20 Best AI Tools That You Should Know in 2024

Looking for the best AI tools to boost your productivity? Here are the industry's top 20 offers and what they can help you achieve.

Artificial intelligence is disrupting many industries across the world and new tools are steadily coming into the market.

From data analysis to art creation, automation, and security, the applications of AI technology are vast and can help you to stay ahead of the curve in business and personal activities.

This post lists the 20 best AI tools out there that you should know of.

Best AI Tools

1.ChatGPTChatbot, translator, assistantFreemiumopenai.com
2.GitHub CopilotProgramming Assistant$10 / mogithub.com
3.MidjourneyText-to-image generator$10 / momidjourney.com
4.DeepLLanguage translationsFreemiumdeepl.com
5.Stable DiffusionText-to-image generatorFreestability.ai
6.GrammarlyWriting assistantFreemiumgrammarly.com
7.Nvidia CUDAParallel processing platform$170+nvidia.com
8.TensorflowPowerful ML libraryFreetensorflow.org
9.PytorchEasy machine learning libraryFreepytorch.org
10.Perplexity AIAI-powered search engineFreemiumperplexity.ai
11.Google Cloud AI AI development suiteFreemiumcloud.google.com
12.Amazon AI serviceAI development suiteFreemiumaws.amazon.com
13.OpenNNC++ AI dev platformFreeopennn.net
14.RunwayText-to-video generatorFreemiumrunwayml.com
15.Wit.aiBuild chatbots & voice controlFreeWit.ai
16.SynthesiaText to video$22.50 / mosynthesia.io
17.Microsoft Cognitive ServicesAzure studioazure.microsoft.com
18.IBM Watson StudioAI development suiteVariesibm.com
19.Photoshop FireflyGenerative AI paintingAdobe accountadobe.com
20.This Person Does Not ExistFake portrait generatorFreethis-person-not-exist

1. ChatGPT

Used For: Chatbot, digital assistant, & translation

Available on the web and currently also for iOS devices, ChatGPT is a large language model that took the world by surprise with its attention to detail, depth of understanding, and scope of intelligence. It can answer nearly every question, makes your research easier, and is excellent in many languages. Its standard version is free, with a premium plan costing $20 per month.


  • Understands everything you tell it like a human
  • Excellent in conversation and remembering stuff
  • It can generate all types of content, including poems and computer code
  • Understands context in conversation

Price: Freemium

Free Trial: N/A

Address: openai.com/chatgpt

2. GitHub Copilot

Used For: Programming assistant

From simple code auto-completion to more complex stuff like generating functions in an instant, GitHub Copilot aims to make the developer’s life easier. It turns your natural language prompts into code and works with all your favorite editors, including VS Code, Neovim, JetBrains, and Visual Studio. It works with all popular programming languages and plans start from $10 per month.


  • AI-powered code auto-completion
  • Integrates with popular code editors & IDEs
  • Easily generates project code with minimal input
  • Supports most major programming languages

Price: From $10 per month

Free Trial: 30 days

Address: github.com/features/copilot

3. Midjourney

Used For: Image generation

Midjourney is a very impressive image generator that has captivated users with its high resolution, clarity, details, and customization options. Midjourney is available through the Discord server and its current version 5 has proven its superiority as a text-to-image generator. Subscriptions start from $10 per month.


  • AI-powered image generator with impressive output
  • Easy to customize parameters to determine your final image
  • High image resolution with stunning details
  • A continually improved model that gets better
  • Integrated into the Discord platform

Price: $10 per month

Free Trial: Yes

Address: midjourney.com

4. DeepL

Used For: Language translations

Most language translators often produce machine-like output, but DeepL is trusted for producing reliable and natural-sounding language. The platform supports 31+ languages including Polish, Russian, and Dutch. It’s available for free personal use, with its Pro version costing $8.75 per month.


  • Uses a neural network for highly accurate translations
  • Supports most popular languages from German to Spanish
  • Allows translation of documents, including formatting
  • Available on the web and through mobile apps

Price: Freemium

Free Trial: 30 days

Address: deepl.com

5. Stable Diffusion

Used For: Text-to-image generation

Stable Diffusion is another text-to-image generator with stunning results. However, it is open-source and completely free. All you have to do is download it to any computer that hosts an NVidia or AMD GPU with at least 6 GB memory and you are good to go. If you search, you will also find lots of folks offering access to theirs for free online.


  • Powerful AI-powered image generator without limitations
  • Open-source and entirely free to use and modify
  • Powerful tools including inpainting & outpainting
  • Very impressive with drawing celebrities

Price: Free

Address: stability.ai

6. Grammarly

Used For: Grammar & spelling correction

Grammarly helps users to improve their writing and produce polished content. The AI platform conducts numerous tests on your writing to offer spelling, grammar, style, and vocabulary corrections. It is cloud-based, available on the web, and as a plugin for numerous popular writing apps.


  • Corrects spelling, grammar, and punctuation
  • Additionally boosts clarity, engagement, and tonal clarity
  • Integrates with popular apps like Word & Google Docs
  • Includes plagiarism checker & extra features in the premium plan

Price: Freemium

Free Trial: 7 days

Address: grammarly.com

7. NVidia CUDA

Used For: Parallel processing of AI models

CUDA is a parallel computing platform that is embedded in NVidia GPUs cards. Originally developed for processing the high computing needs for gaming graphics, developers found ingenious ways to use the GPUs in computing other stuff, such as machine learning applications. CUDA is the leader in this field, with the Nvidia GeForce RTX 4080 for instance, featuring 9,728 parallel CUDA cores.


  • Powerful parallel processing platform for machine learning
  • NVidia GPU cards contain thousands of CUDA cores
  • NVidia offers a free CUDA toolkit for developers
  • World’s fastest super-computers run on CUDA cores

Price: $170 upwards

Address: developer.nvidia.com/cuda-toolkit

8. Tensorflow

Used For: Machine learning applications

TensorFlow is an open-source library for developing machine learning applications. It is written in Python and can train and run various types of neural network models, including natural language processing and image recognition.


  • Open-source library for machine learning applications
  • Great for building many types of neural networks
  • Leverages GPUs and TPUs to deliver high performance
  • Includes various powerful production-grade tools
  • Supports deployment on various platforms and scales

Price: Free

Address: tensorflow.org

9. Pytorch

Used For: Easy machine deep learning

Pytorch is another popular machine learning library based on the Torch framework and ported to the Python language. It provides a high-level interface, making it easy to understand and use. Pytorch is free and open-source software.


  • High-level and easy-to-use machine learning library
  • Allows easy and flexible building of machine models
  • Supports GPU acceleration
  • Supports the C++ language as well

Price: Free

Address: pytorch.org

10. Perplexity AI

Used For: AI-powered search

While ChatGPT’s responses are limited to its training date, Perplexity AI takes a different route by providing live AI-powered search results. The platform indexes and ranks live websites based on each prompt. It also attributes its sources, does not litter the results with ads, and is free to use. A paid plan, however, comes with premium features.


  • An AI-powered search engine that’s free for everyone
  • Produces verifiable results
  • Perfect for people in search of factual & current information
  • Simple interface with search history and co-pilot

Price: Freemium

Free Trial: 7 days

Address: perplexity.ai

11. Google Cloud AI

Used For: AI development suite

Google Cloud offers easy-to-use tools to host any website or API in the cloud, while Google Cloud AI offers AI tools for the platform. It offers tools for data scientists, data scaling, easy adding of AI features to your app, speech-to-text, text-to-speech, Video AI, Vision AI, the ability to scale your resources across CPUs, GPUs, TPUs, and much more.


  • Managed service to help developers build quickly
  • Includes pre-built models, infrastructure, and numerous tools
  • Also includes consulting and business solutions
  • GPU & TPU acceleration are also available

Price: Freemium

Free Trial: $300 free credits

Address: https://cloud.google.com/products/ai

12. Amazon AWS AI

Used For: AI/ML development suite

Amazon Web Services also offers AI services, from pre-trained computer vision models with Amazon Rekognition to data extraction with Amazon Textract, transcribing, chatbots, text-to-speech, and many business and industrial applications. Amazon AWS is currently the largest cloud platform in the world.


  • AI & ML platform with extensive tools
  • Offers computer vision, data extraction, & language models
  • Also offers industrial & healthcare AI models
  • A solid infrastructure with a large customer base

Price: Freemium

Free Trial: $300 free credits

Address: aws.amazon.com/ai

13. OpenNN

Used For: Building faster AI models in C++

Most data science and machine learning systems are developed using Python libraries. But being an interpreted language makes Python slower than most C-family languages. OpenNN offers a C++ library and development kit that can load larger data sets and train a model up to 1.5 times faster than TensorFlow and even 2.5 times faster than Pytorch.


  • Build & train models faster than Pytorch & Tensorflow
  • C++ is the fastest programming language for solving complex problems
  • Free & open-source with modular design
  • Includes a visual AI model builder without programming

Price: Free

Address: opennn.net

14. Runway

Used For: Text-to-video generation

Runway is an AI platform that provides numerous tools for arts and media manipulation. It is most popularly known, however, for its text-to-video generator. Runway is available as a freemium offer and caters to individuals, as well as enterprise users.


  • Generative AI platform for image & video synthesis
  • Generate videos with text prompts
  • Move images, slow videos, remove backgrounds
  • Includes outpainting to expand images
  • Enables custom training of models

Price: Freemium

Address: runwayml.com

15. Wit.ai

Used For: Chatbot & voice interface creation

Wit.ai is a Natural Language Processing (NLP) platform that makes it easy to build applications that can interact with humans via text and voice prompts. It is owned by Facebook and provides tools such as intent detection, contextual understanding, and entity recognition like date, time, location, and data types.


  • Easily create apps that understand natural language
  • Works for automation apps and chatbots
  • Free and open-source software
  • Supports multiple languages

Price: Free

Address: wit.ai

16. Synthesia

Used For: Personalized video marketing

If you need to create a marketing or sales video at scale. One that calls your customer by name or focuses only on the issue a client is interested in or is hyper-localized for multiple regions at once, then Synthesia is your tool. You can check it out with a free trial limited to 200 words.


  • Generate AI video with realistic human presenters
  • Allows you to personalize the videos at scale
  • Uses text-to-speech technology
  • Available in 120+ languages, 50 scenes, & 140+ avatars

Price: $22.50 per month

Free Trial: Yes

Address: synthesia.io

17. Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services

Used For: Cloud AI development

Microsoft Azure cognitive services make AI development easier for developers and data scientists by providing all sorts of models that offer vision, speaking, searching, and hearing functions in their applications. It also includes speech-to-text, text-to-speech, real-time speech translation, and speaker recognition.


  • Pre-built models with API for easy development
  • Customizable models to fit your application
  • Includes Natural Language Processing and vision features
  • Impressive speech and audio recognition functions

Price: Freemium

Address: azure.microsoft.com/en-us/products/cognitive-services

18. IBM Watson Studio

Used For: Cloud AI development

IBM Watson is a cloud development platform for AI applications. It comes with lots of pre-trained models and the necessary tools to help you implement solutions in a wide range of industries from healthcare to advertising, finance, and many more.


  • AI-powered solution for IBM Cloud & other environments
  • Offers a wide range of AI models for different tasks
  • Open-source code
  • Ideal for medium to large businesses

Price: Varies

Address: ibm.com/cloud/watson-studio

19. Adobe Firefly

Used For: Generative image editing

Adobe Firefly is an artificial intelligence module that fits into many Adobe products, from Photoshop to Illustrator and Adobe Express. It is a generative AI engine that turns text prompts into amazing imagery, allowing you to transform your creative projects.


  • Generate images with text
  • Impressive generative fill function
  • Edit your images in Photoshop & illustrator
  • Expand or erase parts of your image with text prompts

Price: Free with an Adobe account

Free Trial: 7 days

Address: adobe.com/sensei/generative-ai/firefly.html

20. This Person Does Not Exist

Used For: Fake portrait generation

For those times when you need a fake picture that will not get you in trouble, avoid browsing search engine images and just let this website generate a non-existent but highly realistic image for you.


  • Fast AI portrait generator
  • Randomly generates new faces
  • Includes gender, age, and ethnicity options
  • Easy to download & use

Price: Free

Address: this-person-does-not-exist.com


We have reached the end of this list of the 20 best AI tools that you should know of, and as you can see, a lot is going on in the world of artificial intelligence. The field is vast and constantly expanding, so it’s up to you to choose your specialty and tools accordingly.

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