10Web Review: The most complete WordPress hosting (2024)

10Web is a complete managed WordPress hosting solution that offers premium plugins, themes and page builder for free. Here is a review of 10Web.

10Web is an all-in-one managed WordPress hosting solution. You can forget about essential plugins, themes, page builders and more if your site is hosted with 10Web. They have all the essential plugins at no extra cost. Potentially saving users a lot of money.

WordPress is the best Content Management System (CMS). While WordPress is the most used CMS and the favourite among the most successful bloggers and online businesses, you may need so many plugins and other third-party tools to support it.

These third-party tools, including plugins, themes, page builders, image optimizers and more, can make the cost of using WordPress very expensive. Most premium plugins are expensive.

With 10Web, you no longer need to pay for essential premium plugins, themes and security. They offer over 50 premium plugins, over 40 premium themes and a website builder based on Elementor for free. You don’t need a security solution as they have one.

For example, if you are using Yoast premium for SEO which costs $89/year, ShortPixel for Image optimization which costs up to $30/month, a premium security plugin which can cost up to $100/year, a premium page builder plugin which can cost over $100/year, a premium form builder and subscription plugin which can cost over $100 per year, if you migrate your site to 10Web, you can save over $500+ every year.

It gets better, 10Web makes use of Google Cloud Platform, which is one of the fastest platforms to host WordPress.

10Web overview

10Web is a managed WordPress hosting company based in Delaware, United States of America (USA). They make use of Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to host websites of users. With many features that includes: 50+ premium plugins, over 40 premium themes, a website builder based on Elementor, caching and security solution, 10Web has shown it is an all in one WordPress solution.

Type of hosting: Cloud hosting
Load time:151 ms based on Pingdom test
Support: 24/7 Live chat support
Migration:Fast migration with custom-built plugin
Premium plugins:50+
Premium themes:40+
Page builder:Free
Pricing:Starting $10/month
Free trial:14-day free trial

Important features and benefits of 10Web

Here are some important features and benefits of 10Web:

Google Cloud Platform

10Web is powered by Google Cloud Platform (GCP). This is a very good thing as GCP is one of the best platforms to host WordPress or any app.

GCP is known for its low latency, meaning it can handle many requests without breaking. For example, when you suddenly have a traffic spike, your site has a big chance of staying online.

GCP is the same platform powering Google search, Gmail, YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat, PayPal, eBay, Spotify, New York Times and more.

Super fast

10Web is super fast. One of the fastest WordPress hosting services. This is because of the good technologies they use which includes: GCP, server-level-caching, latest PHP versions, in-house image optimization plugin, in-house Speed Optimizer and more.

To test how fast 10Web is, I installed a fresh WordPress site using Twenty Twenty WordPress theme. Some demo contents were added.

Then I ran a test using Pingdom. The results show it is super fast. With a load time of 151ms. Performance grade of 98. See result below.

10Web Speed

SEO by 10Web

This is an SEO solution to help you optimize your website and rank in Search engine. It is easy to configure. It currently has an average of 5 star review out of a possible 5 in WordPress directory.


  • Custom Metadata
  • Keywords for each post
  • Canonical Urls
  • XML Sitemap
  • Search Analytics
  • Redirects
  • Site Verification

10Web Builder

This is a premium page builder based on Elementor to help build websites easily. Using it is very easy. It is a plugin and you can install it any time from the hosting control panel.

It has the functions necessary to create a stunning website. It is easy to use and user friendly, just like Elementor.


  • 40+ templates to choose from
  • Drag and drop
  • Front end editing
  • Website structure
  • Header and footer templates
  • And more

10web Image Optimizer

One of the biggest factor that slows down a WordPress site is images. Images can increase load time and that will have a negative impact on SEO.

Using an Image optimizer can help. Most of them are expensive to buy. 10Web has a premium and very effective image optimizer that users can use for free.

Key features:

  • Conservative mode (up to 20% reduction)
  • Balanced mode (up to 40% reduction)
  • extreme mode up to 90% reduction
  • Automatically optimize images upon upload
  • Optimize images from directories other than the WordPress media library
  • JPG to PNG conversion
  • PNG to JPG conversion
  •  JPG to webP conversion
  • PNG to webP conversion
  • GIF to PNG conversion
  • Scheduled optimization
  • And more

10Web Speed Optimizer

The speed optimizer help makes a website faster by implementing some speed strategies. From image lazy loading to removing unused CSS, this plugin handle things to ultimately make a site faster and improve SEO.


  • Lazy Load for Images
  • Lazy Load for videos
  • Lazy Load for iframes
  • Lazy Load for Background Images
  • Font Swap
  • Include inline JS
  • Include inline CSS
  • Remove unused CSS for all pages, home pages, individual post ages
  • Async all CSS

10Web Security

Security of a website is very important. Kudos to 10Web they have an in-built security plugin that you can activate from your hosting dashboard and it will be automatically be installed on your site. To help keep your site secure.


  • Vulnerability scanner
  • Scan Scheduling
  • Automate update vulnerable Plugins/Themes
  • Compare core files with their repository versions to detect changes
  • Compare plugin files with their repository versions to detect changes
  • Compare theme files with their repository versions to detect changes

Automatic and on demand backup

Having a backup solution is a must! If something ever go wrong, backups will help you easily get your site back. 10Web automatically backup websites.

You can also make on demand back up. I love this feature. Whenever you want to make changes to your website, you can take backup. Just in case something goes wrong, you can revert.

Website Caching

Caching is very important for speed. And speed is very important for SEO, conversion and user experience.

10Web uses NGINX FastCGI Static Page Caching to cache everything from pages to feeds to 301-redirects on sub-domains.

There is an option to purge cache on WordPress dashboard.

Free SSL

These days, SSL is standard. Using SSL is a must.

TenWeb offers free SSL via Letsencrypt. If you prefer to bring your own custom certificate, you can also do that.

One click change PHP version

The newer versions of PHP are faster than the older ones. Changing PHP version for some host can be complicated. You need to contact them.

Upgrading or downloading PHP version is very simple at 10Web. It takes just a click to accomplish that.


Staging is very important for me. I am always looking for ways to improve my site. This means I make lots of changes.

But making changing on a live site is very dangerous. Something could go wrong and you break things.

I prefer making changes and doing all experiments on a staging environment. Until I am satisfied then I push to live.

10Web offers a very nice staging environment.

Form Maker Pro

Form maker is a responsive drag-and-drop form builder for WordPress owned by 10Web. The plugin has been downloaded over 3 million times.

The pro version of the plugin is available for free to everyone hosting with them. The plugin can help drive email list sign up, help push conversion. You can use it to create a registration form for membership site and more.


  • Drag & Drop
  • Responsive
  • 5 pre-built form templates
  • Built-in PayPal & Stripe gateway integrations
  • Conditional Logic
  • Mailchimp Integration
  • PDF Integration
  • Google Drive Integration
  • Calculator
  • Dropbox Integration
  • Save Form Progress
  • Spam Protection
  • 43 different form field types

Photo Gallery is one of most downloaded WordPress gallery plugin of all time. It is owned by 10Web. It has been downloaded over 11 million times.

You can have access to the premium version of the plugin when you host your site with them.


  • Drag & Drop
  • 10 Premium gallery views (Thumbnails, Masonry, Mosaic, Slideshow, Image Browser, Carousel, Blog Style, and more)
  • Responsive
  • Advanced Lightbox with 15 lightbox transition effects
  • Social Sharing
  • Ecommerce store extension
  • And more

You can have access to over 50 premium WordPress plugins worth $1000 for free. Site cloning is also available.

10Web pricing

When you compare the pricing and features, it is worth it.

Pricing starts from $10/month for the Personal plan. The premium plan is $24/month. Agency plan is $60/month and the custom plan is $66/month.

You can view full pricing and break down here.

The wonderful thing is that 10Web offers free trial for 14 days. You can try to see if it is worth it!.


10Web is one of the fastest managed WordPress hosting services. The extra features offered makes a lot of sense.

You can save money by using 10Web. You get access to premium plugins and features that you would otherwise have to pay for if you are using other hosting providers.

They use Google Cloud Platform and latest PHP version, which is very good.

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