5 Cool Ways for Technology Startups to Use Digital Signage

If you are going to use your digital signs and your Kit Cast software to create strong and powerful video content for your signs, then you need to think of a few good ways to use your signs.

As a startup, one has to assume you don’t have a massive budget. So, here are a few things you should be doing with your digital signs and their content.

1. Demonstrate Your Products

Why Wouldn’t You? Seriously, if this wasn’t your first instinct when it comes to digital signs, then you have really missed the point. Even if your product is simply new patterns for 3D printers. Why aren’t you showing people the results of your patterns on digital signs?

If you are making games, or not even games if you are making game assets, then why aren’t you showing them on your digital signs? Why aren’t you showing them in the games in which they appear? The world should be in awe of your products, and if you lack the skills required to make your products appear exciting, then hire people who are good at making videos.

If eco-warrior documentaries are able to make slowly moving ice caps appear interesting, then shouldn’t you be able to make your CAD designs look interesting?

2. Show Behind the Scenes

Your YouTube video behind the scenes may not have gathered much interest, but that is because they are out of context. When people are visiting your business or are looking at your booth at a convention, there is some context to your videos.

People are not that interested in how ice cream is made, until they are standing waiting in line for ice cream, at that point, it becomes very interesting. Show your products being made. Show what it is like working for your company. Demonstrate how clients’ ideas go from simple thoughts to actual products. 

3. Explain Your Products

Demonstrating and explaining are two different things. You can demonstrate how an electric toothbrush may rub the dirt off of teeth, but how it works, why it works, and why it beats other toothbrushes are all things you need to explain.

Plus, there are many areas in the technology business and many types of products that need explaining. Your explanation videos will obviously need to match the target viewers.

You need to plan your digital sign content based on what you know about your potential viewer. This will also dictate how you communicate your explanations too.

4. Do a Little Branding

What are your brand principles, and how can you communicate them to the people watching your digital signs? A tricky question indeed, but one that luckily has several answers.

If you are promoting just one selling point, then consider how that ties into your brand. Is your brand all about that selling point?

Or, is your major selling point an indirect result of your brand principles? Or, have you created something great, and your brand principles make dealing with you all the sweeter?

5. Sell Your Products

Perhaps the true meaning behind all the points made in this article is to sell your products. There are plenty of cool ways for technology startups to use digital signage, but in the end, the most valuable is always going to be as a selling tool.

The points mentioned already in this article are all ways you may sell your products, but if you want to cut out the middle ground, then you can start the project with sales and promotions as your only goal.

Selling your product outright with a digital sign is tough, but so is making affiliate videos for your products, and you expect them to work with just as much conviction, so why not your digital signs too?

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