10 Best Online Games for Entrepreneurs

Are you an entrepreneur searching for a way to simulate real-world management or investing; online games are your best bet. This article highlights the best online games for entrepreneurs.

Games are excellent ways to relieve stress, have fun, and sometimes learn a skill; they fall into several categories like first-person shooter, real-time strategy, sports, simulation, role-playing, multiplayer online games, etc.

We usually see games as a means of recreation; however, the gaming industry has transformed from traditional gaming to real-world simulation. Players can now simulate real-world activities like management, investing, driving, and more.

Aspiring entrepreneurs can also utilize such simulation games to help them learn about money, investing, entrepreneurship, management, etc. Education has changed from the traditional four corner classroom and has spiraled into an endless pool of learning opportunities.

Thousands of online games for entrepreneurs are available on iOS and Android devices. If you’re looking to have a taste of real-world entrepreneurship, online games can provide you with such an experience. 

Best Games For Entrepreneurs

This article highlights ten of the best online games for aspiring entrepreneurs. Let’s go!

1. Business Inc.

Business Inc. is one of the best online games for entrepreneurs looking to launch their startups. From the beginning, the game throws you into a wilderness of options with no idea of how to start, which is likely the case with most folks looking to start a business. 

It is a strategy game and requires that you develop the best possible way to run your startup from the ground up. The main aim of Business Inc. is to expand your business as much as you can to become the leader of the mobile entertainment network. 

You’re required to hire a certain number of talents to complete projects allocated to help grow your virtual company, just as you would in a startup. Each employee you hire has a motivation level, and if a lot of employees are running low on that, you could potentially crash your company. The app is available on iOS and Android devices

2. Monopoly Go 

Monopoly Go is based on the popular board game Monopoly. This game focuses on entrepreneurs venturing into the real estate industry. You can buy and rent properties to your opponents in the game, similar to a real estate business.

The game utilizes the previous characters of the Monopoly board game but is reinvented with fast-paced real-time multiplayer gameplay. You’re allowed to collect from Go, build on boardwalk, send your opponents to jail, etc.

The best and most efficient way to win in Monopoly Go is by having the most money in the game or bankrupting your opponent. It is a PvP type game focused on fast-paced gameplay between players worldwide.

3. AdVenture Capitalist

AdVenture Capitalist is another excellent option for entrepreneurs searching for an online game to prep their mood for launching their startup. The game is perfect for folks who dream of owning a business, controlling their destiny, or becoming a capitalist tycoon.

Players start initially from humble beginnings of running a lemonade stand to becoming the CEO of a multinational company. As your business grows in the game, you can hire managers to boost your profits, thereby expanding your capitalist empire. 

You can also dress up in exquisite outfits and accessories that not only give you a stunning look but also helps improve your business reputation. Players can rise to the top by attracting wealthy investors to maximize their money-making potential. You can get in on Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

4. Business Tycoon

Yet another capitalist-centered online game for entrepreneurs is Business Tycoon. Like AdVenture Capitalist, game players start small in a small book store and gradually grow to a super successful sports center raking in millions from over 30 businesses.

There are over 32 in-game business players you can choose to start. You also have access to 32 managers that automatically run your businesses for you and help you earn money even while you’re away from the app. 

The key to success in Business Tycoon is steady growth; the more money you earn, the more attention your business gets from potential investors willing to invest significantly in you. Players get 2% more income per business from each new investor. Get in the Play Store or App Store.

5. RollerCoaster Tycoon 

RollerCoaster Tycoon is an online game that helps players create and run amazing parks equipped with fantastic rides. Players can create and design several rollercoasters and rides, landscape parks and also manage each staff working in the park.

As a player, you’re expected to keep your employees happy by managing their finances appropriately. You’re also tasked with ensuring that customers keep flocking into your park to keep the money rolling in. It is available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

6. Landlord Idle Tycoon Business

Landlord Idle Tycoon Business allows players to play a landlord role while becoming expert blockchain billionaires. The app simulates real-world stock markets and real estate investing to help you make the fortunes you dream of (virtually).

Landlord Idle utilizes your GPS location to make you a coin master tycoon. Players can expand their virtual business, invest in real estate, stocks, etc. There’s no limit to what you can own in Landlord Idle, from the Eiffel tower, a skyscraper, any building you could possibly own exists on the app. Check it out on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

7. Tiny Tower

Tiny Tower is a perfect online game for folks who wish to own a skyscraper. Players can build custom skyscraper buildings in a unique pixel art world. You earn more money by building up levels on a tower; the more levels you have, the more expensive the game becomes.

Players are provided with a single idle building simulation that lets you build different floors and manage the businesses and residents that inhibit your tower. Each player is referred to as a Tower manager. 

As a tower manager, your primary duty is to balance the ratio of residential units in the tower with the number of shops in your building. You’re also tasked with upgrading the various floors, collecting rent from your inhabitants, attracting new customers, building new floors, and many more. It is available for iOS and Android devices.

8. Tap Tycoon 

Tap Tycoon is one of the first country vs country incremental games whereby players are tasked with leading their countries to world domination. In Tap Tycoon, players live in the 35th century, so players have access to several futuristic and mind-blowing technologies like holographic windows, luggage shrink ray, etc.

Players can tap the “create money out of thin air” button to generate funds to invest in their businesses. You can turn your business into a multi-billion business by constantly building and upgrading your enterprise.

Tap Tycoon players sync up based on country or geographic location, team up, and compete against other countries to fight for universal domination. Rewards are only given to the most powerful countries. Check it out on Google Play and App Store.

9. Hipster CEO

Hipster CEO is another online game that helps entrepreneurs build their tech startups similar to Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook. The game functions as a simulator that helps aspiring CEOs visualize what it’s like to run a startup.

Players can compete globally against each other by growing their startups to the pinnacle of the tech world. Most of the gameplay is text-based, but this doesn’t make the game less efficient.

Initially, players are required to select a startup idea then you’re funded with about $14,000 to kick start your startup. It’s a challenging game as you’d have to handle employee management, investor equity, employee training, maintaining your office space, and a lot more.

The major downside of Hipster is that it’s only available on iOS devices.

10. Billionaire Capitalist Tycoon

Billionaire Capitalist is a pretty simple game that allows entrepreneurs to grow a business in real-time to start raking billions of dollars. There’s no quick way to billionaire status in the real world, but with Billionaire, players are provided with a quick and easy method to make quick virtual cash.

Players embark on their capitalist journey by initiating a business idea, building on it, expanding the idea, and transforming it from an idea into a business empire. Billionaire lets players create several business strategies that outclass the world’s best investors and keep a low profile to evade the authorities.

Billionaire simulates real-world scenarios; for example, if you establish too many risky businesses, the cops would take you down. You can also manage threat levels and unwanted attention while still building the most successful business empire in the world. 


Online games are excellent ways for aspiring entrepreneurs to simulate real-world management and business skills; they can help you have a taste of what it feels like to run a real company. We’ve listed ten of the best games you can use as an entrepreneur to experience business management, and most of these games are available to download on iOS and Android. 

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