winner picker, which lets you select any content and click a simple button to select a winner. Features include automatic winner selection from comments and likes or retweets, multiple winners, automatic winner information collection, and list export.

Woobox is available in a freemium model. There is a free plan to check out the system, but it is limited to 100 participants per month. For $37 per month though, you can increase that to 1,000 participants.

There is also a Standard plan for $32 per month with unlimited participants. But the catch here is that it gets billed annually. The Advance and Power plans are for larger organizations.

2. Woorise

Highlights: Lots of features, integrations, unlimited campaigns

Pricing: Freemium

Website: woorise.com

Woorise is very popular because of the many features it comes with. It makes it easy to create contests and give-away landing pages that are engaging and bring results.

It features unlimited campaigns, pre-made layouts with an easy designer, random winner selection, conditional actions, fraud detection, analytics, integration with the most popular services, and lots more.

The service is available in four plans; free, Basic for $23 per month, Grow for $39 per month, and Pro for $79 per month. You get up to 500 free entries per month with the free plan, while the Basic increases it to 2,000 and removes the Woorise branding.

The Grow plan includes polls, quizzes, and surveys. And it lets you accept online payments as well. The Pro plan supports custom domains.

3. Rafflepress

Highlights: WordPress giveaways, drag & drop builder, tracking

Pricing: From $39 per month

Website: rafflepress.com

This tool is for WordPress website owners. It lets you create giveaways, contests, and rewards with an easy-to-use drag and drop builder.

It also comes with templates that are proven to go viral and are mobile-friendly. There is a 1-click entry with fraud protection, social media integrations, tracking, re-targeting, a distraction-free landing page, and viral sharing features.

The Rafflepress plugin integrates beautifully into your WordPress backend and makes it easy to create and launch a campaign in just minutes.

Pricing is a little different here, as there is no free trial. The plugin comes with a 14-day 100% money-back guarantee though. A single-site license costs $39 per year, while a 3-site license costs $79 per year, and then there is the lifetime license for a $359 one-time payment.

4. KingSumo

Highlights: WordPress, simplicity

Pricing: $198 lifetime-license

Website: kingsumo.com

KingSumo is another great plugin for WordPress sites. It lets you set up giveaways easily with a visual editor and have a campaign running in just minutes.

You can share any type of product with it. From physical to virtual goods like eBooks, PDFs, or any other unique product you have.

The interface is simple and easy to use. While the system encourages users to share the giveaway for higher chances to win the draw, thereby making your offer go more viral.

With KingSumo though, there is no free plan and no monthly subscriptions. You can either get the $198 lifetime license for single sites or the $594 license for unlimited sites.

5. Rafflecopter

Highlights: Easiest giveaway system, unlimited

Pricing: Freemium

Website: rafflecopter.com

With over 500K campaigns run since 2011, Rafflecopter remains one of the most popular give-away apps on the Internet because of its simplicity and ease of use.

You can manage giveaways of any size with it; from small to large, and on as many websites as you like. Just answer a few basic questions like timeframe, prizes, and options, and your campaign is live.

Rafflecopter is available in four plans, from free to Premium at $84 per month. The free plan includes unlimited giveaways and unlimited entries. As well as instant random winners and a mobile-first design. The higher plans feature more customization and integration options.

6. Gleam

Highlights: Hosted solution, segregated pricing

Pricing: From $10 per month

Website: gleam.io

Gleam is a hosted campaign platform that features four different but combinable apps. They are Competitions, Rewards, Galleries, and Captures.

Competitions offer a prize to win, while Rewards offers a reward for users completing tasks. Captures is for email harvesting while Galleries is for photo-related campaigns.

You can manage these four apps from one dashboard or you can subscribe to individual apps if you do not want them all. Gleam comes with over 100 online integrations with marketing and social apps to help expand your reach.

All the apps are also available in either the Pro, the Business, or the Premium plans. So, the full package Pro plan costs $97 per month for a team of 2. While the Premium full package costs $997 per month for a team size of 10.

The individual Rewards Pro package costs $39 per month, while Competitions costs $10 per month.

7. AgoraPulse

Highlights: Full social media management

Pricing: Freemium

Website: agorapulse.com

Although not exactly a give-away app, Agorapulse can still help a lot with your marketing campaigns. It is a social media management platform with lots of features.

AgoraPulse has a limited contest tool here to help you create your campaign. Else, it is not as good as the other tools on this list for strictly give-away management.

You can use it to manage your brand’s social profile though, and this includes the most popular networks. You can schedule posts, monitor comments, and run ads, among other features.

The free plan gives you access to 3 networks and for 1 user. While the Pro supports 10 social profiles for 2 users at $79 per month. The higher plans come with even more features. But just keep in mind that Agorapulse can only help you with social media campaigns and nothing else.

8. ShortStack

Highlights: Fully hosted and highly available

Pricing: From $99 per month

Website: shortstack.com

From Facebook to Instagram and other contests, ShortStack offers you a fully-hosted solution to guarantee availability and ease of use.

It comes with templates for easy creation. You can embed the form or contest to any page on your site. Run hashtag contests on social media. Distribute unique offer codes, and much more.

ShortStack starts at $99 per month for the Business plan and $249 for the Agency. The Business plan includes 10,000 entries and 50,000 views. While the Agency includes 50,000 entries and 250K views.

Further features include random winner selection, contests, video uploads, refer-a-friend, instant wins, and social media comment contests.

9. SweepWidget

Highlights: 30+ social networks, 103 languages

Pricing: Freemium

Website: sweepwidget.com

Marketers gunning for maximum international reach will do well with SweepWidget. This giveaway app comes with support for 30+ social platforms, 103 languages, coupon rewards, email campaigns, multi-tiered prizes, and more.

The platform makes it easy to create custom fields and overall designs. As well as 19 email API integrations to make your life easier and 90+ entry methods to choose from.

All plans include a free hosted landing page, unlimited campaigns, and entries. In addition to the free Basic plan, the Pro costs $29 per month and comes with more features. While the Business and Premium plans cost $49 and $99 per month respectively.

10. Outgrow

Highlights: Interactive content

Pricing: From $14 per month

Website: outgrow.co

For those times your campaign might require something other than simple give-aways, Outgrow might be the right platform to work with.

It offers a wide range of interactive content. From calculators to chatbots, polls, quizzes, recommendations, and similar stuff.

The goal here is the higher conversion rates, the lower bounce rates, and the higher social share rates. Interactive content provides value to the web visitor and this makes it great.

There is no free plan though. Outgrow starts from $14 per month for 3 content types, 12,000 leads per year, and 1 user. Higher plans cost $25 and upward.


Coming to the end of this list of the Internet’s best give-away apps, you have seen they are quite a few and varied. From those designed for simplicity to the more professional solutions.

Still, there is no single best app here. Because your individual needs will determine what should work best for your company.

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