10 Best AI Video Generators in 2024

Looking for the best AI video generator, but not sure which to choose? We look at the top offers here.

AI video generators take text input from you and turn it into a real video that you can use for personal or business purposes.

For most users, AI video generators take away the stress of making videos and save them precious time, thanks to artificial intelligence and natural language processing.

You can employ these video generators for creating marketing videos, e-learning courses, YouTube tutorials, and so on. This article lists the top 10 on the market.

Top 10 AI Video Generators

1.Synthesia65+ languages, 70+ avatars$30/monthsynthesia.io 
2.InVideo5,000+ templates, effectsFreemiuminvideo.io
3.WisecutAuto edits, background, subtitlesFreemiumwisecut.video
4.FlexclipExtensive editing featuresFreemiumflexclip.com
5.Lumen5Easy, drag & drop, large libraryFreemiumlumen5.com
6.Veed.ioEasy video editorFreemiumveed.io
7.Synths.videoAuto text to speech, avatar$399/monthsynths.video
8.Designs.aiText to video, logo, designs$29/monthdesigns.ai
9.Rephrase.aiHyper-personalized at scaleQuoterephrase.ai
10.Pictory.aiFast text-to-speech videos$19/monthpictory.ai

1. Synthesia

Highlights: Top rated, 65+ languages, 70+ avatars, 50+ templates

Pricing: $30 per month

Address: synthesia.io

From product marketing to training and how-to videos, Synthesia offers you all the tools you need to make it happen in one place and in just a few minutes.

You can create professional videos as the top brands use with just a few clicks, as opposed to hours on end filming with actors and a video crew. Simply set up your project, select a template, add your branding assets, add and edit your text, and that’s it.

Synthesia supports over 65 languages, including Afrikaans, Arabic, Malay, and Spanish. It also lets you choose from over 70 avatars to do your talking, including more than 50 video templates to get you started.

There is additional access to a free media library so you never run short of design ideas. Plus, Synthesia is completely web-based, so there is nothing to install or extra hardware to purchase.

On the downside, the platform has no free plan. You can only join from $30 per month. This, however, offers you up to 10 video minutes in Full HD, with most of Synthesia’s features. The other plan is for corporate outfits that need something a little fancier.

2. InVideo

Highlights: 5,000+ templates, effects, detailed editing

Pricing: Freemium

Address: invideo.io

If you are not interested in avatars and would like a free plan, then InVideo might be the right choice for you. It is a simple online text-to-video generator with over 5,000 templates.

In addition to selecting your desired template, InVideo also lets you add text to transform to speech, choose effects, handle transitions, optimize audio tracks, loop audio, do a voice-over, trim, and fade in or out. InVideo also allows you to create multiple brand kits that you can easily apply to any video with a single click.

You can create all types of professional ads by simply choosing the right template, including its call to action button just like the big brands from Dropbox to Microsoft, CNN, and 7 million others from 190 countries.

For anyone who wishes to try InVideo, there is a free plan with 40 video minutes included, text-to-speech, 5,000+ templates, and a media library with over 3 million assets. For $15 per month, you get the Business plan with 60 video minutes, lots of premium media, and no watermark on your videos.

3. Wisecut

Highlights: Auto video edits, ducking, background, subtitles

Pricing: Freemium

Address: wisecut.video

If you already have a video file but don’t have time to edit it, then Wisecut might be your tool. Simply upload your video to this online tool and it does the job automatically.

Wisecut will automatically remove silences in the video, add smart background music to it, and include subtitles and transcription, as well as automatic audio ducking that reduces the background music when you are talking and increases it when not.

The service is a Freemium offer, with its free plan including all the basic features, plus 30 video minutes per month, 2GB storage, and video files capped at either 1GB per file or 30 video minutes.

For $10 per month, however, you get better resolution, 70GB storage, and up to 60-minute videos. There is also facial recognition, auto-translations, automatic noise canceling, and other premium features. The next plan is the Professional for $29 per month with even more features.

4. Flexclip

Highlights: Extensive video editing features

Pricing: Freemium

Address: flexclip.com

From YouTube to marketing, anniversary, and promo videos, you can do it all on Flexclip, the freemium online video editor with all the tools you need.

Flexclip lets you trim your video, add music, watermark, merge videos, do a voice-over, zoom in and out, split a video, add a logo to it, and so many more features.

The platform is a freemium offer, with a BASIC and a PLUS plan that cost $5.99 and $9.99 respectively.

You can also use it for recording your screen, motion graphics, and making Gifs.

5. Lumen5

Highlights: Easy to use, drag & drop, huge library

Pricing: Freemium

Address: lumen5.com

Lumen5 is an AI video creation platform with a simple approach for marketers. Just write your script, choose a template, and the system will add the perfect audiovisuals.

You can then add extras such as your company’s logo, a watermark, and a call to action. You can additionally add a link, such as a blog post and Lumen5 will fetch your text context from there and create a video from it.

Further features include text positioning, highlighting, the addition of still images and video clips, a music library, and video format optimizations.

Lumen5 is a freemium offer. The free plan offers unlimited videos in 720p resolution, but they come with a watermark. To remove the branding, Lumen5 offers a Basic plan for $19 per month.

6. Veed.io

Highlights: Easy video editor

Pricing: Freemium

Address: veed.io

Veed.io is an easy-to-use online video editor with a single-click design. It offers subtitles, audio transcriptions, templates, and video localization tools.

You can use it to create everything from marketing videos to social media, memes, educational, and training videos. There is a screen-recording and live-streaming functions, in addition to basic features like filter, effects, rotate, crop, and so on.

You also get video conversion, compression, and sharing functions. With brand kits, colors, and up to 8 viewing guests on your project.

Veed.io is a freemium offer. Its free plan creates and exports watermarked videos up to 10-minutes long, with up to 250MB of uploads, 30-minute maximum subtitles, 2GB storage, and unlimited projects.

The other plans include the Basic for $12 per month with 20GB storage and 25 minutes of video export, the Pro for $24 with 100GB and 2 hours of video export, and the Business for $59 per month with 200GB storage.

7. Synths.video

Highlights: Auto text to video using avatars

Pricing: From $399 per month

Address: synths.video

Synths.video is an automated YouTube marketing tool that makes it very easy to create videos from your articles and upload them to your YouTube channel.

It works similarly to Synthesia, by automatically transforming your text into voice-over speech that is presented by an avatar. Synths.video offers 40+ human avatars and supports 30+ languages.

Using the system is very simple. Just log in, select an avatar, connect your YouTube channel, and enter the address of the article to use. That’s it.

Synths.video is not cheap though. Plans start at $399 per month for 10 videos. And if you want more, 20 videos cost $800 per month, 40 cost $1,400, and so on.

8. Designs.ai

Highlights: Text-to-video generator, logo, designs, voiceover

Pricing: $29 per month

Address: designs.ai

Designs.ai is designed to be a full-service creative agency powered by AI. It offers logo designs, video creation, voice-overs, and marketing designs in minutes, using artificial intelligence.

For video creation, the Designs.ai Video Maker uses your text input to create a video and it works in 20 languages, with 50 voices, and includes a wide range of effects, transitions, and animations.

The entire system is online, so no installation is needed. You can also see your changes in real-time and collaborate easily with colleagues.

Pricing starts at $29 per year for the Basic plan. It includes unlimited video and logo generation, 10 voiceover types, premium images, and 1 team member. And for $69 per month, you get up to 5 team members, more premium images, and up to 30 voice-over types.

9. Rephrase.ai

Highlights: Hyper-personalized videos at scale

Pricing: Quote

Address: rephrase.ai

Rephrase.ai offers enterprises with a large customer base the ability to create personalized marketing videos using text-to-speech AI technology at scale.

You can use it to create geo-targeted and personalized video ads, custom landing pages and customized messages for each stage of your sales funnel.

The Rephrase.ai technology is not for everyone and is not intended as a 1-click system either. You will have to contact the team to discuss your marketing needs and get a price quote.

10. Pictory.ai

Highlights: Fast text-to-speech videos

Pricing: From $19 per month

Address: pictory.ai

Pictory AI is a versatile video creation and editing tool that offers many opportunities for non-technical video marketers.

You can create a new video from text leveraging Pictory’s large media stock of music, footage, and voice-overs. Simply enter a web address, make any edits to the text Pictory fetches, and the AI will automatically create your video with matching sounds and backgrounds.

You can also use your voice if you don’t like the included voices. Plus, you can automatically add captions, easily edit your texts, add music, and customize the theme and your branding assets.

Pictory plans start from $19 per month for the Standard, which includes 30 videos, 10 hours of transcriptions, 3 branded templates, and maximum text-to-video conversion lengths of 10 minutes. The other plans are Premium for $39 per month and Enterprise with even more features.


This rounds up our look at the market’s top AI video generators – from easy-to-use platforms to those with complex avatars, and others designed for large-scale deployments.

Products and marketing needs are different, so there is no single best tool here. It’s up to you to find the perfect tool for your organization or marketing needs.

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