How to create a Facebook account for yourself or your business

Facebook is the most popular social media platform in the world. Here is how to create a personal and business account.

If you’re looking for how you can set up a Facebook account for your personal or business use, you’re welcome to find out.

Facebook, which is one of the most popular social media platforms has evolved in so many ways from regular account set up to connections and link up as well as virtual interaction. The social media platform allows users to create free accounts, link up with friends and families far and wide, and also connect with different other people around the world.

While Facebook is generally regarded as the largest social media platform, its functionalities go far beyond just social networking and online connections. Although the majority of its users are mostly concerned with postings and comments, a good number of its users as well maximize the platform for business and online marketing. With a large population of people (2 billion), it is the go-to social media platform to get your market share and promote your business. 

Creating a Facebook account is free; however, a user is only permitted to have one account. If you have prior set up a personal Facebook account, you will have to create or set up your business page using that account. Facebook disables duplicate accounts that are created by a user with an existing account

Accessing Facebook

On android devices: you can easily access Facebook using your mobile devices. All you have to do is launch a web browser and enter the Facebook web page address, OR you can simply go to the google play store and install the mobile app. 

On iOS devices: similar to android devices, iOS users can access Facebook via a web browser or download and install the mobile app from the Apple App Store. 

On Desktop: desktop access to Facebook is quite straightforward, simply launch a web browser (google chrome, firefox, opera, Microsoft Edge, etc) and type in the Facebook address. The address is

How to create a personal Facebook account on mobile

Smartphones are the most used devices when it comes to accessing and creating a Facebook account, as it is portable and offers quick access. The guidelines below detail how you can create a personal Facebook for yourself on a smartphone.

1. Go to the Facebook website

Launch a web browser on your mobile device, and type in the web address This should take you to the account page where you will be given options to “Create New Account”, “Find your account” or “Log in to another account” if you have previously opened an account. 

2. Create a new account

From the display options, select “Create New Account” to begin the signing up process. 

3. Enter personal information and details

On the proceeding page you will be required to fill in your “First name” and “Surname”, date of birth and gender, your mobile number, and as well your email address.

4. Choose a password

Enter a private password that is not easy to guess, preferably containing letters and figures. Ensure it is something you can easily remember whenever you want to apply it. 

5. Verify your account

Facebook will send a confirmation link to your mobile number or email address. Enter the link for verification of your Facebook account and select “Register”.

Congratulations! You have successfully created a Facebook account for yourself using your smartphone. 

How to create a personal Facebook account n desktop (computer)

Using a desktop to create a Facebook account is direct and hassle-free. Here’s how to go about it:

  • Open or launch a web browser, this could be google chrome, opera, or firefox. 
  • On the URL address box, type in and tap on enter.
  • A page will open up, on which you will be required to “Log in” if you prior have an account set up previously. OR “Create New Account”. 
  • Click on “Create New Account” to start the registration process. 
  • Once the registration page loads, type in your first name, surname, Mobile number or email address, password, date of birth, and gender on the sign-up form on display. In creating your password, you will be prompted to change the password if it is not strong enough.
  • Proceed by clicking on the “Sign Up” icon to create your Facebook account. A verification text will be sent across to your email address if the information you entered into the sign-up form is accurate. 
  • In a short while, you should receive a verification message sent to the email address you provided. 
  • As soon as you receive the text, click on it to confirm the verification and activate your account.

How to create a Facebook account for your business

With the advent of social media platforms, business and marketing have taken new dimensions toward meeting customers’ demands. Facebook is one of the most guaranteed platforms to advertise your goods and services to a vast majority of people all across the globe.

However, to accomplish this, you have to first set up a business page to expose your business, and here’s how you can do that on any browsing device;

  • Launch a web browser and enter the address on the URL.
  • Once you’re in, select the type of page you wish to create. 
  • A list of 6 options will be presented before you:

1. Local place or business

2. Company, organization, or institution

3. Brand or product 

4. Artist, music group, or public figure

5. Entertainment 

6. Cause or community

  • Select the category of your choice.
  • Enter a name or title for your Facebook business page.
  • Fill in all the required information on your Facebook business page. The information which are; General, Contact, Location, and Schedule. 
  • Furthermore, indicate whether or not you want your incoming messages to be automatically responded to. 
  • Edit the available tabs to your preferred taste and finalize the setup. 

With this, you have successfully created a Facebook account page for your business. Periodically post contents and respond to comments and messages from your followers in your chat box.

How to login to Facebook

To log in to Facebook, all you need to do is;

  • Go to
  • Sign in with your mobile number or email address and password. 
  • Tap on “Log In” to enter your Facebook account. 

Alternatively, you can also simply launch the Facebook app using your Smartphone. 

Frequently asked questions

Can I have more than one Facebook account?

Yes, you can. However, it is against Facebook policies. Each user is expected to have and use only one personal Facebook account. 

Can I create two Facebook accounts with one email address?

No, you can’t. You can only use different email addresses for separate Facebook accounts.

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