10 Best business email providers in 2024 (Free & Paid)

Thinking of using a business email provider for your next venture? There are many different offers out there and we present the best here

Having a dedicated email for your business is very important and evident by the amount of business email service providers out there.

Although nothing stops you from using a free email for your business, business emails are best with a dedicated domain name. An example of a free email is [email protected]. An example of a business email is [email protected].

A business email address helps your business look legit and professional, often meaning more sales or business for you. So it is a good tool to have for any venture you are planning.

Following are the top 10 business email hosting providers, with their different features and unique offerings.

Top 10 Business Email Providers

NameStorage PriceWebsite
2.Microsoft 3651 TB$5/monthmicrosoft.com
3.Zoho Mail5 GBFree / Premium starting $1/monthzoho.com
4.Yahoo1 TB$3.19/monthsmallbusiness.yahoo.com
5.Rackspace25 GB$2.99/monthrackspace.com
6.Proton Mail20 GBFree / $6/monthprotonmail.com
7.Fastmail30 GB$5 / monthfastmail.com
8.Alibaba Mail100 GB$3.99 / monthalibabacloud.com
9.Mail.com2 GBFree & premiummail.com
10.Mailfence20 GB$2.50 / monthmailfence.com

1. Gmail

Best overall


Gmail is the popular free email service from the web giant Google, but it also comes in a paid version targeted at business users via workspace formerly Gsuite.

Gmail business is part of the Google Workspace package, which also includes Drive for storage, Docs for online collaboration, Calendar, Sheets, Forms, and many other cloud-based tools.

The base offer is the Business Starter account with 30GB storage for $6 per user per month. But for $12, you get 2 TB (Terabytes) of storage with the Business Standard account and up to 5 TB with Business Plus for $18 per user per month.

All accounts include security controls, ad-free use, voice and video-conferencing for up to 250 participants, and a 14-day trial period. You also get a 99.9% guaranteed up-time, a custom email domain, and up to 30 email aliases per user.

2. Microsoft 365

Best Integration

Microsoft 365

Microsoft’s business email offering is part of its 365 Business plans. It starts at $5 per user per month and comes with many features, including a 1-month free trial.

In addition to email, Microsoft 365 Basic offers a 50-GB mailbox for your custom email address, 1 TB for cloud storage, and access to web versions of Microsoft’s office apps, including PowerPoint, Excel, and Word.

Bigger plans include the Business Standard for $12.50 per user per month and the Microsoft 365 Business Premium for $20 per user per month. Both come with 1 TB of cloud storage as well, plus team communication and collaboration tools.

Another great feature of using Microsoft’s products is that it integrates well with other Microsoft products. So, if you are a Microsoft customer, then this might be a great offer for you.

3. Zoho Mail

Best for Collaboration

Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail is part of the Zoho Office Suite, an online software-as-a-service suite of tools to run small to medium-sized businesses with ease.

Zoho offers free and paid accounts, as well as perfect integration with other tools in the Zoho Suite, such as the calendar, notes, Zoho CRM, Docs, and group collaborations.

The free version gets you hosting for one domain only, but paid versions add more features, including IMAP / POP, and offline access, as well as attachments up to 1 GB for top accounts.

If you are planning to run your entire business or most of it online, then choosing Zoho might be a good solution for you, as it offers all the tools you will ever need.

4. Yahoo

Best Storage

Yahoo Small Business

Yahoo was one of the pioneers of the web and web-email, but things have changed since then. Still, the Yahoo Small Business unit has a lot to offer, and this includes email services.

With a business email account from Yahoo, you get a free domain added to the package, with costs ranging from $1.19 per month for 10 users and up to $3.19 for a single user.

You also get an impressive 1 TB (One Terabyte) of storage to go with your account, complete with Yahoo’s robust security system and spam filters.

5. Rackspace Email

Best Custom Solution

Rackspace Email

Rackspace is an engineering outfit that specializes in cloud technology. They assist different companies with problems and provide solutions.

The company offers its email solution with Rackspace Email. It includes a 100% uptime guarantee, a 25-GB mailbox, 30-GB storage, multiple domain aliases, and up to 50 MB in attachments for $2.99 per month.

This service also includes IMAP, so you can access your account from either Outlook on the PC or from mobile apps.

You should note that Rackspace is best suited for medium to large companies, as they specialize in consulting and installing custom solutions for businesses, such as Microsoft Exchange and other enterprise-level tools.

6. Proton Mail

Best for Privacy

Proton Mail

When privacy is a priority in your business, Proton Mail might be a good candidate. It is a Swiss-based service and that says a lot about its offer.

Proton Mail lets you sign up anonymously without IP logs and all mails are end-to-end encrypted by default. This happens by using a receiver’s public key to encrypt all messages addressed to him or her.

After logging into his account, the receiver will have to enter his private (decryption) key to decrypt and read the messages in his mailbox. This makes it virtually impossible for someone else to read.

There is a free version with 500-MB storage and a 150-mails per day limit. But for $5 per month, you get 5 GB of storage, custom domains, and up to 1,000 emails per day.

7. Fastmail


Fastmail is another business email offer that comes with many features like ease of use, a full-featured calendar, and a top-quality spam blocker.

The Basic Plan starts at $3 per user per month with 2 GB of storage and is ads-free, but there is no custom domain integration at this level.

You will have to pay $5 per month for the Standard account with a custom domain, and you can additionally share it with Basic Plan users if you want.

Other highlights include an email retention archive for Professional Plan users, which starts at $9 per month and comes with up to 100 GB of storage per user.

8. Alibaba


Alibaba is the Chinese web giant founded by Jack Ma, and which has performed beyond expectations in recent years. In addition to e-commerce, it also offers cloud-based tools, including business email, for all types of business.

There are two account types here: The Standard Edition and the Advanced Edition. With the standard account, you get 100 GB of mailbox storage and 5-GB online storage for your documents.

This account costs $3.99 per user per month, but for an extra dollar at $4.99 per month, you get 1-TB mailbox storage with 10-GB online storage.

Both accounts come with Alibaba’s professional cloud security and modern technology that integrates with numerous apps through its API. You also get schedule management, contact matching, labels, a multi-window mode, and many other features.

9. Mail.com


Mail.com is a free email provider, but it comes with the unique feature of 200 different domain names to choose from.

This means you can get a domain name that suits your line of business and save yourself the extra costs.

Some of the available domains include journalist.com, consultant.com, secretary.net, priest.com, physicist.net, and many other interesting and relevant options.

While these domains are not custom, most are industry-specific. This feature can help you to come across as a specialist in your field.

10. Mailfence


Mailfence is another service that appeals to seekers of email privacy. It is based in Belgium, a country that takes privacy laws seriously.

With Mailfence, you get completely encrypted email messages, free and paid accounts, as well as SMTP, POP, and IMAP support.

Further features include acceptance of crypto-currencies for payment, an affordable entry plan at 2.50 euros, with up to 10 email aliases and 12 GB of storage space, plus it supports the OpenPGP encryption.

You will also find a range of tutorials and guides to help you along the way for secure email communications through Mailfence.


We have come to the end of this top 10 business email providers list and you have seen the different impressive offers out there, including those designed for business efficiency and others for security. Each business is unique and has different needs. So it is left for you here to choose the service that

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