How To Invent The Best Name For Your Business

Trying to come up with a nice business name for your new business? Here is an expert guide on how you can achieve just that.

Choosing the perfect name for a business venture is a common challenge for business owners and can significantly affect a business’s success. A strong, memorable name can benefit your branding and business promotion plans.

It should capture your brand’s core values. It should stick to the mind of your customers and should remind your staff of why you do the business.

This article will show you how to come up with the best name for your business by listing some tips and ideas you can use to get a catchy name for your brand.

How to create a business name

Follow this guide to generate a business name:

Use Abbreviations

A common method to use if you want to brand your business is to use a set of initials. A good business name shouldn’t be lengthy.

Consider using a portion of a string of valuable words as your business name. Many large corporations shorten their complete names into abbreviations because it’s simpler to remember; brands like the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation).

Combine Different Concepts

Combining different concepts is among the most inventive ways to create unique business names. Check two or three terms related to your brand, and consider if you can integrate them completely or partially into the name.

Assuming you want to start an outlet specializing in pizza, a name like ‘PizzaGo’ can suffice.

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Utilize The Tools At Your Disposal To Come Up With Names

You can use various websites to come up with names, such as, to give you a visual around a keyword. has a startup business name generator. Shopify Business Name Generator creates brand name ideas and can also verify the domain availability for you at once. You can also use to generate theme-based names.

Find Motivation in Art and Mythology

Some well-known businesses like Hermes and Oracle have names derived from myths. You can name your business after a mythological character, but do research to see whether there is one that is appropriate for your business.

Run a Comprehensive Web Research

Do some internet research for the name when you choose one you like. You’ll likely discover that somebody else is already using the name. But don’t stop there; research more till you see one that is unique and not in use.

Utilize Your Name

You can establish a business with your name since it’s your brand. Many popular companies have the name of their founders, such as Boeing, named after William Boeing, the founder.

Incorporate Foreign Language

Incorporating a non-native language is another inventive technique to generate brand name concepts. It helps prospective customers to remember your brand and make it look intriguing. It can be a wine shop with an Irish name or a clothing store with a Spanish name.

Acer meaning ‘sharp,’ ‘able,’ and Volvo meaning ‘I roll’ are instances where Latin name is used. Use any foreign language of your choice to describe your brand, depending on the type of services you want to offer.

Spice Things Up By Looking At A Map

Get motivated by the world. You’ve probably heard of Amazon, the king of online retail. It bears the name of the world’s biggest river. Ingvar Kamprad got IKEA when he blended his name with that of his hometown, Elmtaryd Agunnaryd.

Selecting a too specific name can lead to issues in the future. Don’t use names like ‘Wedding Clothing of Virginia Islands.’ It would be best if you didn’t restrict your brand to a certain location unless you want to operate in a specific location.

Form An Alliance With a Similar Business

You can collaborate with another business owner or team up with another brand and combine elements of both names to make a new one.

Utilize Nicknames

Use your nickname as the name of your business to add some personality. Alternatively, you can create a memorable brand name using your kid’s name or nick. Mercedes as a brand bears the name of the founder’s daughter.

Make Use Of A Symbol

Another strategy is using a symbol or key component of your product or the service you render as motivation for your brand name.

Gather Feedback

After coming up with five or ten names, have them reviewed by reliable close friends, relatives, or coworkers. Ask your intended audience for input as well. Additionally, ensure that the name does not have any unfavourable meanings.

Evaluate Your Brand Product or Service Using Another Perspective

Think of what else your business product can remind you of. Perhaps you’re beginning a cosmetics business, and you’ve noticed that your makeup kits have a floral design. You can incorporate that into the business name.

Research Keywords

You can use free keyword ideas from Twinword to formulate your business name. The website displays a diagram of all the other words linked to the keyword you enter in the search box when you type in a keyword associated with your brand.

Change Wordings

You can attract people’s attention to your brand name by deleting a letter, adding a letter, or changing the wording of a well-known word entirely.

Brands like Flickr omitted the final ‘e’ to create a short, memorable name. Pick a phrase important to your business and devise a new way of spelling it.

Utilize Your Convictions

You can remind yourself about what you believe in and share the same with your clients and workers by structuring the name of your business to that belief.

A name like “Nomad” immediately evokes images of exploration and adventure.

Use Your Personal or Brand’s Story

Telling your business story through a name can be a wonderful opportunity. If your business has a fascinating backstory, you may use the name of your business to describe it.

Research With A Dictionary

You can pick a unique word from the dictionary if you’ve read other methods listed above but are still confused about what to name your brand.

In Summary

It is advisable to generate many brand-name concepts and analyze them before choosing one. After you’ve selected the ideal one, proceed to do the necessary verifications. If the name is unique, register a web domain that fits it.

Businesses rebrand but doing so requires time and resources. To ensure that your brand is off to a fantastic start, make an effort to get the name perfect on the first attempt.

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