Nnamdi Okeke

Nnamdi Okeke

Nnamdi Okeke is a computer enthusiast who loves to read a wide range of books. He has a preference for Linux over Windows/Mac and has been using Ubuntu since its early days. You can catch him on twitter via bongotrax

Spatial Computing: Meaning and Benefits

Spatial Computing
Curious about Spatial Computing? Join us to explore this fascinating realm where the physical and digital worlds converge with new potentials to reshape human-computer interactions, experiences, and industries.

AI Prompt Engineering

AI Prompt
Learn to unlock AI's full potential with prompt engineering. Discover the art of crafting precise & efficient instructions to command any model and get the job done in this post.

AI Copilots and Their Uses

Artificial intelligence
Looking to learn how AI copilots can help you in your job? Read on to discover the power of these virtual assistants and how they can boost your efficiency and productivity.