10 Best subtitles download websites (SRT download) in 2024

In search of the best websites to download movie and TV show subtitles? We look at the top 10 in this list.

Subtitles make viewing foreign-language movies, TV series, and other video content more entertaining. They also make life easier for those learning foreign languages and those with hearing issues.

Different websites exist online to download subtitles and for free. They often come with search functions and community features, including member uploads and a rating system to judge the quality of the subtitle data.

This top 10 list looks at the best subtitle download platforms on the net. It checks out their different features to discover what makes them helpful and stand out, so you can make a better decision.

Best Subtitles Download Sites

1.OpenSubtitlesEnglish, Spanish, Italian etcopensubtitles.com
2.PodnapisiOver 100 languagespodnapisi.net
3.Subscene25 popular & 50+ otherssubscene.com
4.English SubtitlesEnglishenglish-subtitles.org
5.Addic7ed18 languagesaddic7ed.com
6.Downsub16 languagesdownsub.com
7.Subtitle SeekerEnglish & otherssubtitleseeker.in
8.iSubTitlesEnglish & othersisubtitles.org
9.TVSubtitlesEnglish & 20+ languagestvsubtitles.net
10.MySubsMany languagesmy-subs.co

1. OpenSubtitles

Highlights: Movies, TV series, large community, ratings

Languages Available: English, Spanish, Italian, German, etc

Website: opensubtitles.com

OpenSubtitles is a very large website with millions of subtitles for download. It features a cool homepage design that lets you search for subtitles by dragging a movie into it.

You can search the site with a range of features, from the newest uploads to featured subtitles, latest comments, and so on. You can also request subtitles if you like and in your language of choice.

Each video page comes with a description and extra information about the movie or TV show. There is a rating system for users and even an automatic AI-powered translation into 20+ languages.

OpenSubtitles also includes a forum to discuss with other users in English and other languages. There is a blog to stay up to date with developments on the platform and an upload feature that lets you share your subtitles with the world.

2. Podnapisi

Highlights: 2 million+ subtitles, 61k movies, 100+ languages

Languages Available: 100+

Website: podnapisi.net

With over 2 million subtitles for 61K+ movies and 7K+ series available for download, Podnapisi is another very popular website to keep in mind.

It features a clean and user-friendly interface, with different lists from most downloaded to latest subtitles and so on. They are well laid out, with upload date, language, rating, and contributor name. You are also free to upload subtitles of your own.

Podnapisi additionally offers a closed community with an active discussion forum. You will first have to register to join though and this requires that either an existing member vouches for you or that you send the admin a good reason to add you.

3. Subscene

Highlights: Simple layout, easy to use

Languages Available: 25 popular & 50 others

Website: subscene.com

Subscene is a subtitle downloads website with a simple, yet efficient design that makes it easy to find and download subtitles of your choice.

You can browse the titles by either popularity or upload time. The listing shows you the language, the title, uploader, date, and the number of downloads.

You can also filter the results by language, foreign language only, and the “hearing impaired” tag. The system additionally lets you select up to 3 languages at a go from the 25 popular ones and 50+ others.

Subscene also includes a multi-language forum for discussions, login and upload of your subtitles. Plus a 1-click switch to a dark-mode button.

4. English Subtitles

Highlights: Strictly for English subtitles

Languages Available: English

Website: english-subtitles.org

As the name suggests, English Subtitles exclusively offers subtitles in the English language. The website is simple and straight to the point, with an easy-to-use navigation.

The homepage offers you a list of top subtitles, arranged from the latest uploads to older ones. You can additionally select only movies or TV shows, or search for a particular movie subtitle using the search function.

Clicking on any entry brings up the details page, with the download link and other information concerning the file size, the movie stats, and so on.

English Subtitles does not host a forum, nor does it need a user account. It offers an RSS feed though and lets you switch between its web and mobile versions with a click, or tap.

5. Addic7ed

Highlights: Flexible design, extensive features

Languages Available: 18 popular languages

Website: addic7ed.com

Featuring a unique but memorable design, Addic7ed is another popular subtitles download website with lots of features to make your life easier.

You can either search for titles on your own or browse the listings. The platform lets you choose between shows and movies, top downloads, latest episodes, latest uploaded movies, and lots more.

While most of the files are in English, Addic7ed offers up to 18 languages, including French, Portuguese, and so on. Plus, the forum is equally available in different languages.

Each subtitle details page includes some information about the movie or TV show, different versions or languages of the subtitle, when available, as well as a comments section.

6. Downsub

Highlights: Automatic subtitle download

Languages Available: 16 languages

Website: downsub.com

Unlike most other platforms on this list, Downsub does not offer you a list of subtitle files to select and download.

Rather, Downsub lets you enter the web address of any online video, and it will automatically download the video’s subtitle file for you.

It works with YouTube, Viki, VIU, Vlive, MGTV, Weverse, Brightcove, and more. It also lets you download 3 different subtitle formats, including TXT, SRT, and VTT.

The platform requires no account or log-in, neither does it require a software download or the sort. And if you like what you get, there is a PayPal donation button.

7. Subtitle Seeker

Highlights: WordPress blog style website

Languages Available: English & others

Website: subtitleseeker.in

What sets Subtitle Seeker apart from other subtitle download websites is the blog format that runs it. Powered by WordPress, it delivers a more readable and easy-to-digest presentation of information.

The posts are listed on the homepage and the category pages as they would on a blog. There’s a clear title, pictures, and descriptive text. Clicking on the title or the ‘read more’ button then takes you to a detailed page.

Here, you can see the details of the movie or TV show, as well as the download link for the subtitle data that you seek. The only issue is that the pages could be a little more stylish.

8. iSubTitles

Highlights: Foreign TV shows & movies

Languages Available: English & others

Website: isubtitles.org

If you enjoy lots of foreign movies or video shows, then you might want to check out iSubTitles, as it features titles from around the world.

You can find subtitles by searching or by browsing the site. The browse function additionally lets you filter the results by selecting the movie’s country of origin.

From a total of 80K+ movies and 1.7 million subtitles, iSubtitles includes over 550K English entries, 11,000+ from the USA, 3,000+ Japanese, 48K Italian, 64K French, and over 230K Arabic entries.

You can also browse the titles by genre, such as drama, comedy, music, romance, thriller, documentary, and so on.

9. TVSubtitles

Highlights: Clean layout, 7 platform languages

Languages Available: English & 20+ languages

Website: tvsubtitles.net

This website is available in 7 languages, including English, Ukrainian, Spanish, Russian, and Greek. It lets you download subtitles in over 20 languages.

You can browse the titles by filtering TV shows, new submissions, or the most popular entries. Each listing includes a flag to tell you which language and its detail page includes ratings and other relevant information.

To date, TVSubtitles has processed nearly 500 million subtitle downloads. The site hosts about 300K different subtitles, including 67K TV episodes, 58K English titles, 42k in French, and so on.

10. MySubs

Highlights: Collaborative translations

Languages Available: English & 20+ languages

Website: my-subs.co

MySubs hosts subtitles just like most other websites on this list, but it goes a little farther by enabling you to participate and translate the subtitles together with other users.

You can browse movie or TV show subtitles, then select what you like for more details. Here, you can see more information, download the subtitle, or join in a translation.

You can also browse listings by latest begun or finished translations. MySubs is a great platform for those who enjoy translations, and of course, you will need an account to participate.


You have seen the best subtitle download websites out there, how they function, and what they offer you. From the largest to those with special features, they are all unique in their own way.

Whichever platform you choose, however, is up to you. As we are all unique with different needs.

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