10 Best Podcast Software and Apps in 2024

Looking for the best podcast software & apps to take your audio content to the next level? Look no further than these top 10 options with features for podcasters of all levels.

Podcasts continue to explode in popularity, with more and more listeners from around the world discovering everything from news and education to entertainment.

Podcast software and apps make it easier for podcasters to record and publish professional-quality audios that help them to connect with their listeners across different channels.

Whether you are a seasoned pro or a beginner about to start a podcast on your own, the following 10 best podcast software and apps are worth knowing.

Tips For Using Podcasting Software & Apps

Here are some tips for getting the best results from your podcasting software and apps.

  • Use high-quality microphones: Audio recording is all about capturing natural vibrations as authentically as possible and the first step is to use a high-quality microphone. If you use a bad microphone, then no amount of editing will help you.
  • Maintain optimal sound levels: Most audio recording equipment offer limiters that prevent your microphone input from getting too loud and creating distortions. Still, you need to keep an eye on those levels because automated filters are not 100% effective. Also, make sure that your entire recording has a uniform average volume.
  • Maintain a consistent structure: A consistent structure here refers to regular intros, segments, and outros that are easily identifiable because this consistency helps your users to understand and follow your works.
  • Add music and effects: Adding background music and sound effects to your podcasts can make them come to life with more excitement.
  • Monitor your analytics: Podcasting is a journey and you will make mistakes as you grow. But, by monitoring the analytics of your audience’s interactions with your podcasts, you will discover areas for improvement and faster growth.

Best Podcast Software

AudacityOpen source, flexible, Easy to useFreeaudacityteam.org
Wavelab CastEasy controls, automation, flexible$69steinberg.net
Logic Pro/GaragebandFlexible, powerful, automated$199apple.com/logic-pro
ReststreamLive podcasting, cloud serviceFreemiumrestream.io
Adobe AuditionComprehensive tools$21/moadobe.com
ReaperDiscounted Pro DAW$60reaper.fm
Hindenburg Lite/PROFor Storytellers$12/mohindenburg.com
ZencastrCloud-based, Ad networkFreemiumzencastr.com
PodbeanCreate, host, promote, monetizeFreemiumpodbean.com
AuphonicAI-based automatic podcast editorFreemiumauphonic.com

1. Audacity

Highlights: Open-source, powerful, flexible

Price: Free

Website: audacityteam.org

Audacity is a free and open-source audio editing software that is available for Windows, macOS, Linux, and other platforms. It is a very flexible audio recording and editing platform that includes multi-tracking functionality.

You can record live audio into Audacity or route an audio stream from your system’s sound mixer. You can also import and export audio files from .wav to mp3, Flac, Ogg, and so on. Audacity supports 16-, 24-, and 32-bit audio files.

The layout is simple and user-friendly. You can figure out Audacity’s basic controls with ease, as everything is well thought out and designed. For processing, the platform supports a range of plugins, including LADSPA, VST, and Nyquist.

You can also copy and paste, edit, delete, and manage individual audio tracks. The system includes keyboard shortcuts and enough tools that make it a very powerful audio editor in the hands of an expert.

2. Steinberg Wavelab Cast

Highlights: Audio & video podcasts, automated features

Price: $69

Website: steinberg.net/wavelab/cast

Steinberg is a top brand in the audio recording industry. It makes the multi-track recorder Cubase, as well as the mastering workstation Wavelab. However, Steinberg also offers a special Wavelab package specifically for podcasting. It is called Wavelab Cast.

Wavelab Cast helps to make your podcast sound crisp and clear with easy-to-use controls. From recording to editing and distribution of your podcasts, everything is built in. It works with only audio and video podcasts as well.

Simple record your podcast with a high-quality microphone or import audio up to 96 kHz sampling rate and 32-bit format. Then use Steinberg’s Track-Inspector to clean your tracks with a de-hummer, de-noiser, and de-esser. Then enhance it with an EQ, exciter, reverb, and volume maximizer.

The Steinberg Wavelab Cast costs $69 for a one-time purchase, a completely worthy investment if you intend to become a serious podcaster. It works on Windows and macOS systems.

3. Logic Pro / Garageband

Highlights: macOS, professional studio, powerful multi-track recording

Price: $199

Website: apple.com/logic-pro

Originally known as Logic Audio from the legendary German firm Emagic, Logic Pro is now part of Apple’s software offering and is no more available for Windows computers.

Logic Pro is audio software for serious professionals or anyone interested in plunging into Digital Audio Workstations and their technologies. It is one of the best software studios for music professionals worldwide.

Make no mistakes, Logic Pro is not easy to learn. But once you master it, then you can do whatever you like with it–from arranging an orchestra to recording a podcast, creating a movie score, hip-hop, or a rock album. It’s that versatile.

It also comes with amazing effects and plugins. From equalizers to reverbs, modulation and pitch effects, metering tools, and dynamics processors, Logic Pro has everything you need to create pro-grade podcasts, on Apple computers.

On the other hand, if Logic Pro is too much for you, then you can always go with Garageband, the digital audio workstation that Apple includes for free with every macOS. It is a stripped-down version of Logic Pro.

4. Reststream

Highlights: Live streaming, up to 30+ platforms

Price: Freemium

Website: restream.io

Reststream allows you to broadcast your podcasts live to your viewers on 30+ social platforms at the same time, including LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube. The platform works entirely online and includes a studio inside the web browser.

Reststream is a freemium service with 5 different plans to choose from. Its free plan includes streaming videos to 2 platforms only, while the Standard which costs $16 per month supports up to 5 multi-streaming platforms, the Professional for $41 per month supports 8 channels, and so on.

The live stream studio is easy to use and allows you to invite guests, brand your videos with a logo, add backgrounds, call to action, and so on. Reststream is great for webinars, meetups, conferences, classes, interviews, and promotional offers.

5. Adobe Audition

Highlights: Comprehensive audio tools

Price: $21 per month

Website: adobe.com/products/audition.html

Audition is a professional digital audio workstation that includes all the tools you need to either restore old audio files, create a multi-track music project, or record and edit podcasts. It supports a wide range of audio formats and will even import audio from video files.

The package includes all the effects you need to clean and enhance your voice, such as a de-hummer, de-esser, speech volume leveler, and reverb. It also supports external plugins, including DirectX and VST formats. Despite all its powerful features, however, Adobe Audition is still easy to understand and use.

A solo plan costs $20.99 per month or you can combine it with all of Adobe’s other Creative Cloud apps for $54.99 per month.

6. Reaper

Highlights: Discounted professional DAW

Price: $60, $225

Website: reaper.fm

Reaper is a highly flexible and powerful digital audio workstation that includes everything from midi sequencing to multi-track recording and hundreds of effects, audio tools, and digital synthesizers. It is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux platforms.

You can download a trial version and test it for 60 days. Then, if you like it, you can either get a discounted $60 license for private use or a commercial one for $225. If you are the curious, experimental type, then Reaper might be for you.

7. Hindenburg Lite/PRO

Highlights: Designed for storytellers

Price: $99 or $12 per month

Website: hindenburg.com

Hindenburg is an audio recording and editing system designed specifically for storytellers–journalists, podcasters, radio presenters, and so on. It is available in Lite for a $99 one-time cost and in PRO for $12 per month.

Hindenburg saves your time by making it easy to create and edit your work with a well-designed workflow. It can import, merge, and auto-level your recordings. It also includes the necessary effects and one-click publishing.

You can get Hindenburg for Windows or macOS, and there is the Hindenburg field recorder app for iPhone, which enables you to capture professional-level audio at any time and place.

8. Zencastr

Highlights: Cloud-based, record, edit, distribute, monetize

Price: Freemium

Website: zencastr.com

Zencastr is a cloud-based podcasting platform that combines everything you need into one place. You can record, edit, distribute, and even monetize your podcasts from their AI-powered ad network.

You can record your podcast in video with up to 4K HD format, plus 16-bit audio at a 48k sampling rate per guest. The post-production is straightforward with simple button clicks to clean and enhance the voices, and distribution and analytics are equally included.

Zencastr is available in 3 plans–a Free plan that includes unlimited audio and video recordings with up to 12 participants, 90 days of storage, and many more features. Then there are two paid plans for $20 and $49 per month, each with even more features.

9. Podbean

Highlights: Host, promote, monetize, mobile apps

Price: Freemium

Website: podbean.com

Podbean is a cloud-based platform that offers podcast hosting, distribution, and monetization using a freemium business model of four plans. It also offers mobile apps for millions of podcast listeners for Android here and iPhone here.

You should note that Podbean does not offer creation and editing functions. But you get free five hours of total storage and 100 GB bandwidth with its Basic plan. Then for $9 per month, you get unlimited audio storage and for $29 per month, it includes video content.

Podbean plans also include your podcast homepage and distribution to all major podcast apps. The premium plans further include access to their ads marketplace.

10. Auphonic

Highlights: AI-based automatic editor

Price: Freemium

Website: auphonic.com

If you know how to record amazing podcasts, but don’t have the technical expertise to turn them into professional quality works, then Auphonic might be the right tool for you.

All you need to do is upload your audio data and Auphonic will automatically do the post-production–including volume leveling, loudness normalization, hum and ess reduction, speech recognition with transcripts in 80 languages, and optimal encoding in the right data formats.

Auphonic is a freemium offer. Its free plan includes 2 hours of free editing per month, while Auphonic S includes 9 hours for $11 and Auphonic M includes 21 hours. One-time credits are also available at $12 for 5 hours and $22 for 10 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some frequently asked questions about podcasting software and apps.

What features should I look for in podcasting software?

The major features to look for when considering podcasting software are ease of use, audio editing tools, music and background libraries, sound effects, and the ability to add chapter markers to your audio file.

Do I need special equipment for podcasting software?

At the very least, you need a microphone and an audio recorder. But while most of the podcasting software above offer good audio recording features, you will still need a good microphone for the best results.

Must I be a techie to use podcasting software?

No. While there are some complex podcasting software, many are user-friendly and easy to learn.

Can I run podcasting software on my mobile device?

Yes. Many podcasting software have mobile app versions or are specifically developed for on-the-go recording and editing on smartphones and tablets.

Which podcasting software is the best?

None. Each podcasting software has its pros and cons, and this means that your best choice depends on your needs.

Which podcast-listening app is the best?

The best podcast listening apps include Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Audible, and Stitcher.


We have reached the end of this list of the Internet’s 10 best podcast software and apps. And as you can see, there are quite amazing offers for all types of podcasters out there.

You have also seen that each podcasting software is unique and no single platform is the overall best. Your choice of application will depend on your podcasting needs.

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