How to Create a Gmail Account

Gmail is the most widely used email address with top-notch security. Here is how to create a Gmail account with some FAQs

Gmail is a free, web-based email service. The service was first announced on April 1st, 2004. It was launched with 1GB of storage space. A limited number of test accounts were created and made available in 2005. On February 2007, Google permitted the creation of Gmail accounts for free without special invitations. As of May 2015, Google’s Gmail service boasted 900 million active users worldwide, according to Statista.  

Currently, it is the world’s most widely used email service due to the fact that most users of Android phones need to have an associated Gmail account to access several features of the android device. 

Gmail is a good tool for business owners and freelancers. It is easy to set up and operate. Also, they offer a strong spam filter which enables you to eliminate junk messages and archive old mail. 

Google’s Gmail service offers a free email address for all users. If you are new to Gmail and perhaps want to create an account, well then, we’ve got what you need. Detailed information on How to create a Gmail account. However, if you have prior created an account and wish to create another account, all you need has been provided for you in this concise article.

How to create a Gmail account

Learn how to create a Gmail account on Google by following these few steps:

1. Navigate to

Type in the Gmail homepage address which is There, you should find a “Create account” link boldly displayed at bottom of the page. Click on it

2. Fill in your details (information)

You’ll firstly need to fill in your personal information such as your first name and surname. Followed by the username or login name you wish to assign to the account.

3. Choose a password

It is advisable that you select a strong and unique password for your account security. Preferably one that is difficult to guess. You are given two fields on the form to authenticate the password, so ensure you enter the same password on both fields.

The “Password Strength” bar will display how strong or weak your password is and may prompt you to input a much stronger password. Keep in mind, that the password is your access to your Gmail account. 

4. Enter mobile information and verify the account

On the sign-up form, there is a reserved section where you’ll be required to fill in your telephone number and verify. Google will send you a 6-digit verification code, enter this code into the open column and click verify.

5. Accept Privacy and terms

Ensure you read through the privacy and terms provided before you, and then select “I Comply” to continue. If you choose “not comply with the privacy and term” you will be disallowed from continuing Gmail account creation.

Google will direct you to the “My Account page” for the e-mail address you only created. There, you’ll “check-in” to your account, “manage your personal information” and thereafter set your “Account preferences”.

6. Gmail profile

After setting your account preference, the next that follows is your profile page. You will see an entirely new page containing your Gmail account name. continue to the next page.

7 You have successfully created a Gmail account

What follows is a warm greeting from Google, “Welcome”. Alongside this, you will see your name. click “Continue to Gmail” to proceed. 

8. Gmail inbox

 A pop-up page may appear, click “close” on it. You will see your Gmail box with your unread email. The first email is usually Google welcoming you to the Gmail service.

With this, you have successfully created your own Gmail account, and can now start using the Gmail services. Subsequently, you can simply Log in to the Gmail account using the email address and password. You can now send emails and as well check incoming (unread) emails into this Gmail address.

What are the Benefits of Having a Gmail Account?

Google is the world’s largest and most well-known internet company with enormous size. It has grown to become the biggest and most registered search engine service by millions of users around the globe. No wonder their channels keep expanding, thus having a Google account enables you access to an email account and all the online opportunities that Google offers to its users. Here are some of the benefits: 

Large Storage Space

Google offers a default storage capacity of 30GB per user for “G Suite Basic plan, while free Gmail accounts are given 15GB storage capacity. Rather than being limited by storage space, you’ll have the privilege of storing lots of email messages and messages with large file contents.

Multiple Accounts

Gmail grants access to having up to 5 email accounts in your main gmail, with this you don’t have to sign in to each email account separately. What this means is that you can have your Yahoo mails and Hotmail from Gmail, and also receive all new messages to these accounts and send emails directly from each of these opened emails as well. 

Online Access from Anywhere

Gmail services allow you to access your emails from anywhere at any time, so long there is internet access. Unlike server-based email programs which may pose some difficulty in accessing emails.

Secure Access 

Your Gmail account security is one of Google’s utmost priorities. Should you perhaps forget your password, there are specific measures to recovering it and this can only be done by the owner of the account, as google has put in place security steps to ensure that intruders don’t get access your secure password. 

Frequently asked questions

Can I have 2 Gmail email addresses?

Yes, of course, you can have 2 different Gmail accounts. Corporate users create both a personal Gmail account and a business Gmail account.

Can you have two Gmail accounts with the Same phone numbers?

Yes, you can have two or more Gmail accounts verified with the same cell phone number. 

Can I create a Gmail Account without a phone number?

Google requires that you have a phone number for verification. So no, you cannot create a Gmail account without a phone number as you are required to fill in that information during account registration to proceed further. 

Why can’t I create a Gmail account?

There may be several causes for not being able to create a Gmail account, however, the very likely reason is probably due to server issues. This also affects your login to Google accounts or services.

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