10 Best software for creating an investment pitch deck

Struggling to come up with a pitch deck on your own? Here are tools that can help you get the job done easily.

An investor’s pitch is a powerful tool that can turn a small, struggling startup into a global business. Many companies have received millions of dollars worth of funding from investors on the basis of a 14 to 20-page slide. Uber is proof.

The ride-hailing company succeeded in raising $1.8 million round from investors led by First round capital in 2010. This was made possible using a 25-page pitch deck presentation.

Sounds interesting right? 

Therefore, so much care must be put into the preparation of an award-winning presentation. First, you need to prepare a killer pitch deck. Depending on the industry and mode of presentation, you might also need a pitch video.

A pitch deck is a graphical presentation in the form of PowerPoint slides that contains a summary of your business plan and is focused on convincing an investor that your business is worth an investment.

A pitch video is a short visual presentation that explains your business using a combination of sound, images, and motion clips. The goal is to express your business in relatable concepts while also creating a connection with an investor and getting them to write some heavy checks for your business.

These days, most accelerators like YCombinator require a one-minute video pitch as part of the judging criteria. Are you stuck at creating either a pitch deck or a pitch video? Looking for the best software to create your pitch presentation?

This article contains the 10 best tools you could use to create a pitch presentation with no stress and a low budget from the comfort of your home. You can also access editable templates which will save you time in the event you are hard-pressed for time. 

Best tool to create a pitch deck

Here are the best tools to create a pitch presentation:

1. Haiku Deck

Haiku is one of the easiest, fastest, and most efficient software you need in your pitching journey. The platform provides users an array of templates they can select from, as well as a well-endowed stock photo library. It grants access to over 40 million royalty-free creative resources and thousands of professionally designed templates you can choose from. 

With two distinct pricing plans, pro, and premium. Pro costs $19.99 monthly and $119.88 billed annually. While the premium package includes all of the pro features plus extra and goes for $29.99 monthly/ $359.88 billed annually. You can begin by signing up for a free trial.

2. Slidebean

Slidebean is a web-based, AI-powered presentation tool that allows you to create anything from a pitch deck to financial modeling for your presentation. It offers a wide variety of customizable pitch deck templates you can easily choose from, including proven templates of companies like Facebook, Uber, Youtube to guide you on your way. 

Slidebean is efficient, fast, and reliable. It is created in a way that you could import images, graphs, charts, tables, videos, and other elements into your presentation even without prior design skills. Pricing plans cost Starter plan ($8/monthly) and All-access ($19/monthly) billed annually.

3. Slidescarnival

Slidescarnival is a free PowerPoint presentation design tool. It has no registration limits and unlimited downloads. It can help you save time and resources on your pitching journey through the use of its pre-designed presentation themes that can be tailored to suit any brand or industry.

Slidescarnival is easy to use and has a wealth of creative tools and presentation design templates.

4. Pitch

Pitch is a quality presentation design software that helps teams create beautifully designed decks in record time. With pitch, you can easily make edits to a presentation like fonts and colors, import external media such as images and infographics, and also explore a rich internal stock library for design materials. 

There are also beautifully designed templates available for users. Pricing is from $8/month per member, billed annually.  

5. Beautiful.ai

Beautiful.ai is an AI presentation tool that is uncomplicated and can be used by startups and individuals to build powerful pitch presentations. It provides analytics on presentation. That means you can see who has viewed your presentation and the duration. 

You can save some much-needed hours by using pre-designed templates, in addition to a large stock photo library and other design resources like graphs, pie charts, as well as other add-ins. Beautiful has both free and paid plans, pro$12/month and team$38 per user/month, billed annually.

6. Canva

Canva is a great design tool with thousands of free editable presentation templates, and a simple interface anybody can use without stress. It also has an amazing stock library of royalty-free images and video clips. 

Canva is your go-to software for all your design needs including a pitch deck, pitch video, logo, branding kit, and many more. Pricing plans range from free (limited design resource), pro($12.99/month), and enterprise($47.99/month).

7. Visme

This is one of the best presentation creation software. Using Visme, you could effortlessly create a pitch deck or video with thousands of templates and creative resources at your disposal. 

This sleek website provides a variety of graphic tools, infographic materials, and icons anyone can use to create a compelling pitch presentation from scratch. Teams can work collaboratively on Visme. Pricing plans are from $14/month, billed annually.

8. Google Slides

This is an effective presentation software that comes with every Google account. It works just like Google docs but with an interface similar to PowerPoint. 

With Google slides, connecting to other Google apps has been simplified which saves a lot of time because you can easily embed data from your Gmail, Google Drive, Sheets, or Search results directly into a presentation. It has both free and paid plans. The paid is for business teams and is priced at $12/month per user.

9. Pitchtape

This is a web-based platform that allows teams and organizations to collaborate on pitching presentations asynchronously. Pitchtape offers editable video presentations anyone can use even without basic video editing skills.

With this tool, you could self-record your pitch video one topic at a time, add other pitching materials such as a pitch deck, and share video via link to investors. Pitchtape has both free and paid plans starting from $49/month.

10. Slides

This is another easy-to-use pitch deck creation software. Slides has a simple user interface that allows for easy navigation and checking presentation flow. It also has other helpful features such as a timer to help control the speed of the presentation.

You could subscribe to any of its three pricing packages viz. lite ($5 monthly), pro($10 monthly), and lastly, team ($20 monthly). All three packages have different offers and are open for annual subscriptions.

To wrap it up

Most of these tools are low-cost, easy-to-use, and can go a long way in polishing a great presentation if you decide to try using them. As a business owner, you might have to learn how to create a pitch deck yourself to reduce costs and get your company the funding it deserves. 

Of course, there are other similar software that can produce a stunning pitch presentation in less time than normal. They include Pitcherific, Prezi, Zoho show, Apple keynote and a few more. You just have to find the one whose features you’re most comfortable with and stick to it. 

However, a good presentation software should be flexible, easily customizable, have lots of quality design resources to select from, be analytical, and should fit your budget.

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