10 Best Crypto Trading Bots In 2024

Looking for the best crypto trading bots, but not sure how the most popular ones out there stack up against each other? Read on as we explore these innovative solutions.

Crypto trading bots are computer software that places and manage trades based on preset rules. They make the average trader more productive by working round the clock without getting tired.

Automated crypto trading using bots is possible for both new and experienced traders alike. All you need is to understand the fundamentals of the market and a bit of how the bots themselves work.

Trading bots help you to capitalize on market opportunities at all times. They can also help to reduce boredom for traders and cut down on the time spent in front of monitors.

This post looks at the top 10 crypto trading bots in the market. It includes their highlights and how best to profit and grow your portfolio with each.

Crypto Trading Bot Tips

Before moving on, you should note that it is better to know more about the trading industry and the role of bots. Surely there are a few things to learn to make the best of the market. But while this post can not cover them all, the following is a list of the major terms to understand and be aware of when dealing with crypto trading and bots.

  • Strategy – This is the foundation of every trading system, including the trading bot. There are many strategies out there. And though bots can execute their strategies without interaction, it is usually best when you have some understanding of what is going on. The following are some of the most popular trading strategies.

    • Trend Following – This is one of the oldest and simplest. Buy into bullish markets and sell into bearish ones.
    • Arbitrage – Taking advantage of the slight price differences of an asset in different markets.
    • Market Making – Simultaneously providing buying and selling offers in a market and profiting from the ask/bid spread.
    • Mean Reversion – This strategy tries to profit from extreme changes in an asset’s price, in the hopes that it will return to the previous price levels.
  • NLP – Using Natural Language Processing to automatically conduct fundamental analysis.

  • Back Testing – This is the process of automatically testing your trading strategy using a simulation. Back-testing systems often use historical market data to simulate a live market situation. Then it places and closes trades based on your strategy. The advantage is that you will know if your strategy is profitable or not in just minutes.

  • Paper Trading – Paper trading or demo or mock trading is the process of testing your trading strategy without a live account. Your bot interacts with live market data, but the trades are either theoretical or made on a demo account with fake currency.

  • Scalping – This is a very short trading system. Scalpers take short trades that can last anywhere from just a few seconds to a few minutes.

  • Day Trading – This is trading as a day job. It involves making one or more trades that you close the same day. A day trader usually executes trades lasting a few hours.

  • Swing Trading – A swing trade can last from a few days to a few weeks.

  • Trading Signal – A trading signal is a buy or sell advice from an external source. A signal can get generated from an automated system or it can come from a manual trader. Many are free, but the good ones usually cost money. Some trading systems rely solely or partially on trading signals.

  • Money Management – This is the process of using only a portion of your account to make trades. So, you can survive a theoretical series of losses. The best advice is to risk no more than 2-5% of your account per trade. And never more than 10% overall.

  • Risk Diversification – Diversifying your interests is also part of money management and sound investment advice. It simply entails buying different assets in the same period, to reduce your overall risk.

Best exchange for crypto trading bots

Crypto trading bots will need to connect to your exchange, from where they are able to help you trade and make money while you sleep. So make sure you open an account with a reliable crypto exchange if you don’t have one already. While they are many crypto exchanges out there, the most efficient and reliable crypto trading bots may not be supporting it.

The most supported crypto exchange is Binance. If you are in a country where Binance is not supported then Coinbase should be a good second option.

While Binance is by far the most popular crypto exchange and control of most of the market, Coinbase is a distant second.

Top Crypto Trading Bots

CrptohopperBest Overall, manual & automatedFreemiumCryptohopper.com
PionexSimplicity, beginner-friendly0.05%pionex.com
BitsgapCloud-based, ready-to-go strategies$29 /monthbitsgap.com
CoinruleBest for strategy developersFreemiumcoinrule.com
ZenbotOpen source, Node.js, 11+ exchangesFreegithub.com/DeviaVir/zenbot
3CommasExtensive features, tools, 18+ exchangesFreemium3commas.io
GunbotSelf-hosted, lifetime ownership, multi-platformBTC0.00275gunbot.com
TralityPython coders, easy managementFreemiumtrality.com
ShrimpyPortfolio management, copy trading$19 /monthshrimpy.io
MudrexProfitable strategies, consistent profitsPAYGmudrex.com

1. Cryptohopper

  • Highlights: Best overall, multiple strategies, AI strategy
  • Exchanges: 15
  • Price: Freemium
  • Website: cryptohopper.com

The cryptohopper bot is a powerful system with lots of features to help every cryptocurrency trader make some money in the markets. It offers four account types, including free and premium ones.

Bots on this platform are called hoppers and you can either use strategies, templates, or signals to tell your hopper when to buy or when to sell. Some of these strategies and templates are free, while others are not.

Cryptohopper’s free package is called the Pioneer account and it comes with portfolio management and lets you trade on all the 15 available exchanges, from Coinbase to Binance, Huobi, and so on. It also lets you trade manually, but there is a 20-position limit.

Go a step higher and you will get the Explorer account for $19 per month. This account allows up to 80 positions and 15 coins, plus you can try it free for 7 days.

The other accounts offer even more features, such as up to 200 positions for the $49 per month Adventurer package and 500 positions for the $99 per month Hero package. Plus, you get market arbitrage and market-making features for up to 75 coins.

Cryptohopper also features paper trading, so you can practice trading cryptocurrencies without owning any. Setup is fast and you have access to all its extensive features.

2. Pionex

  • Highlights: Beginner friendly, very simple system
  • Exchanges: N/A
  • Price: 0.05%
  • Website: pionex.com

New traders who yearn for simplicity will appreciate what Pionex offers. This platform is a cryptocurrency exchange with 16 free trading bots.

This means you can just select a bot and let it grow your account. No complicated setups. No need to learn or master cryptocurrencies. Everything is easily laid out and ready to go.

Pionex also offers a mobile trading platform, so it’s great for those on the go as well. The system offers an Arbitrage bot with a 15 to 50% annual percentage return, a grid trading bot that automatically buys lows and sells high for you, plus many others.

All you have to pay is 0.05% for each transaction. But if you have about 300,000 USDT and wish to become a market maker, then the fee drops to 0.0%.

3. Bitsgap

  • Highlights: Cloud-based crypto trading, pre-made strategies
  • Exchanges: 25+ indicators
  • Price: From $29 per month
  • Website: bitsgap.com

The Bitsgap platform is entirely cloud-based. So, there is nothing to download, setup is fast, and pre-made trading strategies are available to get you started.

There is a demo practice mode, fully automatic portfolio management, 25+ supported exchanges, and availability in desktop and mobile versions.

What Bitsgap lacks, however, is also a free plan. The platform’s Basic account starts from $29 per month and offers 2 active bots and unlimited orders.

For $69 per month, you get 5 active bots, with futures trading, and trailing stop features. While the PRO account gives you 20 bots and adds a take-profit feature to the list.

4. Coinrule

  • Highlights: Easy to use, intuitive, flexible, free account
  • Exchanges: 10+
  • Price: Freemium
  • Website: coinrule.com

Coinrule does exactly as the name says – it lets you set up trading rules for your cryptocurrencies of choice. And in addition, you can also choose from its over 150 included strategy templates.

These are simply defined but effective strategies to manage your funds. For instance, you could use a single-coin strategy that buys a certain amount of the coin once it drops below a set threshold. And this gives you an efficient long-term accumulation strategy.

There are four account types on Coinrule and this is also determined by how much you trade. The first is the Free plan for those with up to $3k in monthly trade volume. It connects to only 1 exchange, lets you make up to 2 free rules, and use up to 7 strategies.

Next up is the Hobbyist account for $29 per month. This one has a $300k monthly trading volume limit and includes up to 7 rules, 40 template strategies, 2 connected exchanges, and other advanced features.

The other is the Trader account for $59 per month with 3 connected exchanges, up to $3 million monthly volume, and TradingView integrations. This account lets you create up to 15 live rules and use unlimited template strategies. The next is the Pro account for $449 per month with even more features.

5. Zenbot

  • Highlights: Free & open source, multiple strategies
  • Exchanges: 11+
  • Price: Free
  • Website: github.com/DeviaVir/zenbot

The Zenbot package is ideal for those who would love to create their crypto trading bot and could use some coding help. It is configurable with different strategies and is open-source, so you can extend it.

Zenbot works on 11+ exchanges, including Kraken, Bitfinex, Binance, GDAX, and so on. You are free to take it, tinker with it, and create whatever pleases you.

The system runs on Node.js and MongoDB. It includes a back-testing simulator, a paper trading mode, and extensive configuration possibilities.

If you are looking for a hands-free approach, then you might want to look elsewhere. But if you are the creator type and want to play with cryptocurrency trading and coding on your system then this platform is worth a try.

6. 3Commas

  • Highlights: Smart tools, smart setup
  • Exchanges: 18
  • Price: Freemium
  • Website: 3commas.io

This platform includes all the tools to make you as comfortable as possible while generating the best possible returns for your funds. From portfolio management to notifications, multiple algorithms, and trading signals integration, everything is just there.

3Commas offers a freemium membership model that is commission-free. That is, you do not pay any extra fees asides from the monthly payment.

The Free account offers 3 bot types and a scalper terminal. The Starter account adds extra features like paper trading and portfolio balancing for $14.50 a month. While the Advanced account includes unlimited DCA bots for $24.50 per month.

This goes on till the Pro account for $49.50 per month with 18 supported exchanges, mobile apps, TradingView integration, and 20+ extra features.

7. Gunbot

  • Highlights: Multiplatform, lifetime ownership, steady updates
  • Exchanges: 5+
  • Price: From 0.00275 BTC
  • Website: gunbot.com

Gunbot is different from all other trading bots on this list for a few reasons. The first is that you have to buy the software outright before using it.

The second reason is that you can install it on practically any computer or VPS of choice. Because it works on Windows, macOS, Linux, and even Raspberry Pi.

Just install on the target system, connect to your desired exchange with your API key, create a trading strategy from the 20+ systems provided on the menu or just tweak one, select your desired trading pairs, and start your bot.

Gunbot works on all major crypto exchanges, but you are limited to only 1 exchange with the Starter plan that costs 0.00275 BTC with 4 strategies. The Gunbot Pro and Ultimate allow 3 and 5 exchanges respectively. But they also cost 0.0103125 BTC and 0.0171875 BTC respectively.

8. Trality

  • Highlights: Online Python code editor, flexible plans, free account
  • Exchanges: Binance, Kraken, Coinbase, Bitpanda
  • Price: Freemium
  • Website: trality.com

Trality is a platform for Python traders who wish to take an active part in developing their crypto trading bots. It comes with an online Python code editor and is available in 4 accounts.

The first account is called Pawn and it is free with a €5,000 maximum trading volume per month, 1 live bot, and a 60-minute tick intervals.

The next account is the Knight for €9.99 per month with the same 60-minute interval. But it comes with a €25,000 volume, 2 live and 2 virtual bots, plus 1-month log retention.

You can get the Rook account for €39.99 per month. This is the most popular plan on the platform and it offers a €250,000 maximum trading volume, 5-minute tick intervals, and 5 live and 5 virtual bots.

Finally, there is the Queen account for €59.99 per month. This one gives you unlimited trading volume, 1-minute minimum tick intervals, 10 live bots, and unlimited log retention.

9. Shrimpy

  • Highlights: Manage entire portfolios easily, copy top traders
  • Exchanges: 30+
  • Price: From $19 per month
  • Website: shrimpy.io

For those with wallets scattered around the web. And who need a way to stay invested, while managing things with ease, Shrimpy could be an answer.

It offers you a central location to manage and track all your crypto assets. It also offers automated strategies that are easy to set up, so you can passively grow your assets in comfort. And if you like, you can also copy the activities of top traders automatically.

But with all its goodness, there is no free account on the platform. So, you will have to pay at least $19 per month for the Starter plan, $79 for the Professional, and $299 for the Enterprise plans.

All plans include social trading, strategy automation, and portfolio rebalancing. The Starter plan offers 3 portfolios per exchange and up to 5 exchanges. While the Professional offers 5 portfolios in up to 10 exchange accounts.

10. Mudrex

  • Highlights: Invest in experts
  • Exchanges: Binance
  • Price: From $5 per month
  • Website: mudrex.com

This is a great platform for those who just want to profit from trading in the cryptocurrency industry, but are not interested in gambling, speculating, or dealing with stuff they are not sure about.

Mudrex lets you invest the smart way by leveraging the expertise of professional crypto traders. You can invest directly in the best traders, in custom crypto baskets to weather storms, or any other products.

You can create a free account to check out the platform. You only have to pay when you invest and the fee varies from $5 per month and upwards.

You can also make money from the platform if you are an expert trader and system designer. Simply use the interface to create your unique strategy, publish it, and earn.


We have reached the end of this list of the top 10 crypto trading bots out there and you have seen all the great features that make each one stand out.

Where you go from here and which one you choose is entirely up to you because we are all different, with different needs.

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