Word Counter

Quickly check the word count of your article. Also check the number of characters and paragraphs.

About Word Counter

Word Counter helps to check the number of words in an article. This can help writers meet requirements in their professional or academic works.

This tool will help you check the word count of articles. You can also see the number of characters and paragraphs.

How to use Word Counter

To use, simply copy and paste your article and click on the count button. 


Here is a summary of the results you will see:

Words: The number of words in the article.

Characters: The number of characters in the article. For example, Word has 4 characters which are W O R D. 

Characters with spaces: The number of characters including spaces in the article. The spaces between words are counted.

Paragraphs: The number of paragraphs in your article.


Why you need a Word Counter

There are many reasons why you may need a Word counter. The most important is if you have a job or academic work that requires a minimum or maximum word count.


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