10 Best Hotel Management Software in 2024

If you’re looking for the best hotel management software, this article provides you with a complete list of the best hotel management software available.

Most established hotels play host to hundreds of guests daily. Hotels provide customers with a quick, most times expensive way to check-in and lodge no matter what time of day it is. Often, front-desk hoteliers are saddled with the responsibility of manually updating ledgers, orders, client bookings, reservations, room information, and many more tasks.

However, there is a quick and affordable way to manage all administrative duties in a hotel, and that way is through hotel management software. The best hotel management software easily tackles activities like client reservation, automated check-ins, cancellations, and even payment for reservations.

Hotel management software might not be necessary for small lodges or motels. Still, larger hotels require high-performance management software to help ease the process of customers’ check-in and out, increase profits and help improve the productivity of your staff.

Finding the right hotel management software is crucial to your hotel’s overall efficiency and customer satisfaction. Luckily, there are tons of software that provide you with such services. How do you pick one? 

Features of good Hotel Management Software

The essential features every good hotel management software should have are:

  • Seamless integration with other management software.
  • Tracking and monitoring administrative duties like bookings and reservations.
  • Facilitating guest communication.
  • Ability to ease the check-in and check-out process.

Best Hotel Management Software

Below you’ll find a list of the ten best hotel management software offering all the necessary features you need to optimize your hotel efficiency.

1. eZee FrontDesk

eZee FrontDesk is a multi-purpose hotel management software that handles virtually all hotel management activities. With just a couple of clicks, you can manage all the areas of hospitality management like room reservations, laundry management, front desk billing, check-in, and check-out procedure, housekeeping, and a lot more domains.

The software partitions hotel management into independent categories to ease and smoothen the hotel experience of end-users and management alike. Some other outstanding features of this management software is that it provides a Guest Feedback system, hotel booking engine, and an on-premise hotel management software.’

eZee is perfect for hotels that have between 10 to 500 rooms.

2. Hotelogix

Hotelogix is a fantastic hotel management software that provides next-generation features needed by hotels in over 100 countries worldwide. This software operates in the cloud and provides excellent managerial capabilities by simplifying the process of managing hotels. 

Hotelogix helps hotels simplify bookings and reservations, increases the hotel’s online presence by providing online payment for reservations, automates guest service, and ultimately improves the efficiency of hotels.

The software is designed to cater to hotels in multiple countries as the software can be translated into nine different languages and integrates seamlessly with third-party software like Javago and TripAdvisor.

3. mycloud PMS

Another top-of-the-line hotel management software is mycloud PMS. It is a multi-purpose software that allows hotels to tackle all their management activities in a single platform. The software is very intuitive and is one of the fastest-growing hotel management solutions at the moment.

With mycloud PMS, hoteliers don’t have to struggle to adapt to the learning curve of using a cloud-based solution as the software requires no specific training. Since it is cloud-based, hoteliers can handle work emergencies from home or anywhere in the world.

The software also allows for easy customization that can be tailored to the company’s specific needs.

4. Maestro PMS

Maestro is another excellent hotel management software that offers hotels and resorts the management solutions they need to optimize their business. Hoteliers can utilize Maestro for Front End desk management, hotel reservations, events bookings, and even POS management. 

This software provides solutions to the most critical hotel needs like effective bookings and reservations, 24/7 customer support, payment management, and a lot more. It integrates all the solutions needed for property management into a single tool.

Maestro can be installed locally on Windows-based systems or accessed remotely in the cloud. 

5. Cloudbeds

Cloudbeds is a hotel management software designed to simplify the most complex hotel operations via its robust management suite. The software provides an easy-to-use dashboard and a friendly UI that hotels can use to provide satisfactory services to their customers and also helps them retain their customer base.

Whether booking, reservation, accounting, housekeeping, or finance management, this software can handle these complex hotel tasks in a cost-saving and time-efficient manner. Implementing this tool in your resort or hotel would leave your customers and employees ever grateful to you.

Cloudbeds integrates seamlessly with popular travel websites like TripAdvisor and Expedia to ensure that your customers receive top-notch hospitality services right from the airport.

6. SkyTouch Hotel OS

SkyTouch Hotel OS is a very popular cloud-based hotel management software designed to help hotels maximize their profits while also minimizing their workload. The software is optimized to provide hotels with up-to-date inventory management, real-time booking, and reservations, front desk management, sales management, and even many more. 

SkyTouch being a cloud-based software, can be operated from anywhere and is supported on all devices; mobile, tablet, and desktop. Managing food orders and menus is a no-brainer as SkyTouch provides advanced features that can help the catering department optimize its operations.

7. KWHotel

KWHotel is another multi-platform cloud-based hotel management software that supports the management of hotel activities from any device. It’s one of the most popular hospitality software on the market because of its integration with its CRM software that provides excellent solutions to businesses.

Your front desk staff can take a breather as KWHotel simplifies and smoothens your hotels’ booking and reservations procedure and provides grade-A level customer communication to your guest to satisfy their needs in real-time.

KWHotel offers three pricing plans for hotels. The lowest is the free tier, which is still great for hotels looking to test the waters of management software. It still provides free content upgrades and excellent customer support.

8. roomMaster

roomMaster is one of the most reliable and flexible hotel management software available today. It is used in over 100 countries because of its ease of access and relative affordability. With roomMaster, hoteliers can focus more on the customer or client-side of their business and leave the technological and technical parts to the hotel management software.

roomMaster is a cloud-based service that houses a pretty straightforward dashboard allowing users to interact with professional customer care officers, manages membership and loyalty rewards, and helps improve your hotel scheduling procedure.

Complex hotel tasks like scheduling, restaurant management, payment, and reservation are all automated with roomMaster. 

9. Oracle Hospitality

In terms of secure hotel management, Oracle Hospitality provides users with one of the most secure hotel management software available today. Oracle is a pretty popular name in the software industry, but they recently niched down to the hospitality industry providing hoteliers a secure and efficient way to manage all management activities in a hotel.

The cloud-based software allows your employees to handle their duties effectively without constantly being in front of their desks. Hotel staff can access the platform through their mobile when they’re at home, having lunch, or just taking a break.

Oracle hospitality also provides exciting features that integrate into your catering series to manage your beverage and food maintenance system effectively.

10. Skyware Hospitality Solution

When it comes to hotel management solutions, a few provide excellent features for a very budget-friendly price. However, Skyware Hospitality provides hoteliers with sustainable property management services to help you and your staff improve their work efficiency.

The software provides excellent customer support to hotels to resolve unforeseen errors; its web-reservation feature is commission-free, meaning hotels don’t have to pay extra to get this premium service. 

Skyware can help speed up guests’ check-in and check-out procedures, provide booking and reservation services to your customers in several languages and support multiple credit card gateways to ensure that your customers can always pay for reservations from the comfort of their homes.

The software also provides hoteliers with up-to-date financial records, analysis, and reports.


Managing hotels has never been easier due to the plethora of free and paid management software. If you want to improve the efficiency of your hotel, try one of the tools listed above; within a short time, you’re bound to see the difference.

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