10 Best electronic signature apps in 2024 (free & paid)

Looking to employ electronic signature apps, but not sure where to begin? Take a look at this list of the market's top offers.

Electronic signatures offer many benefits. They are good for the environment, they help save paper costs, and they can speed up your overall business workflow.

So it is a good thing if you are considering electronic signature software because your business can benefit from them, no matter how small or large.

In addition to their basic benefits, most e-signature apps also come with extra features that make their use much more valuable and reliable than paper signatures.

But there are so many solutions, however. So, this list of the top 10 electronic signature apps narrows things down to the very best, to help you reach a better decision.

Top electronic signature apps (eSignature)

NameBest forPriceWebsite
Adobe SignBest overallFrom $9.99/macrobat.adobe.com
PandaDocFree plan, ease of useFree, $19/mpandadoc.com
DocuSignFreelancersFrom $10/mdocusign.com
HelloSignFree plan, flexibilityFree, $15/mhellosign.com
SignEasySMBs, iOSFrom $8/msigneasy.com
SignNowTailored solutionsFrom $8/msignnow.com
ZohoSignBlockchain recordsFree, $10/mzoho.com/sign
SignableSimple plansFrom £1/docsignable.co.uk
eSign GenieSmall businessesFrom $2/docesigngenie.com
OneSpan SignLarge organizationsQuotationonespan.com

1. Adobe Sign

Adobe Sign

Adobe is a leading software maker and the producer of the Acrobat PDF file reader and editor. With Sign, the company adds signature features that can greatly improve any business’ efficiency.

Adobe Sign lets you sign PDFs and other documents or send them out for other people to sign. You can also export your PDFs to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint formats. Plus, you can use it on different services like Google Drive and Office 365.

All these features come with the base plan for $9.99 per month. But Adobe also offers a higher plan with its Acrobat Pro DC desktop app for $14.99 per month and password protection for the PDF files.

You can also go for the full set of Adobe Sign with advanced features. This one lets you collect signatures directly from your website. Plus you can receive online payments and other features for $27.99 per month.

Adobe has no free plan. But it also offers a top security level that meets or exceeds most legal compliance standards with its certificate-based digital signatures.

Pros: Reliable brand, secure, advanced features

Cons: No free plan

Website: https://acrobat.adobe.com

2. PandaDoc


If you want an easy-to-use e-signature platform, then check out PandaDoc’s offering. It lets your customers easily sign your documents from anywhere and with any device.

Each signed document comes with an ESIGN- and UETA-compliant electronic certificate to make it secure and legally binding.

PandaDoc is available on a free plan with unlimited signatures and a payment feature. But for $19 per user per month, you get a drag-and-drop editor, templates, and document analytics that let you know when a document gets opened, viewed, signed, and commented on.

Major features like CRM and Zapier integrations start with the Business plan for $49 per month. Here, you can integrate PandaDoc with over 10 CRM solutions, including Hubspot and PipeDrive. You also get forms, custom branding, approval workflows, and a content library to work with.

Pros: Unlimited use, free plan, custom integrations

Cons: Integration only on higher plans

Website: https://www.pandadoc.com

3. DocuSign


Freelancers, agencies, and other remote professionals and organizations can benefit a lot from DocuSign. It is a well-thought-out package, with the right plans for everyone.

DocuSign makes it easy to sign documents from anywhere. In addition to a signature, you can add other fields to your document, including date or specific contract details. And in addition to email, you can also reach your signers via SMS.

There is support for up to 43 languages, reusable templates, top security, and 99.99% availability. DocuSign integrates with over 350 services and APIs, so you can extend it to fit your purpose.

The Personal plan starts from $10 per month and is limited to 5 signers. But you can remove that limitation and include other features, starting from the Standard plan for $25 per month.

Pros: Flexible, extensive integrations, easy to use

Cons: No free plan

Website: https://www.docusign.com

4. HelloSign


The Hellosign package has many things going for it, and that includes its free plan, numerous integrations, and flexibility.

HelloSign integrates beautifully into the apps you already use. So you can conveniently use it from your Gmail, Google Drive, Dropbox, Salesforce, Evernote, Hubspot, Slack, and etc accounts.

You also get team management tools for administration, templates, branding, and bank-level security for each document, with a comprehensive audit trail.

HelloSign offers a free plan with up to 3 signature requests per month. Unlimited requests start from $15 per month with 5 templates and data validation. And there are also Business and Enterprise plans.

Pros: Seamless integration, scalable, flexible, API

Cons: Limited free plan

Website: https://www.hellosign.com

5. SignEasy


SignEasy makes signing easy for small- and medium-sized businesses. The package lets you sign a contract yourself or by others.

They can also sign the documents sequentially. That is one after the other in a specified order. Or you can let them sign it at once. You will see who has signed and who has not, as well as receive notifications when the signing is complete.

SignEasy works with many file formats from PDF to Excel, Word, and even images like PNG and JPG. It works on most leading applications and workflow solutions, including Google documents, Outlook, Freshworks, Evernote, Zapier, and so on.

There is no free plan, however. The Essential plan starts from $8 per user per month and includes unlimited documents, but it is limited to 5 signature requests. The Pro plan offers unlimited requests and in-person requests, in addition to templates.

Pros: Easy system, secure, audit trail, unlimited signing

Cons: No free plan

Website: https://signeasy.com

6. SignNow


SignNow is an e-signature service that offers tailored solutions to different industries. These range from finance to sales, healthcare, tech, education, human resources, and so on.

The package is available in four plans. There is a Business plan which costs $8 per month and features unlimited templates. But it is limited to one team.

At $15 per month, however, the Business Premium package features unlimited teams, multiple languages, branding, and so on.

There is also an Enterprise plan with more features like payment requests and unlimited fields for $30. And finally, there is the airSlate Business Cloud Integration for large teams with enterprise-grade features, CRM/ERP integration, phone support, automation, and lots more.

Pros: Tailored industry solutions, templates, bulk invites, signing order

Cons: Limited integrations, no free plan

Website: https://www.signnow.com

7. Zoho Sign

Zoho Sign

If you are already a Zoho customer, then you should check out their signing package, as it includes a free plan, so there is nothing to lose.

You can sign up to 5 documents in a month with the free plan, but it integrates perfectly with all other Zoho apps, from CRM to Books, Invoice, People, and so on. You can also import from OneDrive, Dropbox, Google, etc.

Its outstanding feature, however, is Blockchain Time-stamping. This feature involves creating a public record on Ethereum with the hash from the signed document and a time-stamp. This makes your contract smart and immutable.

However, this feature is only available for the Enterprise plan at $20 per month. Else, there are cheaper plans for $10 and $15 per user per month with templates, SMS notifications, reports, reminders, and so on.

Pros: Straightforward system, Zoho apps integration, blockchain stamping

Cons: Time-stamping is only for Enterprise plans

Website: https://www.zoho.com/sign/

8. Signable


Signable takes an entirely different approach to pricing. The base plan is a Pay As You Go offer and it starts from £1 per envelope signed. It allows unlimited users and templates.

Other plans include the Small Business plan with up to 50 envelopes a month for £21 per month, the Medium Business with 150 envelopes for £49, and the Large Business with 400 envelopes for £119.

All the Business plans feature API access and branding. There is also a team-management feature with permissions and IP-based access control.

Pros: Simple plans, unlimited users, templates

Cons: No free plan

Website: https://www.signable.co.uk

9. eSign Genie

eSign Genie

eSign Genie also uses the Pay As You Go model for its base plan, but it is offered in dollars. This service is great for the freelancer or business owner, who is just getting started because of its flexibility.

There is no limit to the number of signers for a document. All you have to do is pay $2 for the file and get it signed online with an audit trail, status notifications, 3 reusable templates, and an Excel report.

You can also sign up for eSign’s Professional and Business plans for $8 and $20 per month, respectively. As well as its customized Enterprise package with volume pricing.

Of course, the higher plans offer more templates, more integrations from Salesforce to payment gateways, online form embedding, custom branding, and automation features.

Pros: Easy, secure, extensive integrations

Cons: Free trial is only for 14 days

Website: https://www.esigngenie.com

10. OneSpan Sign

OneSpan Sign

If you are looking for the type of e-signature software that top companies and brands use, then check out OneSpan. It is available in professional and Enterprise plans, and that’s it.

Deployment is available for on-premise self-hosting, private cloud, or public cloud. The system complies with all security standards, with performance optimization, branding, international support, in-person signing, and mobile capture.

You also get re-usable templates, attachments, groups, permissions, and so on.

As you can imagine, this offer is not for beginners. And pricing is also by quotation. But if you are looking for a true enterprise-grade solution, then you’ve got it.

Pros: Ideal for large companies, extensive features, customization

Cons: Contact for quotes

Website: https://www.onespan.com


We have come to the end of this top 10 electronic signature apps list. And as you can see, there are enough offers out there for all types of professionals and use cases.

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