10 Best domain name generators in 2024

Looking for the perfect domain name for your new website idea? Check out this list of the best domain name generators to use.

Generating a catchy and easy-to-remember domain name for your business or new website idea can be very stressful and mentally tasking. You may find that almost every good domain name you have in mind is taken!

With the emergence of domain name reselling as a lucrative business, so many companies and individuals have flooded the internet, registering almost every sensible domain name. You have to pay premium rates to get these domain names from them.

There are marketplaces like Flippa and Sedo where you can find a catchy domain name at auction. These domain names have been registered by resellers who are hoping to make a profit on it.

But if you are tight on budget and prefer to generate your own domain name. Then you can rely on domain name generators to help you.

Domain name generators, also known as website name generators are tools that automatically suggest available domain names making use of the keyword(s) provided by a user. These tools save users time by searching through records of domains and automatically suggesting available names. Some of them can generate SEO friendly names.

I have used a domain name generator to find a suitable domain name for a website, which is generating revenues for me today.

Before you begin your domain name search, there are some things that you should keep in mind.

Make your domain name memorable: Your domain name should be memorable. That means it should be easy to remember and easy to spell.

.COM is the default for many people: There are over 1000 domain extensions but .com is the default for most people. When they think of a website, they automatically assume it is .com. So you should normally only opt for another extension if .com is not available.

Country TLD may out-perform others in search: This is from personal experience. I have noticed that for some countries like Australia, United Kingdom, and some others, using a country-specific domain name seems to result in better performance in search. I may be wrong but it is worth looking at.

Make use of keywords if possible: While there is no longer any known SEO benefit but having keywords makes it very brandable. You could join two short words together as we have here “Target + Trend = TargetTrend.”

Avoid trademark name: I am not a lawyer but common sense suggests you should avoid infringing on people’s trademark

Be flexible: While .com is the most popular domain extension, there are cases that other domain extensions will work well. If you are an NGO or Non-profit, a .org will work fine. Wikipedia is .org. Enough said.

Top 10 domain name generators

Here are the best domain name generators:

1. NameMesh


NameMesh is the best domain name generator. This tool can help you generate SEO friendly domain names and short domain names. The options you find on this tool are amazing.

This is my personal favorite by far and I have used it on many occasions. Just input a word and watch the magic. It will recommend SEO friendly names, short names, popular names and so many more.

When you input a keyword, this tool can form a new, easy to pronounce and spell domain name out of it. A unique word that has never been heard of.

Key features:

  • SEO friendly domain names
  • Short domain names
  • A new word domain name created from the supplied keyword(s)
  • Many TLDs
  • Search the newest gTLDs
  • Generate a similar available name to your keyword
  • Suggested premium alternatives
  • Use 1 or more keyword to search
  • Hide registered domain
  • Set character length
  • Fast suggestions
  • Very Popular tool

2. Namecheap domain name generator

Namecheap domain name generator

Namcheap is easily one of the best domain name registrars. They have a very big reputation when it comes to registering domain names. They also have a very effective domain name generator.

The domain Generator allows you put in 1 or more keywords. Pick the domain extensions that you want to search and more.

Key features:

  • Up to 480 domain name extensions available to search
  • Use 1 or more keyword to search
  • Append Prefix/Suffix
  • Hide unavailable domain names
  • Find premium domains
  • Drop the last vowel: For example, flicker.com becomes flickr.com
  • Pluralize nouns: For example, tool.com becomes tools.com
  • Mobile friendly
  • Fast search
  • Fast registration with Namecheap

3. LeanDomainSearch


LeanDomainSearch is a popular domain name generator. It has a very simple and colorful layout but very effective in domain name suggestions.

It is superfast. On my first try, it generated over 4700 domain names in 0.037 seconds. That is great. It also has simple features to help you refined your domain name search.

Key features:

  1. Starts generated domain with your keyword (Prefix)
  2. End generated domain with your keyword (Suffix)
  3. SEO friendly domain names
  4. Sort suggested domains by popularity, length, or in alphabetical order
  5. Superfast search

4. DomainWheel


DomainWheel is a domain name generator created by the team at ThemeIsle. It offers fast domain name suggestions. Most of the names suggested are SEO friendly.

All you have to do is input the keyword, select the domain extensions that you need suggestions from and search. It will automatically populate with the most suitable domain names available. You will also see premium options.

Key features:

  • SEO friendly domain names
  • Suggested premium alternatives
  • Find other names that sound Like your preferred keyword
  • Random name suggestions based on your keyword

5. Shopify domain name generator

Shopify domain name generator

Shopify is a leading eCommerce platform. If you will like to generate a domain name for your online store then you should try the Shopify domain name generator. You get to start your store with Shopify as soon as you pick a domain name.

Just input your ideal domain name or keyword and search. You will get many suggestions. Once you are fine with it, you can follow the on-screen directions to register and start your store.

Key features:

  • Search many domain name extensions
  • Simple to use
  • Find alternative domain names
  • Link your domain to your Shopify store

6. NameStation


NameStation makes use of 28 different methods to generate domain names for users. Simply input your keyword(s) and watch NameStation get to work. This tool prioritizes helping users generate keyword domain names.

If you do not want the name to be automatically generated, then, you can create a naming contest for humans in the NameStation community to help suggest a suitable name for your idea.

Key features:

  • Generate keyword domain names (SEO friendly)
  • Many domain extensions to pick from
  • Include popular affixes
  • Tweak Words
  • Manual human help in domain generation

7. Domainr


As an ICANN-accredited entity, Domainr conducts domain name checks at the domain registry directly in real-time. You get instant search and suggestions of available domain names related to your keyword or ideal domain.

Just input your keyword or ideal domain to search. It is super fast. You will find options in different domain extensions.

Key features:

  • Many domain extensions
  • Superfast search
  • Reputable brand

8. DomainTyper


DomainTyper is an instant domain name generator that searches through over 1700 top-level domain extensions to suggest the best available names.

You don’t need to click a button or use the enter key, as you are typing, it is bringing out suggestions. That is how fast this tool is. You also get to check if your domain name is available as user name on social media network like twitter, Instagram and more.

Key features:

  • Instant domain search
  • Over 1700 domain name extensions to search
  • SEO friendly domain names
  • Check if the domain is available a username on popular social media networks

9. iwantmyname


iwantmyname is another simple domain name generator with a simple design yet so effective. Don’t be deceived by the simple looks, it has god features to help you find an ideal domain for your ideas.

Just type your keyword and click on the search icon to get a long list of suggested domains displayed in a simple way. You can hide the domains that are unavailable so you only view what is available.

Key features:

  • Many domain extensions to search
  • Hide unavailable domain names
  • Superfast search

10. Panabee


Panabee offers a simple way to search and generate domain a name for your website or new ideas. The platform has a cool look and its suggestions are cool too. I love how you can select a domain extension to get ideas based on that extension alone.

You also get related term suggestions and you can check if your chosen name is available as a username on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Key features:

  • Domain name ideas based on the selected domain extension
  • Many domain extensions available to search
  • Related term suggestion
  • Check social media for the availability of domain as a username
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