XML to JSON Converter

Quickly convert XML data to JSON with just a click and get instant result.

XML to JSON Converter helps to convert XML data to JSON. It makes the process seamless and reduces human error with instant conversion.

You can simply copy and paste, then convert in an instant.

How to use XML to JSON Converter

For example, if you want to convert the following:

        <name>Weather Stores A.G</name>
            <street>4366 Torbay Circle</street>
            <city>Port St. Lucie</city>
        <ceo>Suzan Kinsey</ceo>
        <name>Moses </name>
            <street>8036 Whiteland Road</street>
            <state>New York</state>
        <ceo>Alejandrina Dube</ceo>

Simply copy and paste it. The result will be:

{"company":[{"name":"Weather Stores A.G","address":{"street":"4366 Torbay Circle","city":"Port St. Lucie","state":"Utah","zip":"KY47491"},"ceo":"Suzan Kinsey","dateCreated":"2003-10-18"},{"name":"Moses ","address":{"street":"8036 Whiteland Road","city":"Clearwater","state":"New York","zip":"ID84469"},"ceo":"Alejandrina Dube","dateCreated":"1985-10-09"}]}

It is that easy.

Advantages of using XML to JSON Converter

  • Error-free conversion
  • Fast and instant conversion
  • Easily copy converted data with just one click


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