How to make money blogging in 2024

Blogging is very lucrative and profitable. But if you do not know what you are doing, you may find yourself not making anything. Here are verified ways you can make money blogging.

Blogging is an excellent way to make money. But to be successful as a blogger, you need to do the right things. You can only do the right things if you know what to and how to. In this article, you will learn how to make money blogging.

One thing is for sure, blogging is very profitable. People earn a living just writing. There are bloggers who are earning well over $100, 000 every month from blogging. And there are those who are making between $1000 to $10,000 every month. There are also those are not not making anything or just very little from blogging.

To be honest, to make money from blogging is not very easy. It needs you to do the right thing and give it a little time. You may probably not make any money in your first month. In your first year, you may not make over $5000 a month. But if you persist and do the right thing, you will make enough along the way!

How to make money blogging

Follow these steps to make money blogging:

1. Pick a good and profitable niche

The first step to start a lucrative blogging career is to pick the right niche. A niche is an area of focus. What you will be blogging about.

Picking the right niche will lay the foundation for you to make a good income.

How do you pick the right niche?

First, pick a niche you have a good knowledge of or at least, you have the motivation to learn about. Because it is very important that you understand your niche!

The niche should be very profitable. Think about it. Will you be able to sell something in your niche? Will you be able to market products via affiliate marketing in your niche? There are many ways to monetize your blog as listed on this article, before picking a niche, think of which of these ways of monetizing your blog will be useful.

2. Start a blog

Once you have picked a good niche. The next step is starting a blog. This step is very important! Because if you pick the wrong platform, the wrong host and the wrong theme, it will affect your blogging life.

Be sure to pick the right hosting and theme for your blog. There is a guide that can help you. Read how to start a blog and you will set up a good and optimized blog.

3. Write quality contents

Once your blog is ready, the next step is to write quality contents. Please know that quality content is the number one and most important part of blogging.

Ensure that you write original quality contents. You can hire professional writers at cheaper rates from Fiverr if you need help with content.

According to statistics, bloggers who earn more than $50,000 per year pay content writers 3.6 times as much as lower-income bloggers.

4. Drive traffic to your blog

Once you have set up your blog and you have quality contents, your next duty is to drive traffic to your blog!

Traffic is what will give you the money. The more traffic, the better.

To drive traffic, there are many things you can do: SEO optimization, social media optimization, email list and many more.

Learn how to drive traffic by reading “How to drive traffic to your blog.”

5. Collect emails

Email is one of the most important part of monetizing your blog. If you really want to make money from your blog, you should be collecting emails. Email is gold!

With email you can be able to reach your readers with offers and content even when they are not on your blog.

GrowthBadger rate emails as the fourth most important factor for successful bloggers that are making up to $50,000/year ahead of site appearance, design, social media and uniqueness. See statistics below.

Blog statistics
Email subscribers is ranked as 4th most important for successful bloggers

Collecting emails is easy. All you have to do is sign up with a trusted email marketing platform. Then add a form to your blog. Collect emails as users visit. For this purpose, Constant Contact is the most recommended. There are other alternatives such as Mailchimp, Mailerlite and more.

6. Monetize your blog

This is the part that most new bloggers seem to focus on more. But that is wrong. Everything should be well planned out. Follow all the steps. Because if you miss any of the steps above, you likely will not make so much from your blog.

Once you have diligently set up your blog, bring in the traffic and everything above, the next thing is to monetize your blog.

There are many ways that you can monetize your blog and make money from it. Find them below.

1. Use banner Ads

You should make use of banner ads on your blog to make money. This is a very popular way yo make money blogging.

Google AdSense is the number one way monetize your blog with banner ads and make money. They are the biggest in the market. Simply visit their website, apply, you will be given a code to add to your site. Once you are approved, you can start making money by clicks or per impressions.

But Google AdSense can be difficult to get for first time bloggers, if that is the case you might want to look at other alternative until you are able to get Google AdSense approved. PropellerAds is a good alternative that you can use. But Google AdSense is the most recommended. There are others such as Infolinks, pop ads and

Display ads are good for every niche. But in some niches, other monetization options are better.

2. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a very profitable way to monetize your blog. You can make huge money from this method if you are in a suitable niche.

Affiliate marketing is all about referring people to products and getting a commission from it.

This is how it works: You find an amazing product or service that you love and know is good. The sellers of the product or services offers a commission for every referral that makes a purchase. You get a tracking link from them, write contents related to it and include your link. Your readers click on it and make purchases, you make money! You can also place affiliate link with banners.

If your commission for a purchase is $50 and you refer 100 people a month, that is $5000 a month!

You can find products or services to promote through affiliate networks such as Amazon Affiliate, Commission Junction, LinkShare and others.

For some niche, this is the best way to make money blogging

3. Sell online courses

If you have in-depth knowledge on any skills that others may want to learn. You can create an online course and sell it on your blog to your readers. This is an excellent way to make money from your bog.

A good course can make you lots of money. You can also promote your course via social media and other platform.

With a platform like Teachable you can create a course easily.

4. Sell Digital products

You can sell your own products instead of promoting the products of others. Selling your own products has advantage, you keep 100% of your earnings. You are in control.

There are many products that you can sell such as:

  • eBooks
  • Apps
  • Plugins
  • Themes
  • Workshops
  • Tutorials
  • Webinars

Whatever product that you sell, it should be related to what your blog is about.

5. Sponsored posts

You can publish sponsored posts on your blog for money. People or companies pay you to place sponsored contents or advertorial on your blog.

Make sure you have a contact form on your contact us page or an email. You should also make it known that you accept sponsored posts.

6. Sell Membership

You can make money from your blog by selling membership. You can achieve this by creating a VIP access of your site. People pay to access certain content.

For instance, if you have a news blog, you can restrict reading full content to paid members only. Members can pay once a month, weekly or yearly, to subscribe and have access. Big news platforms like New York Times and others make use of this method.

7. Offer freelance service

If you have relevant skills such as writing, graphics, SEO, coding, video editing and much more, you can leverage on your blog and promote your services.

Create a banner and place it on your site advertising yourself. Include “our service sections” and list the things you do.

This way you will use your blog to boost yourself and gain clients.

8. Start an ecommerce business

You can add an online shop to your blog. Just add a shop in your menu. List your items and sell.

There are many ways you can do this. There is a free plugin called WooCommerce that you can use to create your own online shop.

Alternatively, you can use Shopify and have access to a lot more tools and support.

If you do not have products to sell, you may even partner with distributors around the world.

9. Sell private ads

Once you become established, you may occasionally have big brands reaching out to place to place ads on your blog. This will depend on your niche and your follower-ship.

If you think you are big enough and have a lot to offer brands in your niche, you can write to them and inform them of opportunities of private ads on your blog for them to grow their brands.

10. Accept donations

Depending on your niche and what you do, you can put a donate button on your blog for your readers to donate. If you are offering amazing contents, there are people who will be willing to donate to keep your blog running.

Wikipedia for example is run on donations from the public.

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