10 Best Text To Video Generators In 2024

Looking to turn your written content into eye-catching videos in no time? Here are the web's 10 best video-to-text generators.

Video has become the most engaging content form for online audiences. Text-to-video generators help to turn your text into videos that can quickly boost your business’ branding and exposure.

Text-to-video generators can save you lots of time in generating marketing videos. Plus, you don’t need to have technical skills to make the video, and they are also cost-effective because they save you the hassle of using an agency.

You can also easily convert your blog posts to videos. Convert your social media posts to videos. Write any text and convert it to videos.

This blog lists the 10 best text-to-video generators on the web and shows you their best features, as well as what they can do for you and your business.

Text-to-video Generator Usage Tips

Here are some tips to help you get the best value from a text-to-video generator.

  • Plan your Content: Take a little time first to plan your video and decide what you want it to convey. Then choose the right templates and settings to go with it.
  • Leverage Templates: Templates are there to help you set up quickly and save time. So, take your time to find the best template for the best results.
  • Keep your Videos Short: Try to keep your video lengths 2 minutes or shorter because most people have short attention spans these days.
  • Optimize For Different Platforms: If you are using the video for social media promotions, then try to optimize its size and format for the different media platforms that you will be using.
  • Test Before Publishing: Always check your work before releasing it to the world. Take some time to watch the video and make sure it is exactly what you wanted.

Best Text-to-Video Generators

1.InVideoPowerful editor, free planFreemiuminvideo.io
2.Synthesia120+ languages, 90+ avatars$30/monthsynthesia.io
3.Lumen5Easy video creatorFreemiumlumen5.com 
4.Designs.aiLogo, video, speech, copy$29/monthdesigns.ai
5.Synths VideoAutomated, 1-click convert$399/monthsynths.video 
6.Veed.ioFast & easy editorFreemiumveed.io
7.PictoryEasy to use, free trial$19/monthpictory.ai
8.WisecutVideo to text, auto editsFreemiumwisecut.video
9.GliaCloudExtensive featuresQuotesgliacloud.com
10.Rephrase.aiCustomized videos at scale$100/monthrephrase.ai

1. InVideo

Highlights: Powerful features, templates, animations

Pricing: Freemium

Website: invideo.io

The InVideo editor is a powerful cloud-based video platform that lets you create and share videos for marketing and personal use.

In addition to its text-to-video generation capability, the platform includes thousands of professional templates, time-saving AI tools, trimming, fading, loping, and voice-over features.

InVideo is a freemium offer with its free plan including 6,000+ video templates and automated text-to-speech generation, up to 40-minute long videos, and a large media library. However, your video outputs will be watermarked.

To remove watermarks on the video, InVideo offers premium accounts from $15 per month for Business and $30 per month for its Unlimited plans. Both with even more features.

2. Synthesia

Highlights: 120+ languages, 90+ avatars

Pricing: From $30 per month

Website: synthesia.io

The Synthesia platform allows you to create videos from text and have those words spoken by an avatar of your choice. It offers up to 65 avatars with its Personal plan and 25 more with its Corporate plan.

You can also create a custom avatar to read your scripts. Synthesia includes 55+ video templates, a free media library, background music, Full HD downloads, and branding tools to manage your brand.

The avatars can speak in over 120 languages and accents at the click of a button and you are free to customize each video to your heart’s content. The basic plan costs $30 per month.

3. Lumen5

Highlights: Easy video creator, vast media assets

Pricing: Freemium

Website: lumen5.com

Lumen5 is an easy-to-use video creator that focuses on helping you make engaging videos for your audience. It works for all types of users, from individuals to corporate teams.

Simply point and click, drag, and drop to create what you need. Lumen5 features a vast media database and an AI that makes it easy to turn blog posts and zoom recordings into engaging video content.

The platform is a freemium offer, with its free Community plan offering unlimited free videos in 720p resolution. But these are watermarked. 

To remove watermarks, Lumen5 offers 4 premium plans starting from $19 per month that additionally allow higher resolutions, provide more media assets, and much more.

4. Designs.ai

Highlights: Logos, videos, voice, copywriting

Pricing: From $29 per month

Website: designs.ai

If you need one platform to handle your video, logo, and copywriting tasks, then Designs.ai might be a good option for you. Its assistive tools help you to quickly create everything you need for your campaigns and save time.

A Basic plan costs $29 per month and is ideal for individuals to create unlimited logos and videos. Plus, there is full access to the premium design templates and 10 voice-over types for the speech-maker that turns text into audio.

The bigger Pro plan costs $69 and expands the platform to up to 5 team members, 30 voice-over types, and more AI copywriter queries.

5. Synths Video

Highlights: Automated generation and posting

Pricing: $399 per month

Website: synths.video

Synths Video takes a slightly different approach from the rest. Here, you can have your articles pulled from a web address and then automatically converted to video and posted to your YouTube channel.

This is obviously for those who want to spend as little time as possible with video creation and management. The cost also reflects this at $399 per month for 10 videos or $800 for 20.

Synths Video supports 30+ languages, 40+ human avatars, HD resolution, and many more features.

6. Veed.io

Highlights: Fast & easy, full-featured

Pricing: Freemium

Website: veed.io

Veed is a fast and easy-to-use browser-based video editor that lets you create and edit videos with a wide range of tools, including text-to-video creation.

With Veed, you can convert any text file to a speech audio file and then add it to a video of your choice. This makes Veed slightly different from the rest because it allows you more flexibility in your creative work.

Veed is a freemium offer that lets you create your first video without an account. The platform also includes many templates and a large media library to make video creation easy.

7. Pictory

Highlights: Easy to use, branded templates, large library

Pricing: From $19 per month

Website: pictory.ai

Marketers who wish to waste no time with their video creations can trust the Pictory app to get things done with ease.

Pictory allows you to turn your text blogs into videos and add subtitles to them, or automatically extract short videos from long ones with no technical skills or download required.

The platform offers three plans. There is the Standard at $19 per user per month, which includes 30 videos of up to 10 minutes, 10 hours of transcriptions, and up to 25 text-to-speech voices to choose from.

The Premium plan costs $39 and includes 60 videos up to 20 minutes long, 15k music tracks, and up to 42 voices. 

8. Wisecut

Highlights: Video to text, auto edits

Pricing: Freemium

Website: wisecut.video

Wisecut is the exact opposite of most tools on this list. While others take text content and turn it into video, Wisecut takes raw video content and turns it into a shortened, automatically edited video with the transcribed text as a subtitle.

The editor uses AI to automatically remove silences, then add background music and create a storyboard, which allows you to further edit your video by simply moving around the transcribed text.

Wisecut is available as a freemium service. Its Free plan is limited to 30-minute video uploads per month and 2GB storage, while the Starter plan includes 8 hours of video uploads and 70GB of storage for $10 per month.

9. GliaCloud

Highlights: Extensive features, voice-over, effects

Pricing: Custom quotes

Website: gliacloud.com

GliaCloud is a powerful cloud-based video editing tool with versatile features. From background music to various transition effects, voice-over, layout editing, cropping, trimming, and more, it offers all the features you can ask for.

You can either paste your article into GliaCloud or enter the article’s web address and the AI will convert it to video for you. You can also turn images into video, add external media, and voice over with a robot voice or manually.

As a downside, GliaCloud’s pricing is only available by quotation. But they do offer a 14-day free trial to check out the service.

10. Rephrase.ai

Highlights: Customized videos at scale

Pricing: From $100

Website: rephrase.ai

If you need to create personalized videos at scale, then Rephrase.ai might be what you need. It is a different kind of video creator that uses an avatar to deliver your video message.

They can help you to create your avatar, then use AI to make it say anything you want. In addition, you can create a script with personalized text for a list, such as your customers, and the system will create personalized videos for each customer.

Rephrase.ai is perfect for marketing campaigns where you need to customize videos at scale, either for individuals, demographics, or hyper-local targeting. It offers three account plans–Basic, Growth, and Pro.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about text-to-video generators.

How do text-to-video generators work?

They work by using artificial intelligence algorithms to convert sections of your written text into still images displayed successively as a video over a background that you can choose from templates.

What are the benefits of a text-to-video generator?

The benefits of text-to-video generators include their time-saving nature, the ability to create videos without technical skills, cost-effectiveness, and improved brand recognition and customer engagement.

What kind of content can I create with a text-to-video generator?

You can create any type of content that you wish. From promotional videos to explainers, how-to videos, product demos, training, interviews, personalized messages, customer testimonials, and so on.

Are there free text-to-video generators?

Yes, some platforms like InVideo and Lumen5 offer free plans.

Can text-to-video generators create professional-looking videos?

Yes, they do.

Can I add my own images or music to the video?

Yes, many of these platforms have editing functions that let you add images or music to your video.


In concluding this list of the 10 best text-to-video generators on the web, you can see that each platform is slightly different from the rest in its goals and target users.

So, your selection here depends exactly on what you need or want to achieve, as there is no single best solution.

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