Volume Converter

100% free online Volume Converter to convert from one volume unit to 8 other units instantly. Ideal for professionals, students and everyone.

About Volume Converter

Volume Converter automatically converts the value of any volume unit to 8 other volume units instantly. It produces accurate and error-free instant conversion. This tool can be helpful to professionals, students, and everyone.

What is Volume?

Volume refers to the amount of space an object occupies. When determining the volume of an object, you must first find the dimensions of that object. The length, width, and height are all multiplied together to find the total volume. 

How to use Volume Converter

To use this tool, simply input the Volume unit that you want to convert to another. Then click on calculate. You will instantly see the result in 8 other units.

For example, if you want to convert 1 Gallon to liters, simply input 1 in the value field and select gallon from the options. Then click on calculate. You will get an instant answer like below:

Gallons to Gallons 1
Gallons to Quarts 3.9999978866237
Gallons to Liters 3.78541
Gallons to Pints 8.0000042267571
Gallons to Cups 15.772541666667
Gallons to Ounces 128.00006762811
Gallons to Tablespoons 255.99926961885
Gallons to Teaspoons 767.99988638485
Gallons to Milliliters 3785.41

You will see the value of Gallons in Liters and 8 other volume units.

Advantages of using Volume Converter

  • Saves time. Manual volume conversion will take a lot of time
  • Error-free result
  • See the result of 8 other units
  • Free to use
  • Instant result.
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