10 Best ark server hosting in 2024 (Free & Paid)

Looking for the best & most reliable Ark server hosting? Check out this list of the industry's top providers to help you make the right choice.

If you are looking for the best servers to host your Ark game online, then you are in luck. As there are many offers out there.

Hosting your server offers you many advantages. You get complete control of the platform and can choose which players can join and who can not.

You can also get better performance with an optimal setup. Such as no lags, and a readily accessible platform for all players.

The issue, however, is finding a reliable host. Because while there are many hosting providers out there, only a handful of these hosts deliver the right infrastructure for a truly enjoyable experience.

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Best ark server hosting providers

GTX Gaming5GB, 10 slots£5 /monthgtxgaming.co.uk
Ping Perfect2GB, 10 slots$25.54 /monthpingperfect.com
Survival Servers10 slots$12.42 /monthsurvivalservers.com
Schockbyte30 slots$14.99shockbyte.com
ScalaCube1 slotFreescalacube.com
Nitrous Networks8GB, 70 players£16 /monthnitrous-networks.com
GameServers.com30 players$29.95 /monthgameservers.com
BlackBox10 slots, 5GB$12.06myblackboxhosting.com
Citadel15 slots, 6 GB$13.05citadelservers.com
Low.ms10 slots, 1 Gbps$11.60low.ms

1. GTX Gaming

GTX Gaming is a versatile hosting provider for a wide range of games, VPS, web hosting, and data center services, including Ark hosting.

You can select the exact specs that you want using Host Havoc’s online configurator. And it ranges from £5 for 10 players and 5 GB memory, up to 32 players for £16 and 32 GB for £24.

It also lets you select higher-speed CPUs. As well as priority support and server locations, all for a little price. These server locations are around 20 and include London, Paris, Dallas, LA, Sydney, and Sao Paolo.

Then, there are price discounts for longer billing cycles. So, there is a 5% discount for a 3-month billing cycle, 10% for 6 months, and 15% for yearly billing cycles.

All plans come with instant setup, money-back guarantee, DDoS protection, automatic mod updates, cross travel, steam workshop, and switching to other games.

Pros: Flexible configuration system, affordable, switchable games

Website: gtxgaming.co.uk

2. Ping Perfect

With 12+ server locations in North America, 5 in Europe, and on other continents, Ping Perfect stays true to its name. It reduces your player’s latency as much as possible by using carefully selected locations.

The company offers instant setup in any location of your choice, easy mod installs, IP ban, support for all maps, and 1-click map switching.

You can select your exact game server specs, including location, and the number of game slots, which starts from $14.19 for 10 slots and goes up to $68.13 for 100 slots.

You can also select RAM capacity, with a standard 2GB option costing $11.35. This puts your basic setup for a decent machine at $25.54 per month.

Other options include support features, billing cycle, and Teamspeak3 slots configuration, which comes in at $2.60 for 10 slots. You also get DDoS protection, game switching, 1 GB online storage, and an easy-to-use control panel.

Pros: Up to 100 players, Teamspeak3, 26+ locations

Cons: Extra RAM is costly

Website: pingperfect.com

3. Survival Servers

Survival Servers offers Ark hosting for both PC and PS4 versions. It comes with a custom control panel that offers full FTP access, mod hosting, and custom launch parameters.

You can select either 10 or 20, 30 and so on slots, as well as server locations. However, there are only 8 locations, with a few of them sold out.

Survival Servers also offers DDoS protection and access to 3rd party tools. There is server pass-locking, automated and customizable restarts, multi clusters, and cluster server transfers.

You can pay with either PayPal or credit cards through Stripe, and the order page also works with coupons, which can take up to 20% off on orders.

Pros: Extensive controls, free de-branding, billing cycle savings

Cons: No flexible configurator

Website: survivalservers.com

4. Shockbyte

For tried and tested Ark servers, check out Shockbyte’s offers. The hosting provider offers three Ark plans, ranging from the Raptor plan for $14.99 per month, the Sabertooth for $29.99, and the Rex for $49.99.

Though the smallest plan from this company, the Raptor comes with 30 player slots. So, there are no 5-slot or 10-slot plans. The Sabertooth includes 70 slots, while the Rex offers 125.

All plans come with many of Shockbyte’s standard features. They include automatic updates, auto mod installs, DDoS protection, instant setup, a free sub-domain, full FTP access, and a free MySQL server.

Shockbyte also supports all Steam Workshop mods, DLC maps, and custom maps. Plus, you can host other games with the company, such as Minecraft, Valheim, Rust, and so on.

Pros: Solid servers, automated maintenance, instant setup

Cons: Starts from 30 slots

Website: shockbyte.com

5. ScalaCube

If you want free Ark server hosting, then check out Scalacube. The Estonian hosting provider offers a 24/7 free forever plan that you can host in the US, UK, or mainland Europe.

The downside to this offer is that Scalacube doesn’t say how many player slots it comes with. So, it is probably a single-slot server, which can still be useful for some.

Other plans from the company include the 20-slot plan for $19 per month. It comes with 32 GB of RAM, an octa-core 3.8 GHz CPU, and 320 GB of SSD storage.

There is also a 30-slot plan for $24 per month. And the list of over 12 plans goes on till the 100-slot plan for $44 and finally, the 120-slot plan for $48 per month.

All plans include a free domain, instant setup, DDoS protection, 24/7 uptime, custom launch, FTP access, official Ark mods, and Steam Workshop mods.

Pros: Free plan, free domain, instant setup

Cons: Only 1 slot on the free plan

Website: scalacube.com

6. Nitrous Networks

Nitrous Networks is a UK company that provides hosting for a wide range of multi-player games, including Ark: Survival Evolved.

They offer only one plan, but it comes with 8 GB of RAM and can handle up to 70 players. It also accepts all mods and is completely DDoS protected for £16 per month, which comes to about $22.65.

Further features include 6 server locations for faster ping times, a free MySQL server, and free support.

Nitrous Networks also hosts other games from Minecraft to Counter-Strike, Valheim, and 7 Days to Die.

Pros: 8 GB RAM, up to 70 players

Cons: Only 1 available plan

Website: nitrous-networks.com

7. Game Servers

Game Servers offers a simple and easy to manage Ark hosting service, complete with 24/7 support, custom control panel, and premium hardware.

You can easily select the type of server that you want and place your order. No fancy configurations or confusing specs. Just select the number of players and you see the price.

The downside is that it starts from 30 player slots for $29.95. But it also reaches up to 70 player slots for $69.99.

Games Servers installs your servers in minutes, and it comes with their custom control panel. As well as as large network of game servers spread over 40 locations for the lowest possible ping times.

You can also select other games on the platform, such as Minecraft, Arma 2 & 3, Battlefield 2, 3, & 4, Wolfenstein, Valheim, Counterstrike, and so on. And if you want, you can even go for dedicated game servers, which start from €57.35 per month.

Pros: 40+ servers, fast installation, custom panel

Cons: 30 players minimum

Website: gameservers.com

8. BlackBox

Featuring full cross-travel support, a procedural map generator, automatic mod updates and offsite backups, and fully automated scheduling, BlackBox’s Ark hosting offer stands out.

Its plans start from 10 slots for $12.06, and this includes 5 GB free RAM and SSD storage. The next plan offers 20 slots for $18.76, and this goes on till the 120-slot plan for $58.95 per month.

You can also configure the server with a higher CPU priority or clock speed. Plus, 8 GB RAM costs $4.12, while 12 GB costs $9.64, and so on till 32 GB for $33.08.

BlackBox offers hosting services for other games as well. And they range from Aftershock to Helion, Arma 3, Conan Exiles, Rust, Hell Let Loose, and so on.

Pros: Easy setup, flexible server configuration, attractive pricing

Cons: Limited server locations

Website: myblackboxhosting.com

9. Citadel Hosting

With Citadel Hosting, Ark servers start at $13 for 15 player slots. And the offer includes 6 GB of RAM. This can be a great deal for teams that are more than 10 in number and want to save some money.

You can select from among 23 worldwide locations. And if you upgrade to 20 players, the bill increases to just $14.05. You can also go for 10 GB RAM for an extra $2.99 per month or 20 GB for $6.80.

Other standard features that come with the packages include 1,000+ 1-click install mods, DDoS protection, multi-server clustering support, Ark graphical configuration tool, instant setup, full FTP, and so on.

Pros: Attractive pricing, 6GB included, 23 locations

Cons: Plans start from 15 players

Website: citadelservers.com

10. Low.MS

The Low.ms offer is very attractive from all angles. It starts from the low price of just $11.60 per month for 10 slots and 10 GB of RAM.

The CPU is a 5 GHz Intel i9, and though it is shared on this standard plan, you can easily upgrade to a dedicated CPU core for an extra $12.93 per month or to 2 cores for $25.87.

You can also upgrade the RAM to 15 GB for $7.76 or to 20 GB for $15.52 per month. Then there is a dedicated IP option for $3.88 and NVMe over standard SSD for $6.47 per month, with up to 6x faster speeds.

Low.ms will also offer discounts when you choose longer billing periods. Else, the package comes with instant setup, FTP access, worldwide locations, DDoS protection, automated restarts, scheduled updates, and much more.

Pros: Flexible configuration, 10 GB free, 1 Gbps bandwidth

Cons: Standard offer uses a shared CPU

Website: low.ms


We have reached the end of this top Ark servers hosting list and you have seen the best packages. From those with affordable prices to those with premium-grade specs, as well as the completely free.

Your final choice, however, will depend on a few concerns. And this includes your budget, how many friends you want to play with, and your team’s goals.

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