10 Ways To Get Free Money

Looking for ways to make free money? Here are the best and most trusted way that you can achieve just that.

Wish to boost your bank balance without having to work for it? Guess what? Wishes do come true, scan through this list of ways to get free money.

Before now, you must have heard that money doesn’t come by easily, most especially when you’re not out there looking for it. True as that may seem, there’s a way or rather there are several ways to get free money with little or no hassle.

In today’s world, there are more than a few ways to get free money; all you have to do is to know the right places to look.

The ways to get free money listed here won’t make you spontaneously rich; however, they’re fast, easy, and safe. By the word “free”, we aren’t implying that you say a magic word or press a switch and money starts pouring out of the blue. 

The “free” statement insinuates minimal effort, time, and skill. You don’t have to get your hands dirty or soiled.

Way To Get Free Money

Here are 10 ways to get free money with minimal effort”

1. Complete tasks online

There are websites that you can signup with, complete some tasks and get paid. However, to make money from these websites, you will need to do some tasks. They are usually easy stuff that you can do.

You may have to take a picture, answer questions and so on to get paid.

The best websites are Toloka and Clicworker.

2. Sign-up offers

Beyond offering initial discounts, a lot of companies give free money for signing up. However, you may need to make a purchase that will qualify you for the free cash. 

The reward may sometimes come in the form of an Amazon voucher, which is as good as cash since amazon sells every kind of product. In addition, using the amazon shopping hacks will give you a guaranteed bargain.

Several other signup offers are up for grabs out there, you can signup to join survey sites where you’ll be given a percentage of money on completion of surveys. 

You can also earn free cryptocurrency by joining Coinbase and completing some of the available tasks.

3. Referrals 

Recently, there has been an increase in online referrals to gain access to certain features and rewards. A much easier way to earn free money is referring your friends and loved ones to sign up with a few companies and their products.

Banks are known to offer some of the very best referral codes. Both you and the person you’re referring will get a reward once you share the referral codes.

Although the best and largest offers come from the banks and utility providers, a lot of other companies out there have referral schemes as well. For some, you get rewarded with credits, while others pay you cool cash.

4. Cashback sites for online shopping

When you shop for a product online, you can do it directly or through a cashback site. It is highly recommended you shop through a cashback site.

Shopping with cashback sites gives you as much experience as though you were on the website of your choicest retailer. The benefit of the cashback site is the percentage refund you receive for the total purchase.

Several popular shops are on cashback sites like Amazon, Adidas, Quidco, and Topcashback. 

Maximize cashback sites whenever you shop online and you stand to gain free money.

5. Scan your Receipts for Free Cash

Have you been discarding your receipts or perhaps you’ve been reluctant towards collecting them? Well, you may want to reconsider.

Receipt-scanning apps such as Shoppix and Storewards pay you to upload copies of your receipts issued from any purchase from any kind of shop. Every time you submit your receipt, you gradually accumulate tokens.

After you’ve accumulated enough tokens to make a withdrawal, you will be granted your free money, which will be paid out in voucher or cash form. 

6. Credit Card and Bank Account Bonuses

This is a quick way to get cool cash. You can get cash bonuses for opening an investment account. Several credit cards and checking accounts offer $100 to $500 for just signing up.

Also, if you’re trading crypto, many of the largest exchanges have high sign-in bonuses, where you will be granted a percentage of money.

To qualify for the bonuses, you’d have to meet specific criteria like funding the account with a given amount of money and spending a required amount at a specific time interval. 

7. Online Surveys

Taking online surveys doesn’t generate thousands to your bank account, although passing the free time off by just completing surveys is a stress-free way to get free money. You can complete surveys and offers wherever and whenever you feel like and get good pay on cash rewards.

Most of the survey activities pay fairly, while others pay a paltry sum. The best advice is to focus on the huge money generators. ySense and Swagbucks are best for this.

8. Get Paid to Play Games

Here’s a fun way to make free money by playing games online. Platforms like Mistplay pay users to discover new games. You gain points by playing for long intervals. These points can be redeemed for a free amazon gift card, prepaid Visa, as well as free Google play codes.

Furthermore, it’s one f the few game apps that pay cash through PayPal. 

9. Monetize your phone lock screen

Yes! Your device lock screen can be used to generate free money. To do this, simply download the apps listed below to get started:

Current: Get paid listening to music online. You can select from several stations. You can also download tunes to listen to when you’re offline and accumulate points. 

S’more: Earn up to $36 annually just by permitting S’more to run ads on your lock screen.

10. Watch Videos and Get Paid

Earn free money while being entertained. Sign up with Swagbucks or inbox dollars to get started. You can opt to watch TV shows, news, commercials, and lots more using your mobile phone or laptop. In return, the sites will give you points that you can redeem over time. Points redeemed can be paid out in cash via Paypal or gift cards.

11. Scholarships and Grants

Students are usually the beneficiaries of scholarships and grants. However, that doesn’t take away the fact that it is also getting free money as minimal or no effort is required. 

A lot of students are of the notion that these monies are only on offer to top performers and those with high grades, sports, or instrument talented students. 

Funding is available for every student for all kinds of reasons, regardless of your prowess or talent and background, via grants and scholarships you can get aided academically to enable you to complete your study.

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